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  1. Bit of a random question, and no clue if anyone will know the answer... While poking around one of my save files in the hex editor I noticed that there are clubs referenced that don't show up within the game (as in, not in the "Other" section below the Vanarama Regional Leagues; I have all English leagues loaded). Specifically, I noticed that teams from the Northern League (Level 9/10 in the English pyramid) showed up in the save file. Does anyone know if it's possible to get these clubs to show up in "Other", so that they could potentially show up in the FA Cup or eventually get promoted to the VNN/VNS? It may be impossible but I was hoping to then give them a huge reputation in the hopes that they would eventually get promoted. Thanks!
  2. Hoping someone can help as I'm obviously misunderstanding something here. I'm having an issue where contract clauses I put in (such as buyback, % of next sale, etc.) don't make it into the final contract of a player I sell. If a team approaches me for a player, I'm able to negotiate directly with them and it works fine. However, when I offer a player out to clubs, these clauses eventually disappear despite selecting them when I offer the player out. The issue seems to revolve around the system where you can ask for a higher price when multiple competing bids come in. Regardless of whether I accept the initial offer (I originally thought the issue was due to the fact I was asking for a higher amount), or increase the price, no clauses ever make it into the final sale. Am I doing something wrong here? Or is it just not possible to add clauses when dealing with competing bids? Thanks!