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  1. thank you for your positive feedback. I promise to use clearer words next time
  2. I did not say that I created this tactic. I discovered this tactic on the internet (not on this page) and tried it out with great success. and this is what I wanted to share with you here. I honestly have to admit that I was not aware that this tactic had already been demonstrated here. if I annoyed you with this, I am very sorry and I apologize for it. Big thanks and respect to the inventor of the tactic - simply unbelievable.
  3. Yes, i have the Game Editor, But i don‘t use him to tweak anything.
  4. Test with RB Leipzig First season, two Titels (Cup, UCL), in the league only second, one point behind Bayern, Alexander Sorloth with 63 goals and 11 assists (43 goals in the league with breaking the 40-goal-record from Gerd Müller 1971/72)
  5. Test with Atalanta First season, three Titels (League, Cup, UCL), on the way to the UCL-Final i turned of PSG, Bayern, Real, in the final i won 4-1 against Man City
  6. Test with Ajax First season, three Titels (League, Cup, UCL), only one game lost (3-2 away against Man United in UCL Quarterfinal)
  7. Of course it’s a guessing game😂Sorry for delay, i was busy elsewhere
  8. Tactics Normally a control based gegenpress tactics, against bigger teams in single games or finals i switched to defensive. In playoff games defensive at home and control away. Control means high ball posession and lot of shots on goal with a solid defence, defensive means very high ball posession with counter attack and a more solid defence. Because of the intensive style of play you need players with good stamina, strength, Pace and teamwork. Keyplayers are the advanced playmaker (passing, creativity), the two inverted forwards (finishing, passing, dribbling) and the pressing forward (finishing, heading, tackling). The pressing forward attacks near post at corners, so heading is very important.
  9. Hi guys, i want to show you my champions tactics. take a look at the results and enjoy 🙂
  10. Results with Tottenham won all, Kane with 75 goals and 20 assists!!
  11. Results With Villareal Won LaLiga and UEL (beating Bayern In Final)
  12. Tried it with Tottenham and Villareal with great success. Tactics Its a Control Tactics and you have to Switch against Bigger Teams into Balanced.
  13. 4th With Newcastle is a Great succees, because i think Premier league is Not so easy With this tactics 👍
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