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  1. Pre-Season 5 - Annan Athletic Ladbrokes Premiership Welcome to Season 5 and the Ladbrokes Premiership. After three consecutive promotions we are finally at the top of the tier and now we look to become a power house and throw Celtic of the throne. To be able to win the League we will have to get atleast 90 points because that is where Celtic has averaged the last couple seasons. For our first season in the Premiership I would be happy just staying clear of the relegation zone and build a solid foundations where we could build from. Transfers: Sold alot of players for 2.6 million euro and made some extra cash but did not really spend them because it was really difficult to find any good quality players with the low reputation our team has. Instead I scouted for some hot prospects that might be decent players in the future. Top 3 Signings: These are my best signings for this transfer window and they look like they could become really good Premiership players in the future. Kiko Mas might become a world class player if I should trust my assistant manager Tactics: Using the same tactics as last season with the addition of a new 3-4-1-2 tactic. Starting Eleven: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ I think I will be able to stay in the Premiership if we don't suffer to many injuries. How do you think our first season in the Premiership will end up?
  2. Season 4 - Annan Athletic Wow! Season 4 is over and once again we win the League and get a promotion. It was actually Hamilton who was in the lead for most of the season that just dipped in the last 10 games. Niall McGachie became the top goalscorer in the League with 25 goals having Antonio Manuel Casas in third place with 17 goals. Scott McLean took home the most assist yet again but shares the spot with 2 others. Next season we will be playing in the Ladbrokes Premiership against opponents like Celtic, Rangers and Hearts and I hope we can keep ourselves from being relegated. League Stats: Team Stats: Matches: Cups: Betfred Cup: Group Stage Tunnock's Wafer Cup: Winners Scottish Cup: 5th Round We managed to win the Tunnock's Wafer Cup against Hamilton in the final on extra time. This feels like a little bonus and revenge from last year when we lost the final. Now we won't play in that Cup anymore because we will be in the Premiership. Interesting Players: I am really impressed by Niall McGachie who was our best player again, but it seems he have hit his peak now and so has Scott McLean. Rico Quitingo has developed nicely and is one of our key players. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ So we have finally reached the top tier of Scotland and I think the real challenge starts now. How will I be able to fight in a League where the average wage for a player is what I spend on my starting eleven? How long will it take til I overthrow Celtic from dominating the League and will I be able to win it three times in a row? Follow my Journey to see!
  3. That would be great! Yeah they are, Celtic is dominating through and has won every year except one since the game started.
  4. Pre-Season 4 - Annan Athletic Ladbrokes Championship Welcome to Season 4 of my LLM Career Challenge and after two consecutive promotions we are now in the 2nd Tier of Scotland, the Ladbrokes Championship. I dont really think we have a chance to win this division but with the right signings we could be able to reach a playoff spot. The best team in this League has players that have the same wage as of my whole starting eleven. Transfers: Did not sell as much players as usual but we managed to get 220k euro for one player. This transfer window was not as exciting as usual but we got some pretty talented prospects for the future and upgraded the midfield with Reegan Mimnaugh and Ross Callahan. Interesting Players: Tactics: We are still using the same tactics as last season, hopefully they can get us a third consecutive promotion. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ What are your predictions for this division? Also thanks to everyone following my journey, I hope you like it! 😊
  5. Season 3 - Annan Athletic And we are done with season 3 where we managed to win the League and get a consecutive promotion to Ladbrokes Championship the 2nd Tier of Scotland. We finished on 74 points which was 10 points ahead 2nd placed Ayr. It was pretty even until the last couple of games and then we just went far ahead. My favourite player Niall McGachie became the leagues top goalscorer with 21 goals while Antonio Manuel Casas only scored 15 goals. Scott McLean took home the most assist (12) in the League with Niall McGachie not far behind with 9 assists. Next season I'm not sure we will get promoted again but I will try my best to maybe get a mid-table position. League Stats: Team Stats: Matches: Cups: Betfred Cup: 2nd Round Tunnock's Wafer Cup: Final Scottish Cup: 4th Round We reached some success in the Tunnock's Wafer Cup were faced Inverness CT from the 2nd Tier of Scotland in the final. Unfortunately we lost the game on penaltys but I still think this is an achievement. Interesting Players: Niall McGachie has developed really good this year and were our best player. Antonio Manuel Casas also developed and is pretty solid at the front. Otherwise we got some good players to help us achieve our goals in the 2nd Tier of Scottish football. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ I'm excited to play Championship football and I think it might be more difficult next season. Happy to have promoted twice already and I would be very happy if I managed to get promoted again. See you in the next update and thank you for following my journey!
  6. Pre-Season 3 - Annan Athletic Ladbrokes League 1 Welcome to Season 3. We are newly promoted to the 3rd Tier of Scotland and I feel we have a strong chance to reach one of the playoff spots this year. I've checked out the other teams and quality wise we should be one of the top teams of this division and maybe we could even challenge for the titel with the right signings. Transfers: We managed to sell some players and got an extra 400 000 euros where most of it will go to wages for free transfers. I think we did very well signing a bunch of new exciting players like Ross MacIver, Anthony MacDonald and Alfie Whiteman. We also got some talented prospects that I think will be great in the future. Good Signings: Hot Prospects: Tactics: I will be using the same tactics as last season and hope the good run continue. 3-4-3 3-5-2 Will we be able to get a consecutive promotion or are we here to stay? Follow my Journey for the next update and you will find out!
