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  1. Off Topic Music Video Thread

    SAUL ! :wub: And you ruined the spectacular return Ollie. <_<
  2. Off Topic I'm baaaaack!

    Thank you guys.
  3. Off Topic I'm baaaaack!

    But I missed you.
  4. Off Topic I'm baaaaack!

    Franky!! :lol:
  5. Off Topic I'm baaaaack!

    ^_^ Thanks Jens.
  6. Off Topic I'm baaaaack!

    Hey guys, got a new PSP recently, and I'm eager to return you you lot. Hope you welcome me back with open arms!
  7. James and Patricks' H2H

    Actually, I'm just going to update at the end if the season seeing as we're not even open yet.
  8. What would happen if Manchester United were never a football club?
  9. James and Patricks' H2H

    To be fair, I haven't played a bad team yet except from Stoke. (No offence to Stoke supporters - They still beat me). 1st update will be up as soon as I finish my January transfer window.
  10. James and Patricks' H2H

    Not going well so far - Currently in a relegation scrap. -_- Maybe my win percent will go up in the coca cola championship eh? ^_^
  11. James and Patricks' H2H

    May the best girl man win.
  12. The Universe

    Holy crap, if thats the universe, then how big is just Earth?
  13. The Universe

    Wow. I thought Africa was big.
  14. 2010 Head to Head discussion

    If I can't find a USB I'll tell you and we can sort something out.
  15. The Universe

    Is there anyway to travel from one universe to another? Not currently but is it as simple as getting a rocket and flying a LONG way? Or is it humanly impossible?