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  1. I’ll always like Rob but Jesus Christ leaving over a comment like that is mental. Me and you @broodje kiplive off our banter, glad you’ve not left 😂
  2. Wonder if@Rob enjoyed the game now that’s he’s on his 100th leave over my comment just saying he sounded upset about the takeover. Unreal. But on a genuine note I think Emery actually did well at Arsenal, I’d take most to be fair 😂
  3. That’s quite funny from you actually, what were they thinking ? Making the worst bloke on earth a mod?😝
  4. I’m waiting for @DanEnglish stats but I’m sure me or Dan finished with the most points over the seasons? Well done @leedsunited87, great team selection got you there One thing I can say is I got highest average position over the 3 years which means I best picked 😝
  5. @broodje kip winning biggest fail must be the only landslide surely 😂
  6. Cracking season dai, you are one of the best at this game for me, keep it up mate
  7. You are the best after me👀But seriously I like every Career you, you’re the best.
  8. This may sound stupid but I’m happy for @leedsunited87he picked a young team and now he’s having the benefits. This means maybe me, @DanEnglish and Leeds win the leagues 👌
  9. Mo Salah is a joy to watch, how he’s not more talked about as the best player in the world at the moment is beyond me, what a player.
  10. Awesome Start there Dai, great signings as well, I have no doubt you’ll kill this.
  11. Gave a couple of Vibe teams a good spanking but a loss away to @d e m a r a icouod prove very costly! Also F U Barca.
  12. I hope you’re right here 😉
  13. Don’t worry there’s always next life time.
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