  7. Yeah I will try my best to keep him in the tea. Thanks! 🙏
  8. Season 2 - Annan Athletic So we managed to win the League pretty comfortably with 86 points which was 27 points ahead the 2nd team Forfar. Antonio Manuel Casas became the Leagues highest goalscorer with 29 goals and Scott McLean managed to get 14 assists and had the highest average rating. Next season we will play in the 3rd Tier of Scotland also known as Ladbrokes League 1 and I think with some good signings och we will be one of the top teams fighting for promotion. Stats: Matches: Cups: Betford Cup: Group Stage Tunnock's Wafer Cup: Second Round Scottish Cup: Fourth Round Interesting Players: Antonio Manuel Casas Has developed pretty good and and has potential for more growth. Became the highest goalscorer in the League. Scott McLean Has turned green in both Crossing and Dribbling which surely provided many of his assists. Our best player this season which proves his quality. Niall McGachie For some reason I'm getting attached to this talented player that was a gray regen sitting in the reserves and now he has developed alot and even got 6 goals in 16 games and I will start him more regurarly next season. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Now I'm preparing for the 3rd season in the 3rd Tier of Scotland. I think I atleast should be able to manage a play-off spot.
  9. Pre-Season 2 - Annan Athletic Ladbrokes League 2 Welcome to Season 2. This time we will be targeting the 1st position in the League and we've made some good transfers this summer so I think it will be no problem. I've checked out the other teams in the same division and we have the most quality. If there is any team that will Challenge us then it is Forfar which we managed to beat twice in the playoffs last season. Transfers: We managed to sell players for about 500 000 euros which went directly to expanding the wages for some free transfers. We managed to sign some interesting young players like Tunji Akinola & Rico Quitingo for free and Kai Fotheringham which cost us 40k. Tunji Akinola Rico Quitingo Kai Fotheringham Tactics: This year I've also created a 3-4-3 tactic which I will use together with the 3-5-2 tactic we used last season. This will make us able to switch it up if we hit bad form or just want to exploit a weakness in the opposition 3-4-3 3-5-2 Will we advance to the Ladbrokes League 1? Follow my Journey to find out! 😊
  10. Managed to find the Spoilers Button so this thread won't look like a clusterfck 😅 If there is any improvements I can make with the Content then let me know. Season 2 will be up shortly..
  11. Hello guys, my name is Avengiz and I'm new to this forum. Been checking this forum out for about a month but just recently made this account so I could post my FMM Career. Started playing FMM for the first time about 2 months ago. Otherwise I've played FM 12-17 and then stopped because I didn't really have the time for it anymore. But the urges came back so I had the get the FM fix in a different way so here I am. For this Challenge I've decided to load 4 different countries (which is the limit) and pick the worst team in the lowest division and make them a power house in a country by winning the top league three times in a row. When I've acheived that I can move on to the next country. And the 4 countries that will be in this Challenge is Scotland, Korea, Spain and Australia. Annan Athletic I've chosen the first team and I will start with Annan Athletic in the Scottish 4th Tier. They have "okay" economy and poor facilities so that will be a good beginning. 1st Season: Ladbrokes League 2 I barely had a transfer budget and we were already at the limit with the wages so I had to try and sell some players and maybe get some decent quality free transfers. Transfers: After being done with the transfers I first started playing with a 4-4-2 but we couldn't even get a win and just kept losing. So I decided to switch to a 3-5-2 because the wide defenders where literally crap at everything. After that we went on ti win 10 games out of 11. Tactics: Ladbrokes League 2: After finishing 4th in the League at one of the playoff spots we nearly got promoted in the 1st season but lost in the final qualifying match against Edinburgh City. This was really unlucky after turning the season around like we did. For the next season I think we will have to make a second tactic to vary between, but otherwise I will continue to play this system and hopefully get some better players. Matches: Interesting Players: I don't have that many interesting players to report about right now but I will show you the best prospects for the moment. Antonio Manuel Casas Antonio Manuel Casas is a 20 year old Spanish ex Real Madrid player I got on a free transfer. He is already top class for this division but I think he got the chance to improve alot also and perhaps follow us up in the Divisions. He managed to get 12 goals and 3 assists in 29 games. Scott McLean Scott McLean is a 22 year old Scottish winger who joined us on a free transfer from Queens Park. He is already top class for this division and managed to get 4 goals and 9 assists in 43 games. He will be interesting for us in the future. Christian Nade Christian Nade is a 35 year old french striker who was already in the club when I arrived and who probably played his final season because his stats are just awful and he aint getting any better. But he was the best player for us this year managing to get 15 goals and 7 assists in 40 games. Niall McGachie Niall McGachie is a 17 year old Scottish striker that I picked up from the reserves and gave a contract to because his stats we're looking pretty good for that age and he might be good for us in the future. That was all for the 1st season. Next year I am looking to win the League and advance to the 3rd Tier of Scotland. I hope you guys will follow my Journey!