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  1. Season 4 Welcome back for another season, we were hoping to get closer to the 100 mark, let’s see if we did it. Transfers I keep picking up absolute bargains, making quite a bit of money each season now so we have a pretty good transfer budget Results Firstly me winning the Europa League a couple of seasons back meant our league standard went up so we didn’t have the qualifiers anymore, so may as well win the Europa League again I think? We are definitely improving now, I think our goal total will only improve now I think. Squad Stats Had such an intelligent moment where I could screenshot this and not put Edmonson, how intelligent am I, seriously. Ryan Edmonson Season 1 Played/Goals - 60/46 Season 2 Played/Scored - 70-66 Season 3 Played/Scored - 58-79 Season 4 Played/Scored - 58/85 Career Total Played/Scored - 246-276 Not going to lie I was desperate for the 100 this season, but it didn’t come, hopefully it’s going to come soon as I really want my first 100 in a season for a player 🤣 Your comments have been much appreciated, thank you for reading 😁
  2. Hello mate and welcome. I don’t know about others on here but I rarely even look at the match preview to be honest with you, I usually just concentrate on my own tactic and if I create one good enough then it shouldn’t matter too much what the other team do. But I can imagine there are pluses to setting up your team to what the other team have set up, I just personally couldn’t see myself setting up differently for each game. Now this has been mentioned it could well be something to look at in bigger games.
  3. Cheers Woody, hopefully things just get better from here 😁 Yeah hopefully in the next season or two now, he can start producing the 100s, as I’m still relatively new to this site, I hadn’t actually tried like challenge style careers, so haven’t so I haven’t played it this way, I used to rotate my strikers every game, so never got anywhere near 100 goals, so it’s a nice change doing these challenges 😁 Yeah finding I’m getting decent bargains with the transfer listed players, but I have got so many good young players, so in a couple of years my team should be up there with the best I’m hoping.
  4. Great effort that mate, unlucky not to win all of them, looked a fun challenge 😁
  5. Season 3 Welcome to season 3 of Ryan’s Quest for a Thousand goals, we didn’t have as many games this year but with his improving stats I was hoping he would deliver. Transfers Loads of good bargains which I’m delighted about, again there are shed loads of loans so didn’t want to take up as much room by putting them in. Holding is leaving end of the season in a straight swap with my favourite FM CB Scott McKenna. Barjonas is actually Scottish and looks a class young player, our reserve youngsters look so promising, I can’t wait to see how they develop. Results So a great season, big jump in goals for the team which was really nice, we just didn’t have enough for Champions League, but I’m glad cause we’ll have extra games next season 😁 Manager Profile Usually I’m scoring a lot so it’s very nice not to concede many whatsoever, should only get stronger from here. Ryan Edmonson ❤️ Season 1 played/goals - 60/46 Season 2 played/scored - 70-66 Season 3 played/scored - 58-79 Career Total played/scored - 188-191 So a good return from Edmonson as his stats are quite there yet, I’m not disheartened by him not improving as it says he’s got good improvement for the future now, so I should get a boost next season. I’m hoping to get to the 100 club next season. But we shall see. Your comments so far have been very much appreciated guys, thank you for reading 😁
  6. Thank you Rob, appreciate it 😁 Cheers Woody, we’ll see how he done now 😬 Thank you Sir, he is looking decent, better than Brewster 🤣 Yeah I’ve been Celtic before and I enjoyed it because I enjoy the fact you get no money really each season but buying young players and selling on is fun 😁 Thank you Smog, I forgot about the qualifiers, I didn’t have them on my current season, hope I don’t win any European Competiton again to be honest 🤣
  7. I’ve had Zaniolo a few times and he’s been so hit and miss for me, so I’m not surprised he didn’t get to the heights of great Hendrick, still a good score though and I’m sure it’s more his fault 👊🏻
  8. Season 2 So after a decent start unfortunately for me, he was still plateaued all season this year again until the final game of the season, but we’ll get to that in a bit 😉 Transfers So we made a lot of money this season and I didn’t actually spend much as anyone that would improve us were not really improve us at this point, I didn’t show all of my outs as there were 3 more pages of people going out on loan. Funny I signed Mason Mount on loan and sent him back a couple of weeks later as I managed to get Gary McAllister’s Argentina’s son Alexis! Results So a massive season for us getting the Europa League trophy, we are so good defensively, teams barely get a shot in. We were 1-0 at home to Juve last game of champions league group stage but they scored last minute to take us out. Manager Profile Well you know the saying, “a healthy Manager Profile makes life less vile” - Jose Mourinho Ryan Edmonson❤️ Well before I show you how he done, I just wanted to say winning the Europa League final game him a boost finally which I’m not joking made me shout happily quite loud. Whoever says this game doesn’t mean anything doesn’t know what there talking about! Season 1 played/goals - 60/46 Season 2 played/scored - 70-66 Career Total played/scored - 133-112 So a very nice season for my boy, very proud father at this point, we played a shed load of games, that’s why this season took me longer, he’s a very fit young man, which hopefully continues. We won’t have all the qualifiers for the champions league next season though, which I’m gutted about as he got 22 goals in Europe, but his stats have improve so he will surely score a lot more now. Many thanks for reading, your comments are more than welcome here.
  9. Thank you Woodster, I think I set my target so high very early on, I’m too optimistic 🤣 Yeah he’s always popped up with me and I’ve used him a couple of times, I did notice he scored 2 for Aberdeen last night, so he could end up being a good player irl😁 Cheers Fox, I’m hoping he develops in to a good little player and if so I’m aiming for a decent total hopefully! Thank you Smog, hopefully he does me proud!
  10. Class mate and you’re right Pogba is unreal on FM stats wise. Great season and massive score again, I think Hendrick played out his skin, they probably gave him an extra boost behind the scenes as he’s Witt Newcastle now 🤣
  11. Quality season again Smog, amazing how many goals there getting between them and Morrison absolutely smashed that out of the park, good luck in your last season 👍
  12. RichD

    English football

    Don’t mean to laugh at that, but really, not sleeping because of it 🤣
  13. My guess is Mido is coming out of retirement!
  14. Awesome start mate, Kane banged them in for you. Messi who? Look forward to seeing your second season 😁