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  1. I am going to take over a club in england (chartlon) Rules Sell all players older than 30 Sign players under 22 Win prem Have the best youth squad
  2. As we know jamie vardy started in non league and then became a Premier League champ A picture of him in Non league Rules Sign a striker from non League over 20 years old You have to start with a team who have over 40 points in 2018/2019 season not including the top 7 You need to win prem in 3 seasons You need to have at least 24 goals in the prem with your striker I will make a leaderboard Do not cheat Do not edit DO NOT reload
  3. Yes But i dont know how to put since they on my phone
  4. He is a south African talent he is a striker In my leeds save he got 9 goals off the bench after two years development He Starts really cheap at value off 65K With development He got to 29.8 Mil Value i sold him to And got 32Mil for him I Hoped i helped
  5. I think it is going to be australia or italy just a random guess