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Everything posted by Rich

  1. Ohh how easy is this prediction thing? 😂
  2. They’ve all fixed it against us, no doubt in my mind. Hoping to improve on my fantastic 2 points soon 🤞🏻
  3. Beautiful goal. Looking forward to France Vs Germany tonight, if there’s anything to go by, whoever I went for in the predictions will more than likely lose.
  4. I seem to be getting a lot of injuries again, get me some new physios 😂
  5. Going great guns here still Fox, doing brilliant with some awful buggers! Great write up again 👍
  6. This makes me happy! I didn’t realise there was more to scroll down after my name 😂
  7. So looks like I got the worst possible start to this and the predictions, great stuff 😂
  8. Great season there Robert! Zaniolo done great and the least surprising thing for me is. Liz leaving you, she’s here with me now.
  9. Lovely read so far mate, well done. It will only get better from here, look forward to next season 😁
  10. I’m back, rough weekend for myself as usual! May get to play today now 😝
  11. Awesome! I can’t wait to see how this pans out Scratch, should be a great follow 😁
  12. Told you @broodje kip, I’m coming for that league title!
  13. Finland 0 v 2 Russia Turkey 1 v 2 Wales Italy 2 v 0 Switzerland Ukraine 1 v 0 North Macedonia Denmark 1 v 2 Belgium Netherlands 1 v 1 Austria Sweden 1 v 0 Slovakia Croatia 1 v 1 Czech Republic England 2 v 0 Scotland Hungary 0 v 2 France Portugal 1 v 1 Germany Spain 1 v 0 Poland Not confident in any again, bottom of the table here i stay!
  14. I’ve still got the save! I will be back, maybe after Joelinton conquers the world😁
  15. I went for the club legend at Newcastle, just because it’s Newcastle I think. To be honest Augusta is good but it killed me, took me a long while to get back in to FMM since 😂
  16. Couldn’t have gone any better for me to start with fair play 😂 I’ll give my scores later, need to proper think things through!
  17. That’s an awesome first season right the Dai, some lovely signings as well😁
  18. Ohh sounds interesting Mr Albion, should be a fun one to follow! Im going to go for Ajax as the club? 🤔 I honestly can’t even attempt the players 😂
  19. I’m awesome that’s why! On another note, just read Sterling will start for England on Sunday, what you guys think of that? Massively out of form.
  20. 2pm is the biggest game of all, come on Wales! But typically I have got my mates wedding today and it starts at half 1, who gets married when the Euros are on???
  21. Can’t remember why I thought it would be a draw now 😂 It will only get worse for from here.
  22. Brings back memories when La Liga was on sky sports, used to love watching La Liga. But yeah I’ve had a few seasons like that, this is the best picture I can find.
  23. I know it’s crazy isn’t it, they got like over 1.5m in wages to spend as well I think it was 😂 Cheers mate and I hope so 😁