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  1. Wasn’t expecting it at all either, which made it nice. If I could nail corners I would have hit even more!
  2. I sent him back I did, he got injured for 2 months first thing, so thought I could do with the wages. Nice to see you back Ian😁
  3. Fantastic first season mate, 60’s first season can only mean good things, good luck for the coming seasons 😁
  4. Season 1 Hello and welcome to the first season of my attempt at the Kane and Son duo challenge. A very enjoyable challenge may I add, I managed to get it in within a few hours. Transfers So I actually liked the Tottenham squad mostly and they would fit in to my way of playing, Can came in January and really strengthened things. Luyiandama is an absolute monster btw, he was awesome all season. Results Well what a season, we were actually running away with the title, Kane got injured, the team suffered and Liverpool were ahead of us until final game where they lost away at Fulham and we beat Villa away thanks to a Harry Kane goal, if this was played out in real life it would have been mental 😁 Manager Profile So a good return in goals and goals conceded, nothing much else to say here 😁 My Son Kane (The Devils Favourite Denom) Son - P 62 S 43 A 39 Kane - P 54 S 74 A 16 Season 1 Total - P 116 S117 A 55 So a season that I did not expect to be honest, the interesting thing about the way I’ve set up is that there is barely any crosses coming in and the play goes completely through Kane and Son, I’ve given a picture of this below, so fun to watch, the amount of goals that were one twos between them both was brilliant. Thanks for reading, I look forward to the second season, your comments are more than welcome 😁
  5. Cheers Smog, it is a very enjoyable one, I’ve just finished already 🤣
  6. Awesome effort that mate👍 I’ve just finished my season, will post tomorrow, was a decent one 👀
  7. I think mine is going well, but I don’t look at assists and goals until end of the season, so however I’ve done this season will be posted 🤣 Kane has been out the last month 😥
  8. Outside of the transfer window I believe, so you can only buy players, loan will become available in January.
  9. 🙈🙈happens in Scotland, I sometimes have about 13 players left to pick from 🤣
  10. Crap when that happens, last years version was the first time I had got in to it for at least 3 years. I can’t stop playing these days though 🙈
  11. Ivanovic just scored a 35 yard free kick against me for West Brom, he’s been keeping this hidden talent away for too long!
  12. Straight after his injury I ended his loan, free some wages up. I’m well in to this one now, can’t put it down 🙈
  13. Not to the point of that many though, if you look through Chinese squads you don’t have half English names 😂
  14. 🤣you don’t get much more English than Terry Howard!
  15. It’s longer than that now 😬 Thank you! Cheers Mr T😉