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  1. I’ll always like Rob but Jesus Christ leaving over a comment like that is mental. Me and you @broodje kiplive off our banter, glad you’ve not left 😂
  2. Wonder if@Rob enjoyed the game now that’s he’s on his 100th leave over my comment just saying he sounded upset about the takeover. Unreal. But on a genuine note I think Emery actually did well at Arsenal, I’d take most to be fair 😂
  3. That’s quite funny from you actually, what were they thinking ? Making the worst bloke on earth a mod?😝
  4. I’m waiting for @DanEnglish stats but I’m sure me or Dan finished with the most points over the seasons? Well done @leedsunited87, great team selection got you there One thing I can say is I got highest average position over the 3 years which means I best picked 😝
  5. @broodje kip winning biggest fail must be the only landslide surely 😂
  6. Cracking season dai, you are one of the best at this game for me, keep it up mate
  7. You are the best after me👀But seriously I like every Career you, you’re the best.
  8. This may sound stupid but I’m happy for @leedsunited87he picked a young team and now he’s having the benefits. This means maybe me, @DanEnglish and Leeds win the leagues 👌
  9. Mo Salah is a joy to watch, how he’s not more talked about as the best player in the world at the moment is beyond me, what a player.
  10. Awesome Start there Dai, great signings as well, I have no doubt you’ll kill this.
  11. Gave a couple of Vibe teams a good spanking but a loss away to @d e m a r a icouod prove very costly! Also F U Barca.
  12. I hope you’re right here 😉
  13. Don’t worry there’s always next life time.
  14. What a crazy league, some teams playing 3 more games than me, so I’ll take where I am for sure, well done @d e m a r a i for beating me in the Carabao Cup Final 👍
  15. Another great season mate, the players look great. Well done 😁
  16. Thanks Smog! Hopefully he can keep these goal scoring heroics up 😁 Thanks mate, he may do, but for me now I’ll be happy just to finish a career for once 😂
  17. Fantastic season that Scratch, you have unearthed a gem of a tactic by looks of that. Hopefully it still works in FMM22 😂
  18. Cheers Dai! Hopefully he can get to the 500 goal mark fast and then can concentrate on the assists😁
  19. I am as well, not long until I give up now 😉 As soon as they get out of the championship on the game, which always happens in every save of mine 😂
  20. Season 4 Hello and welcome back to season 4 of my Mason Greenwood adventure, where he has exceeded all expectations for me to be honest. Helps that he’s got amazing attributes. Transfers So again pretty much smashed the transfer window, we have such a good team. I need to stop changing it every year maybe, but I wanted to bring average age down. I do wish I hadn’t got rid of Pedri though as typically his attributes have gone up now since he left. I feel like my transfer windows have been pretty much a 9 every year which is great. Team Results So the league campaign was great, so many goals which can only mean one thing surely a lot of goals and assists for Mason?? But we lost in the Champions League Final and the 5th round of the cup, but that’s FMM. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Manager Profile Hoping to get to that 4.00gpg average at some point, Spanish league is surprisingly poor, so it is possible. Mason Greenwood So the boy cannot stop scoring, his 20 shooting is massive but it does take away assists which I will have to change tactics up once he’s got to 500 goals. But I am loving using him, best player I’ve used probably in a challenge. I love that he’s got the rarely injured as well. Score Season 1 - P 43 G 39 A 31 Season 2 - P 61 G 69 A 46 Season 3 - P 57 G 69 A 47 Season 4 - P 56 G 83 A 32 Total - P 217 G 260 A 156 So yeah the goals are great but need to pick up the assists tally, need to get myself better people aerially I think to compliment my corners 😂 Thank you for reading and as always the comments are more than welcome and appreciated 😁
  21. What a great month for me, still somehow 5th, but through to the Carabao cup final and if I win my game in hand, back top 💪🏻 Beating @broodje kip@Kun Aguero And @DanEnglish but all in cup competitions
  22. It’s so sad mate, hope he makes a full recovery. Poor guy.
  23. Graham Norton is someone I’d be happy with tbh.
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