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  1. Ohhh interesting choice there Broodje! Good luck and I hope you finish it 😝
  2. Rich

    English football

    I used to love champions league nights years ago as a Newcastle fan, shame we haven’t had any of them nights for a long time though😂 I cannot wait for fans to be back in the stadium though, the “big games” now just don’t feel the same to me. I can only get in to Newcastle matches and I’ve always been someone who watches all football. Hopefully in the not too distant future!
  3. Class! Did not expect that, good luck mate, hope you smash it 👍
  4. I think he’s too old to be a wonderkid? Or I could be wrong. He is one of my go to signings on the game for sure, 20 crossing is always nice 😁
  5. Ethan Ampadu or Rabbi Matondo off the top of my head, both go pretty good 😁
  6. Sorry I didn’t notice the last bit, Koulibaly is awesome and will be easily picked up for that much money 👍
  7. Interesting player choice there mate, some nice signings again. Good luck with it, it’s a fun challenge 😁
  8. Thank you for all the effort you put in to this @Titjes, it’s been great fun and I’ll be sure to join future ones 😁 Well done @Ashez 👍
  9. Rich

    English football

    You’ve spelt Newcastle wrong.
  10. Good going Georgiana! Give us more info on the team 😁
  11. Rich

    English football

    Bet you’ll be the team to end Man City’s winning run now, that’s how football works 😬
  12. My next bonus will be whoever uses Esposito wins a million miles I think 🤔