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    AdamNufc reacted to Ian in Wheel Barrow it to SUPERSTARDOM   
    All seems to be going to plan at the moment. Hopefully you can keep it up and gain another promotion. 
  2. Favourite
    AdamNufc got a reaction from smoggy90 in Premier League Rejects - Late Bloomer Challenge   
    Xisco 😂😂😂
    What a joker , £5m 9 games over 5 years and 1 goal 
    Unfortunately yes I do remember him ha ha! 
    Good luck with the challenge @smoggy90
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    AdamNufc reacted to Ian in Wheel Barrow it to SUPERSTARDOM   
    Nice to get a job in the National League. Hopefully with the full preseason you can build the squad to suit your style.
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    AdamNufc reacted to smoggy90 in Premier League Rejects - Late Bloomer Challenge   
    Newcastle and Liverpool fans look away now!
    First off thank to @Foxy for this challenge. All details can be found below but in brief you need to choose a 30 year old plus player and get him to exceed his goal tally to date, if they have under 100 goals then get them to 101. 
    I am going to do something slightly different and try to complete 3 late bloomers in one career. I have a tactic I know gets a lot of goals out of a front 3 comprising two strikers and a treq behind them. Very similar to a tactic @Ian has used in that I also go two at the back and five across midfield but he has two AM’s and one striker.
    I have decided to go north of the border for this challenge, I love playing in Scotland as you get some nice early European games which are generally easy, plenty of games and some nice easy opposition. That’s really why I have gone for 3 in 1 for this challenge, that and also because of my tactic and the fact I couldn’t make my mind up between my two strikers!
    First off my club of choice is;

    A decent squad and although a low budget some very good players to work with. 
    Now my players, Newcastle fans do you remember this guy?

    and Liverpool fans, this guy?

    thirdly to round it off is a guy in my treq position who is one of the more successful Japanese players to play in Europe. If he can match Nakamura’s efforts at Celtic I’ll be very happy.

    So if you haven’t guessed by now our players are Xisco, Le Tallec and Honda.
    Revealed below are their attributes and histories at the start, so my targets are;
    133 goals for Xisco. 101 goals for Le Tallec. 101 goals for Honda. If they do well enough I will also enter them into the peak years challenge as they have all signed 5 year contracts. 
    Thanks for reading and I should get the first season posted tomorrow. 
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    AdamNufc reacted to Scratch in The Three Vieri's - A DT & TT Adventure   
    Yes, that's right, I'm heading to Inter in Serie A to pay homage to this man:

    One of my favourite players, Christian Vieri. He had everything - he was fast, strong, great with his feet, as well as in the air. He played for a bunch of clubs, but Inter was the one he's synonymous with. 
    My one regret is that Vieri chose to play for Italy, instead of for Australia as his brother Max did. You see, although he was born in Italy, he grew up in Australia. His all time sporting hero? Former Aussie cricket captain, Allan Border. He's true blue mate. 
    Anyway, I'm planning to do the Double Trouble challenge as well as the Triple Threat challenge, so having one Vieri won't be enough. I'm going to need three!
    They have to be Italian, they have to be capable of developing into Vieri clones (fast, powerful, skilfull, etc). In short, they need to be little Vieri's... I settled on this trio, none of which I've ever used before, although I'm sure you will all be familiar with them:

