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  1. no i meant any teams that have hidden gems
  2. i would like to find more team who have hidden gems or make regens and teams that make hidden gems i have been an fmm scout for 6 months please message me a team i will make a spead chart of teams that make regens/hidden gems?wonderkids
  3. ok season 1 with leyton we get promted to league but in inscure money also manganing england sorry i dont have any screenshoots for season one i will update
  4. south african striker from leeds brought him for like 100k and sold him for 29.0 millon thats is it
  5. being able to another youth acamedeys and younger youth teams like u12 to In my club make yourself and the rest of the club so i saying i put myself in Leeds to be able to scout all around the world for your youth acamedey and rising stars
  6. yeah i got the messi regen added 0 minutes later but not very often
  7. just read whole thing azaming best 45 mins of my life you have helped me start my own thank mr tree
  8. added 0 minutes later added 0 minutes later
  9. I guess boston utd won so i do season in 2 days