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  1. The next Soldaat van Waalwijk: S2 Goals for the season: Compete for a Champions League spot in the Eredivisie. Make it through the Europa League group stage. Win the Dutch Cup. Improve the defence massively. Transfers: Out: I might have totally forgotten about the expiring contracts after December so I lost half of the squad. Other than that I sold my right winter because he didn't assist a lot last season. In: As the goal was to improve the defence I did. Signing 3 new goalkeepers (one 15 year old Regen), 3 new wingbacks and signed 1 centerback on a free and another 1 on loan. I might have gotten a little bit excited when looking at regens and signed this wonderkid striker as a backup for 6m. Other than that I upgraded the midfield with a couple of loans. Team performance: We had a amazing season season winning the treble. A struggling Ajax side at the start of the season helped us build a solid gap to win the title. After a pretty easy cup run we faced Feyenoord in the final. We beated them comfortably 3-1 with a hatrick from Celar. After needing to start in the 2nd qualifying round we got in to the group stage with FCI Levadia, AA Gent and Red Star Belgrado. We won it with 14 points going into the knockout stage. After beating FC Basel, Dinamo Zagreb, Besiktas and Olympique Marseille we made it into the final. Where we faced the almost impossible challenge to beat AC Milan. But we did in a penalty shootout after drawing 1-1 in regular time. Soldaat van Waalwijk: Celar had another impressive season scoring 45 goals and assisting 7 in 49 games. He struggled in the Eredivisie scoring "only" 19 goals. Despite that he still won the top goalscorer title. He also won the golden boot in the Europa League after scoring 17 goals in it. Points: Season 1: 34+7=41 Season 2: 45+7=52 Season 3: - Total: 93 (so far) Thank you for reading! Sorry for any mistakes.
  2. As I'm doing the challenge with RKC in the Eredivisie I thought I would take a look. And yes he is there. So I guess he is only in your game if you load the league.
  3. Thank you guys! Let's hope he can keep it up.
  4. The next Soldaat van Waalwijk As I made this challenge myself I thought I would give it a go. My player choice: Transfers: The squad needs a lot of improvements to compete for a Europa League spot. (My goal for this season) Out: As pretty much none of these players are good enough and had a decent value they needed to go. In: As my main man cost half of my budget I needed to use a lot of loans to improve the squad. As I am pretty dumb I forgot to get a good goalkeeper and only had my 2 lwb's for 3 months. This left me with a decent squad with some big gaps in certain positions. Team performance: Let's start with the cup after playing a couple of lower league sides we made it to the quarter finals. We beat Heracles Almelo 2-1 to go into the semi-finals. There we face FC Utrecht. Our tactic seemed to be the better as we beated Utrecht 2-0. Now we go into the final against AZ. Onto the Eredivisie. We finished 6th in the Eredivisie. That means we need to play European Playoffs. In the semi-finals we beat FC Groningen 3-2 on aggregate. In the final we faced FC Utrecht who we had beaten earlier in the season. Soldier of Waalwijk: Cular was 1 of the few players to be able to find the back of the net. He got a impressive 34 goals and 7 assists. He also became the league's top goalscorer, golden boot winner and young player of the year. Points: Season 1: 34+7=41 Season 2: - Season 3: - Total: 41 (so far) Thank you for reading! Sorry for any mistakes. Season 2 coming.
  5. Nice one, now get that FA Cup!
  6. Xysian

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you guys!
  7. It's harder than it looks. At least I find it pretty challenging. You need to get a good player to score goals and/or assist a lot with a pretty small budget. And than the squad also needs to get upgraded in general. But that might just be my lack of skills. 🙂
  8. Xysian

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you, I'm pretty sure I will. Thank you😄
  9. The next Soldaat van Waalwijk (Soldier of Waalwijk) Who was the Soldaat van Waalwijk? Darije Kalezic is the Soldaat van Waalwijk. He is a Swiss born Bosnian footballer with a incredible life story. He fled his country because of war, had to start all over again, but overcame numerous setbacks and became a pro footballer. His nickname came from his manager at RKC Waalwijk Martin Jol. The Challenge The challenge is 3 seasons long. The club that you must manage is RKC Waalwijk in the Netherlands. Transfers are allowed to improve your team. The player can be any position and be played anywhere. The player can be any age. The player must be from Yugoslavia. (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia or Slovenia.) Uncapped players with a second nationality count. Only goals and assists under your management count. No unlockables allowed. Any reputation and coaching badge. No edited DB’s, IGE, reloading or cheating in any way. Screenshot proof is required of the history of the player and a screenshot of the player at the start of the first season. Leaderboards: The leaderboards will be decided by points. Points will be awarded for goals and assists for the club in competitive games. So no goals or assists in friendlies or international games count. The points system is like this: Goals + Assists = Points Overall points leaderboard: Open for suggestions and tips. ;) Thank you for reading and good luck!
  10. Xysian

    Hello everyone!

    Who am I? I'm Mike. A Dutch guy that enjoys football and football manager. How did I find fmmvibe? As I wanted to know more about tactics I looked it up and Google. That's how I found this site. Have been looking at it daily since and now thought f*ck it let's sign up.