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  1. @geordiekrispy If you watch the dugout during games, it's Jones shouting at the players, giving instructions, talking to them when they come for water ... Bruce just stands there looking gormless ... If he was " a fan of this club" and wanted to " do whatever is best for the club" as he's been quoted in saying he would do the decent thing and resign but he won't as the carrot of £8million payoff is dangling in front of his head. Lampard, Emery and Martinez are linked as the favourites but the favourites in the betting have chopped and changed frequently over the last week. I think the Martinez links are only because of Jones being here. I do feel Bruce is here until we get a replacement and because they are looking for a director of football, I think that appointment will happen first before bed manager, I fully think Bruce will be still here for the Palace game on Saturday.
  2. I was at the game, quality atmosphere but results will keep being the same until Bruce leaves. As @Dai_says we need a full new back 4, 3 of them played for us in the Championship, Ritchie has all the passion and I do like him but just not good enough at left back. Lascelles is only classed as a player to stay as he's the captain but even he should be replaced. The least said about Shelvey the better, I used to rate him but he does one excellent game then goes missing for 5 games, after today I don't want to see him in a Newcastle shirt again ... Lazy and embarrassing performance by him We have 3 in midfield but the midfield looks non existent ... The tactic has always been give the ball to ASM and hope for the best. Wilson goal was top notch, the only reason we managed to get him for only £20million though is his poor injury record ... He often doesn't finish a game for us, I appreciate he only came back from injury but it's often the case in most games he plays he's replaced around the 75/80 minute mark The future is bright but we will only see that happen when Bruce is given his P45, there's a different buzz around the ground now, 3-1 down and players weren't getting stick, the Bruce out Chants didn't start til about the 80th minute, today was all about celebrating the change of ownership and looking towards the future.
  3. Cant see it happening myself but if Rodgers leaves Leicester who have finished 5th the last couple seasons then he will have been sold a very good vision and been promised some big investment. Leicester are a settled club with good players and good facilities and we will be a project. Still want Conte but definitely wouldn't say no to Rodgers coming in.
  4. I will just leave these here.
  5. I don't exactly see it as that, they've said they won't be pumping ridiculous sums into the club
  6. See Gerrard is the favourite at 4/1 followed by Conte at 5/1. I really do hope it's Conte but don't know if he would take the job this early in the project. He's passionate and success follows him everywhere. Gerrard I understand young upcoming manager to front a long term project, fits in with the new owners slowly but surely motto but can he cut it out in the Prem?
  7. It's the PIF which is a sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia buy the Saudi rulers have said they will have no involvement of the club. The human rights allegations don't look good but what I ask is, if Villa had this happen to them, how strongly would you feel? Would you boycott games?
  9. We will get a lot more investment than ever under Ashley, Better manager, improve stadium and training facilities, then upgrade a couple players each season! Good times ahead!
  10. Were you whining when City and Chelsea got bucket loads?
  11. Stay awake think there's going to be an announcement soon!!
  12. Wenger in as a Director Of Football would be a shout! Im thinking they might go for someone to steady the ship until the end of the season Howe or Jones maybe and then go for a headline manager. Tho fingers crossed Conte comes in
  13. Agree with you 100% , no more wheelie bins as ice baths, stadium needs a glow up too. This is massive
  14. We were linked with coutinho last year when the news first broke as our statement signing I did want Mourinho but that ships sailed now he's at Roma, DCL is a shout, I love Wilson but he's often injured l. The whole squad needs a rebuild but this will be a gradual process but yes I have been wanting us to get Conte for a while
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