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  1. Very nice start mate, hopefully another season like that for Parkhouse 😊
  2. First off thanks @Rob for this great little challenge, smashed through it today! This tactic suited the way I play football manager and that’s all out attack and it brought me a pretty good score, may try it again as I think some of the signings could have been better. And I didn’t get the very best out of Mané this time out. But all in all very happy. Only losing one game was a highlight but I did expect to win most things with the squad I had. Comments are welcome👍 Maldonado don’t know how to hide content of these images on my phone🙈 Score of 428🤗 Edit: The images have all swapped around, they weren’t in this order 🤬
  3. Well I’ve been looking at this site reading all your careers for a long time, but never noticed this place for introductions🙈 I’ve been an FM a player since the days of playing premier manager 1998 on the PlayStation and then to championship manager on the pc, then we had football manager and I’ve played ever since, been involved with a few sites a few years back as moderator and things. But stopped playing the PC version a while ago due to not having enough time. I’ve played the mobile version instead, which is a lot easier to put time in too, as you can do it as you go. Done a couple of the challenges lately on here and plan on doing a lot more. I usually use the name James Edgar as my manager and have done for years, when I was younger we had a player called David Edgar at Newcastle and I’m sure I was pretending to be his dad on the game and it stuck 🙈🤣 My manager style is all out attack and always has been, more goals the better 😁 So yeah never noticed this section, look forward to trying a few more challenges. Howay the lads (welsh Geordie)
  4. Forgot to tag you @Rob, great little challenge, will try it again 👍
  5. Welcome to my De Bruyne challenge! Was an enjoyable one where we dominated every tournament we entered, manager to get De Bruyne to play every league game, very lucky with that. He didn’t do as well as I would have wanted but took me a good few games to get the tactics right. Will be giving this another go!
  6. Going to give this one a go, nice short one to get going 😃
  7. Can I still enter? If so I will go for Neymar and the guess I will also go for De Bruyne.
  8. Wish I could use this, but I know I can’t👀
  9. First off, hello! New here, been reading on here for a while, but been a football manager/championship user since I can remember really. Used to be big in to the PC aversions and have been a moderator on a few in the past. But like a lot of people I haven’t got time for the PC version these days so the Mobile version will have to do these days. Love reading all your careers and challenges, will likely try a few 👍 Anyway having played this game for an unhealthy amount of time since lockdown, I was wondering what everyone’s favoured attacking third options were? As I’ve played more and more of the game I have found I’m more successful when I use one or sometimes no final third instructions. Lately I’ve been using shoot on sight alone in a 4-2-2 with a lot of success, I find crossing comes naturally to the wide players and they’ll cross when they see an opportunity to do so. I used to have through balls on quite often but I found too many went astray. Was just wondering what everyone’s favourite way of using these options were or does it depend on the tactic?
  10. Only just signing up, but have read the threads on here for a while. This career has been a brilliant read. Fair play to you going this far, think 2035 is furthest I’ve been! What are you going to do when you complete it? 🙈