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  1. Well done mate, good season and there looking decent 👍
  2. Well done mate, great write up and a great season. Looking forward to seeing how you get on next season 👍
  3. Finished mine as well but have no idea what good is to be honest, no idea if I’ve done well or done badly 😉
  4. Great player choices there mate and what a cracking first season, keep it up 👍
  5. Well done mate, he’s smashing it for you, over half way already 👌
  6. Love that! Just love seeing Adam Armstrong being used again, massive soft spot, hope to see him back at Newcastle someday.
  7. They seem so easy when you actually see the answers! I need to pick up my quiz game 😂
  8. I know you’re on my team but I hope you lose next week.
  9. Na not for me, only just found time for the challenges this week, so no test saves for me. Saying that I wouldn’t do a test save anyway as I always just go straight in!
  10. Great write up @FuddledFox 👏🏻 Well done everyone on a strong week of results, well done @Dai_ on smashing this week. Also well done to the better Geordie fan @geordiekrispy😝
  11. Don’t count on that happening often 👀 If a team with Ramos, Zidane and Pep in it with Klopp as manager flop now 😂