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  1. Don't usually share my tactics as I'm absolutely dreadful. But having done research and kinda getting a understanding for them I made this one. Can't promise it'll work for everyone though. So the tactic is a 4-3-3 Let's get into the tactic. The tactic has worked for me in Scotland and Spain and England. But only used at big teams Liverpool, rangers, Barcelona. I would suggest the right forward to be left footed and left forward right footed. My losses were down to using my 2nd team as there not strong enough but saying that they did win alot too my 2nd team. Reasons behind random friendlies during the season was to help my second team with match fitness. player stats 1st team Have to do goalkeeper separate so I could fit the other 10 in view 2nd team stats Please feel free to try this tactic with your teams big or small and let me know how it goes for you ☺❤
  2. Hello all. If you use a box to box player. I've found someone who blew me away like litrely. I signed him for 7m on many saves. Trained him to be a box to box. But he far exceeded what I expected. He's dominated. I understand its in the Scottish league. But he also does okay in Portugal, Spain, Holland. Here's his stats after one season. Goals assists ect he didn't improve as much as I'd like though
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Sorry I've not responded to everyone sooner. But hopefully it helps all your tips. Just because I've done 4 seasons now and as far as I know I think I've scored once for a corner
  4. Hello What attributes make a good free kick and Corner takers?
  5. Ah yeah that makes sense. I just thought it was something bad like with that he won't train hard enough ect
  6. Ah brilliant thank you for your response. I put him mentoring with van dijk and hopefully that will help too
  7. Hello all. I'm going through my players. When I see this on alot of youngesters. Is there a way to help him mature like criticising him or does he mature as he age's up?
  8. Hello all. Im currently bayern Munich. I've sent 3 players to Fleetwood. They were 3 stars current ability with me so they'd probably be 4 or 4 and half at Fleetwood but non of them are getting in the team any idea why?
  9. there's a few things I'd love to see not necessarily now but on future ones The ability to view a youth academy. So at the start of saves you get a generated academy and they play against other academys similar to the reserves in the current fm. So you can temporarily promote these 16yr and play them in the occasional senior game. Its all fine having a player come through and you read played 34 scored 28 for the youth but being able to watch your youth games and have them in an academy so you can also improve them would be amazing. The scouting. Being able to say go find me a cdm who's 25 with good passing strength ect. The current scouting is bland and crap. Wonderkids. Id like to see this change at the start when the game comes out after a week your aware who's a wonder kid and who aint. Id like this to change so every save is different so for example. Save one mbappe wonderkid Save two mbappe isn't a wonderkid So they randomise Wonderkids not the same ones every save.
  10. Hey I've used the tactic with benfica and it works amazing thank you
  11. I did ask my brother he checked and hes not injured. But he has been a free agent for 2 years. So maybe foxy is correct just been a free agent too long. But my brother scouted him and he was a 5 star outta 5 but he is league 1 but still a shitter that you can't ask him to reconsider retirement evan if there not playing for you
  12. my brother is doing a football manager save and was looking at thie youngster on the free agents as you can see he's still young. Is it normal for him to announce he's gunna retire at 19?
  13. I never buy football manager mobile when it comes out. And I've never really knew when It came out. But yeah when does fmm21 come out?
  14. Usually id load Spanish and English or Italy and England gives you a few extra leagues as the 2 top leagues in Italy or Spain still have decent but affordable players. What team are you?
  15. Ah okay thank you wish they found way around it so German players still got called up evan if they had to do what happened to juventus and rename Germany or something.