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  1. This sounds very interesting mate, love the players you’ve gone for, I’ve used Maddison on previous years as he was always decent, haven’t used him on this one though. Good luck, look forward to seeing how you do 😁
  2. @Foxy sorry if this is a silly question, but would the three players I used for my triple threat challenge be eligible for this?
  3. Season 7 I need to slow down with these seasons, but can’t help it 🤣 Transfers Results Great season again, can’t believe the lack of goals we are conceding as we only play 1 CB. Seems like I’ve found the perfect mix of attacking and defending 😁 Fixtures Manager Profile Dave’s Lads Esposito Haaland Squad Well it’s funny I don’t look at how many each one scores until after the season finishes and I genuinely thought Haaland didn’t score as many as the previous year which I was very wrong about, glad I was wrong anyway just a bit gutted he didn’t get the 100 goals. Hopefully it just improves again. Season Total Goals - 147 Esposito Total Goals - 352 Haaland Total Goals - 492 Career Total Goals - 844 Boys are doing great and still at a good age, so I’m hoping things just continue like this. Working from home still is doing wonders for my football manager careers 🤣 Thanks for reading, comments appreciated.
  4. Yeah I wonder if it is defensive, I’ve got me as attacking, then two fitness, one defensive and one youth. But I never really have a set way of having coaches, later on in careers I just seem to go for whatever ex players I like 🤣 Haaland went unhappy now and somehow that helped him sign a new contract, don’t know how that works but I’m happy. Career is still in tact 😁
  5. Thanks mate, he’s been a beast for me to be honest, I wonder if that’s down to what kind of coaches we have? Come in to huge problem this coming season, Haaland hasn’t been willing to sign a new contract as we can’t afford his wages and we are now in the final season of his contract, I am very worried 🙈
  6. Season 6 Transfers Again not much to note about here. Results Best season yet for us, we still have the club championships left but it’s rolled over to next season, the tactic is really working it’s magic now. Fixtures Manager Profile Dave’s Lads Esposito Haaland Squad Well the best season yet, loads of goals for the boys which I’m delighted with, with both having 20 aerial, defences cannot get to grips with them. Season Total Goals - 152 Esposito Total Goals - 301 Haaland Total Goals - 396 Career Total Goals - 697 Thank you for reading again, comments welcome.
  7. Yeah I know, wonder how long it will be until I make a load of signings! He’s such a beast, it’s the first time I’ve used him as well and he’s just going from strength to strength, Ii got another season to update now😁
  8. Season 5 Transfers Again only two pages of signings, what is going on😮 Results Our best league campaign for sure, we have a tactic nailed now, no changing from here I don’t think, we lost the champions league final, but can’t say it was a deserved loss! Fixtures To note I don’t actually play the friendles, Make my assistant earn his bucks instead! Manager Profile Dave’s Lads Esposito Haaland Well what a great season for the boys, especially for Haaland who’s just unstoppable now, both players are brilliant. Hopefully they can keep this kind of form up 😁 Squad Stats Season Total Goals - 138 Esposito Total Goals - 236 Haaland Total Goals - 309 Career Total Goals - 545 So not far off half way now, hopefully they can keep this kind of form up. Thanks for reading, comments are more than welcome.
  9. Thank you Ian, appreciated😁 I know, once I start something I can’t stop playing, get really addicted to some games and can’t stop playing. Yeah there stats are brilliant, they look the perfect strikers to me. I know I thought I could change a couple of things from my 3 up top and it would work great, didn’t work like that at all though, I’ve created something brand new now and it seems to be working well. Envious of your totals with Inter! I know I couldn’t quite believe it was only two pages for once😂😂 Cheers Scratch 👍
  10. I almost forget that these challenges exist, I used to love having a go previously on them, so it’s nice to see you having a go at this. Good start there and I’m sure you’ll only push on from here.
