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  1. SEASON 4 1. After a successful year with Napoli, I thought this next club is going to my a challenge for me: 2. Season History After my spell with Rennes i thought this would be a great time to try my best and win the ligue 1, it didn't happen, but proud of my progress with Marseille having the oldest team in the league I managed to win the cup. 3. Points Sorry for the late update, I have the next 3 seasons but I do not have the time to upload so thanks to whoever is looking and coming here for this challenge.
  2. SEASON 3 1. Club For the first time in this challenge, going to Italy, the club I would be managing is: 2. Season history The season with Napoli was a tricky one, not being qualified to any European competition was a little disappointing, nonetheless the team and my tactics were on point, securing us the title and the cup. And for awards, Milik missed the golden boot by 1 goal but my wonderkind managed to get himself the young player of the season award. 3. Points Any suggestions and feedback is much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who followed or at least watching this challenge.
  3. 1. Season 2 For season 2 I was able to go in the beautiful France league to: 2. Season History I was able to make it to second in the France league, behind PSG, and being able to win the domestic cup. 3. Transfers and impact players Not really the transfers i would loved, but at least good enough to get me the cup. For my impact player I am going to pick Mbaye Niang, just look at his numbers: 4. Total Points Next season I think I would try to go to a better team just to make more points to try and beat @Kanegan record. Feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. 1.First season and club Before i begin, i want to thank @Kanegan for this insane challenge. First club i would like to pick is a major one. 2. Season history The first season i was able to bring to Liverpool the Champions league and the premier league, making it the unnoficial treble with the club WORLD championship. 3. Player history and awards In my first season i was able to make mane the player of the year and Salah to win the golden boot. 4. Total points Any feedback regarding the design and the Photos is welcome. Thanks!