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  1. hello. Im currently on my 2nd season with 1860 Munich. Got promoted in my first year and have found a good tactic at the start of the 2nd year. But im struggle to find a anchor man in lower divisons that are cheap and kinda okay. Does anyone have any recommendations for anchor men? Thank you in advance
  2. Sure here you go. These aren't my tactics I found them on here was trying to find the original owner but couldn't
  3. I've been in many leagues and had some fun careers. I've gone from the conference south to the premier league won the champions league ect. So I'd thought I'd do a Scottish one. So I've started off as queens Park. A very decent side if you add 2 or 3 solid little signings. This is how I got on in the first season (and I understand its the Scottish league so il likely walk it. But my long term goal is to win the champions league) below will be my favourite moments from the season enjoy. Also if anyone of you are currently doing a career mode from bottom leagues to top be sure to tell me how your doing