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  1. Nice choice that, he’s a great little player.
  2. I’m very happy with my squad, unless anyone wants to offer me some very good players then I’m sorry but I’m shut for business 😝
  3. Rich


    Damn I just have put a spoiler at the top again 🙈 Let me know what you think 😁
  4. Great season that is mate, very well done and good luck at Leicester 😁
  5. Thank you @broodje kip, mission accomplished. We are the best agents in the world 😂
  6. Rich

    English football

    Yeah trust me I don’t want him at our club. He doesn’t come across very well either. He can stay in my past memories that’s for sure. Whoever comes in (if someone does) I just want an upgrade on Bruce which isn’t hard.
  7. Rich

    English football

    Yeah to be honest no one really excites me form the list, I just think the fact that Bruce is so bad that anyone would actually be an upgrade for us. He just hasn’t got a clue. Until we get taken over we will unfortunately just be “ticking over” as a club. Benitez brought us some hope but as he went I can’t see us getting anyone near that quality. Yeah I agree about Liverpool, as a neutral I just can’t see who you’re going to get thats better than Klopp, for me I think he needs a good summer window and freshen things up a little so you can get going again. If you’re not in Europe next season I can see you having great league campaign with the right people coming in and not having as many injuries.
  8. Rich

    English football

    He did give me some great memories as a kid managing wales when we beat Italy at millennium stadium, I was right behind the goal. But I won’t let them memories sway me in to thinking he’d be a good appointment!
  9. Rich

    English football

    Hughes was pretty high on the list of managers with the odds, but I didn’t want to mention as I didn’t want him 👎🏻
  10. Rich

    English football

    Or he could do another shock move like Benitez was at the time and get someone even better than Mark Hughes in and get Tony Pulis in. I can’t even joke about this actually 😂
  11. Rich

    English football

    Yeah I can’t see it either, surprised he’s so high on the list. As long as Bruce is gone I think l’ll be happier!
  12. Rich

    English football

    Shame he wouldn’t leave Fulham for us I don’t think tbh. I just looked and Graeme Jones is favourite and then Benitez and Howe. Can’t imagine Benitez coming back though. Lampard and Martinez both 8-1.