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  1. Usually id load Spanish and English or Italy and England gives you a few extra leagues as the 2 top leagues in Italy or Spain still have decent but affordable players. What team are you?
  2. Ah okay thank you wish they found way around it so German players still got called up evan if they had to do what happened to juventus and rename Germany or something.
  3. hello i dunno if its been explained or not. But now come there isn't a option to manage Germany and why don't they call players up?
  4. Well done Ian. Unbelievable results great job
  5. Doing unreal Ian. Could get this done in the first 5 or 10 games. Do you plan on doing another after?
  6. Your doing so well Ian getting super close now I recon he'll bag it next season and hit the target. And that bug is annoying where it says he scored for the other team
  7. Ah brilliant thank you that football factory sounds rather run to be honest do you post updates on here?
  8. hello all this is probably gunna sound stupid. When creating a tactic do you have to give your players time to adjust to the way you play. Or does the game engine automatically make them play the way you need
  9. Thanks for uploading your tactics im definitely gunna try them. Its a interesting formation thats for sure. As for baros dam hes getting close to that target good luck and davy klassan I thought he was in his 30s aha feels like he's been around years now
  10. hey Ian would you be able to share your tactics and formation? It seems to be working wonders for you
  11. morrison is in the game ive used him and it went bad I just couldn't do anything with him. Bojan and januzaj are extremely good shouts I think bojan is in the mls now but good names there thank you
  12. Ah dam howd I forget sturridge have him and suarez back together aha but yeah messi in the frame too phoo deadly ive tried sturridge previous i signed him and the next day he got injured in training and missed 7 months I was like thats the biggest sturridge thing going aha
  13. fully agree with you after ibe youd think maybe they should have learnt. And then paying that money for solanke considering how he was at Liverpool when I heard the fee I thought who ever at Bournemouth thought thats a bargain must of been having a rough day because it was robbery
  14. Ah thats brilliant if you do be sure to show me your results I'm thinking of doing one with batshuayi as I feel he has bags of potential Martin odegaard is a great suggestion my knowledge outside of England isn't strong but im more than happy to hear suggestions for me to add