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  1. Since I seen this post, I’ve now been viewing the site mostly this way😁
  2. RichD

    Off Topic Thread

    When I was younger my gran always used to use filtered water, what are you and my gran like eh!
  3. This happens to me. It’s when I exit the game mid game to check a text message or something etc and come back in and I come back and sometimes this happens 🙈
  4. Great score mate, brilliantly done, looking forward to seeing how you do on the new game now 😄
  5. Interesting Robert! I shall try this out 🤓
  6. I’ve sold some players for a decent price but most players I’m selling aren’t bringing in what I would usually take for them, players only seem to accept when I have random one off bids for players. Not complaining though as they do eventually move on, which may be a bit more realistic.
  7. Better start this time round mate, hope they can keep it up for you, good work 😁
  8. 🤣🤣🤣sorry, I always have one game a year with Celtic, I promise I’ll make up for it by going Hibs at some point 👀
  9. Same here, I get a lot of players rejecting transfers away, no problem in loaning out. Even if transfer listed they don’t want to go🙈
  10. Season 1 Hello and welcome to the first season of the delightful career I have planned for you all. Was hoping I could settle for a tactic that would score plenty but go through our main strikers. I got to say I fiddled with the tactic all season, I never want to see how many the strikers score and look right at the end, so I was fiddling when maybe I didn’t need too. Transfers Very happy with the first season transfer business and I think it’s a better job than I did last seasons game, even though less came in, we also made a big impressions through the affiliate market, sending 9 players out on loan and some of them really improving out on loan. Results So a fantastic first season in charge, loads of goals and we were really dominant in the league, our squad is already a lot stronger than others in Scotland, so could be loads of goals to come hopefully! Manager Profile So a great goals per game ratio in the first season, hopefully it can only get better, it’s all about how many goals went to the main boys though? Youssouph Badji Kaio Jorge Sebastiano Esposito Totals Season 1 Badgi - P 56 S 38 Jorge - P 49 S 33 Esposito - P 55 S 61 SEASON 1 TOTAL - P 160 S 132 So not a bad start at all really, boys really performed well, I tried to play them every game but injuries here and there but nothing massive, hopefully as they improve this will only Improve. Thanks for reading guys, your comments are more than welcome 😁
  11. They really are, this working from home thing isn’t helping 👀 Thanks mate!
  12. RichD

    Off Topic Thread

    I took everyone’s tips on board and went ahead and bought Yorkshire Tea, I put the milk in last, I think it must have been in for a minute at least, who said you can’t teach and old dog new tricks!
  13. This should be a good career mate, look forward to seeing who you have to replicate the late great Maradona😁
  14. Not on my games thus far, Ben Chillwell worth 35m on my Chelsea game went to Vittesse on loan. Billy Gilmour went to a lower league German side that were already affiliated for the season. With Celtic I’ve sent a lot of young players on loan to League 2, that may be a bit more realistic because it is Scotland 👀
  15. Yeah I just read now, very young to die but he lived a wild life! RIP
  16. Awesome, really looking forward to this one, I read your career before I became a member and I really enjoyed it mate. Good luck 😁 EDIT: forgot to guess, I’m going for Canada!
  17. Try going attacking, Normal tempo. I’d also go shoot on sight and run at defence and turn look for overlap off. This is what I tend to have on if I have inside forwards in my team. Also try going for an advanced forward or maybe complete forward, I personally get better success with them.
  18. Let’s see how your set up mate and maybe we can help from there, screenshot your tactic 👍
  19. I think you’ve got lucky then mate because my super attacking tactic with 3 up front isn’t working anywhere near the level of last year, so having to work on something new now 🙈
  20. I know I can’t help it, proper gets me in to a game when I do, I’m trying to think of a unique long term career, so until then, challenges will do 🤣 Thank you the Kip Master!
  21. You should see me now, that was on a good day out to watch the horses!
  22. I seen people were struggling to get some players to go to there affiliate clubs, literally every single player I’ve sent in both saves so far have gone and accepted it. Maybe they want to get away from me?
  23. I just can’t help myself can I and I thought there be no better way to try and get stuck right in with FMM21 than a triple threat as I massively enjoyed this one last year, so we go again, did well on last years but no idea how this year will go 😬 The Team So as you can see I am taking over from this man, Neil Lennon, a very angry man at times, I do hope I don’t end up making these faces at my screen as the career goes, but we’ll see. I love managing in Scotland, and it’s an easyish one to start with. The Players Sebastiano Esposito So we start with a man I know well, not sure how he will turn out on this years but he has decent stats, especially for Scotland, he is brought in to be the main man hopefully. Youssouph Badji Never ever heard of this boy but he’s got decent stats, which I hope will only improve for sure, aerial at 16 already is great and he’s got speed. Kaio Jorge Never ever heard of this boy but he’s got decent stats, dejavu? Hoping this young Brazilian who I didn’t think I’d get as he has no caps for Brazil but once I appealed he came through. Conclusion So really looking forward to this one as I have no idea how these players will turn out as it’s so early on with the game coming out. I will be back in a bit with my transfers and the tactic. If you have made it this far, well done to you, means you can read. Comments are always welcome 😁