  11. Chelsea are dying for someone like Steve McClaren to save them.
  12. As long as Joelinton’s shooting stat is improved I’ll be happy! At least a 17 for me.
  13. Yeah fair play to you, I really wanted to carry on my triple threat one, but because I haven’t done the double trouble and the 1k challenge I want to get them done. I play a season a day as well, just out of curiosity which one of them three challenge did you find harder and more fun?
  14. Season 4 Transfers Not much to say here, Zakaria stars are brilliant so he was big new signing. Robertson was 28 and I wasn’t rejecting £75m for him. Results So with the tactic I’ve now got and I’ve sticked next with, we aren’t doing as well as my front three tactic but it’s all about getting the most out of the boys and I think I’ve managed that now. Fixtures Manager Profile Dave’s Lads Esposito Haaland Season Total Goals - 121 Esposito Total Goals - 181 Haaland Total Goals - 227 Career Total Goals - 408 Nice total for the boys. Just got to keep going now. Thanks for reading, comments are welcome.
  15. Cheers Ian, getting through seasons fast as usual. Yeah hoping they can keep this kind of form up now going in to the next few seasons.
  16. Great season there mate, Todibo has definitely been having shooting practice with your keepers after training, 17 shooting now is very impressive. Hope you can get even more goals next season, impressive this mate 😁
  17. Season 3 Transfers Just keeping getting bids for my players and I can’t help but accept some, I like to rebuild so suits me. Rejected 202m bid for Haaland and a 125m for Esposito but they WILL NEVER LEAVE🤬 Tactics So I’ve finally settled on a 1-2-3–2-2 by midway through the season and I think I may have found the system I will play all through now, not as effective in every game but there were games where the boys got 7-8 between them. Results Two losses in finals Which we dominated but it happens and the team move on, I’m sure we’ll be in and around the finals again next year. Fixtures Manager Profile Dave’s Lads Esposito Haaland So great season and there stats are brilliant, looking forward to seeing how we do now that I have a tactic that seems to work. Haaland did miss a couple of months but didn’t miss that many games luckily. Season Total goals - 118 Esposito Total goals - 132 Haaland Total Goals - 155 Career total goals - 287 Looking forward I’ll be hoping the boys can improve on the goals again, but pretty happy already. Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated.
  18. Only just seeing the last season you had mate, a nice total there! Them games where they get more than 4/5 between them is great, shame it doesn’t happen more often. Looking forward to seeing how that season went 👍
  19. Season 2 Hello guys, welcome to another update, bet you’re getting sick of me now! Transfers Well as you can see loads of changes again, I did not want to sell Bentacur and Telles, but that kind of money I could not turn down, Bentacur was replaced by Tonali and Telles by Robertson, so was a good swap I’d say! Tactic So this time out we started with a 4-4-2 and I wasn’t conceding hardly any goals which isn’t like my formations, because I love goals. But it seemed to work as the goals were going mostly to the boys. But I then moved one centre back to CM and we still didn’t concede many which was nice. We actually went 16 games without conceding at one point. Results So great season for the team, we are still to finish the World club championships fully. The champions league was a mad one, 3 goals disallowed. But can’t complain. Fixtures Manager Profile Dave’s Lad’s Esposito Haaland Squad Stats Dont usually put this in, but thought it may be nice for you to see how the squad performed as a whole as well. So not a bad season at all in season 2, I would like us to get up to about 120 goals a season at least, but that all depends if I can get the right balance to my tactic to be honest, it’s all still a work in progress. I think I should maybe take more time with seasons sometimes as I finish within 5/6 hours 🤣 Season Total Goals - 102 Esposito Total Goals - 70 Haaland Total goals - 99 Career Total Goals - 169 So not bad, hopefully we can smash next season as the boys stats already look quality and Esposito already at 18 looks brilliant. Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated.
  20. Thank you Ian! Yeah I like the look of both players, when the stats improve fully I’m sure they’ll bang the goals in. Yeah bringing in new players is always fun, there’s a lot more transfers to come in my next update though!
  21. Good going Ian, nearly there now, another season and you should be there. I know the feeling on whether to go for more, try and get that 1,500 I think 😁