    All of these guys fit the bill.
    Cutrone is on loan at Fiorentina in the March DB and can't be recalled, so I had to use the November DB. 
    He's also a little older than the other two, which will probably be useful in the early stages, until the other two level up a bit. The trade off is that he will slow down before them. I'm not sure how much development is left in him, so I'm going to focus on Pellegri and Esposito for the DT and make Cutroni the third wheel for the TT. 
    As the DT requires a two upfront formation, that's what I'll go with. Two of the lads will play, with the other coming off the bench. 
    That was actually the clincher for me with this career. I don't really want a long career at this point, but I do want something that forces me to use a different tactic. I always end up going back to my old faithful tactic because it works. But this time around, I can't. So it's back to the drawing board. I've tried about 7 formations so far, some of them pretty odd... Exciting times!
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    AdamNufc got a reaction from Scratch in It's A Long Way To The Top (Superstar Manager 2020)   
    Brilliant got this under way! Surprised with who offered me the job tbh! Will do a write up later on after the first season 😀
  7. Favourite
    AdamNufc reacted to Scratch in The Three Vieri's - A DT & TT Adventure   
    I already did the 1KC with him - 1000 goalless games. But it was a bit too boring / mind numbing to post... 🤣
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    AdamNufc reacted to Foxy in English football   
    I agree as we all know who should have got it.
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    AdamNufc reacted to Ian in Milan Baros the Late Bloomer (Season 5)   
    Season 5
    At the beginning of this season Milan needed 33 goals to reach his target of 141 and with four years left on his contract it was looking good so we just needed to keep going. I’ve taken the approach of going largely with a squad full of peak aged players between 24-30 for this which almost makes every season a different challenge as the squad can change quite a lot from season to season so I’ll start with the transfers as I explain this year's dealings.
    After explaining my transfer strategy above I’m left looking a bit foolish as this year there wasn’t actually that much action in the transfer market as most of our key players were young enough so it was just a question of freshening up the sqaud with one or two new faces. A lot of the outgoings including Diagne, Meza and Linnes were offloaded due to being around 30 and Şahin wasn’t actually so old but I wasn’t so impressed with him at left wing last year so decided I’d try and upgrade him.
    The incomings are described rather briefly below;
    Arne Maier - The more eagle eyed amongst you may remember we had him on loan a few seasons ago. Well now he’s back and he looked like he’d be a decent BBM. Tomas Koubek - A new first choice goalkeeper arrived from Celta Vigo and he looks like a good upgrade on our previous number one. Arkadiusz Reca - We wanted a new left winger to replace Şahin as our back up option but this guy looks every bit as good as our first choice Kılınç so those two will battle it out for the jersey although there’s probably enough minutes available to keep both happy in truth. Sergi Darder - We tried for get another AP which is definitely the trickiest role to get right in this system. He looked ok but I wasn’t expecting him to usher Klaassen out to be honest who still looks like he’s got a good year or two left in him yet.  
    Team Performances
    We won the season curtain raiser and picked up a cup with Baros scoring a nice brace.

    The European Super Cup was also won as we beat Dortmund in a closely contested match.

    The other cup was also won and fairly comfortably but Milan couldn’t score in the final after coming on as a late sub.

    We also had a much more successful group stage in the Champions League this year as we topped our group which whilst not being the most tricky was certainly anything but an easy group. I’ve included the only game Baros scored in under the spoiler and as another spoiler I can confirm that that was the only goal he’d score in this years whole competition.

    The knockout stages went pretty well too as we beat Chelsea and PSG before finally being narrowly defeated by Bayern in the semi final.

    No problems in the league and we got our goal total back up after last seasons drop off.

    After hitting the 9-0 and 7-0 in a short space of time I started dreaming about the Gündogan Challenge as we have the German Suat Serdar in midfield but unfortunately we couldn’t quite manage it.
    Milan Baros
    Baros did manage one hat trick in this cup game against a low level side.

    He ended up producing a great return with 31 goals in 40 games which leaves us with only two goals required so we should manage that next season you’d think. Those of you who’ve read right through this career will know that I’ve almost been praying for an injury for Milan but nothing forthcoming this season either I’m afraid. He’s only had one injury in the first season and I’m determined to play on until he gets one so I’ll definitely play another full season next year even if he gets his goals early on and hopefully he’ll pick up an injury of some sort.

    He is declining rapidly now with his physicals about to hit rock bottom you’d think so we’ll see what that does to his return next year.


    Milan Baros
    Season 1: 24 goals in 48 games
    Season 2: 26 goals in 45 games
    Season 3: 32 goals in 42 games
    Season 4: 26 goals in 43 games
    Season 5: 31 goals in 40 games
    Total: 139
    Target: 141
    So we just need two goals which we should be able to get next year but as I said above I’m going to play the full season. I posted the tactic on a previous update and on the next update I’m going to explain a bit more about it and what I look for in terms of attributes for the roles as it can be a tricky system to get right even with a top team.
    Thank you all for following along.
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    AdamNufc got a reaction from Scratch in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Thanks @Scratch and don't even , when Rafa left it was a bad day for the club! 
    I thought the 5 games undefeated was the turning point but sadly it was not to be! 
    added 0 minutes later I will at some point give I another go with a different approach 
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    AdamNufc reacted to Kanegan in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Ok tough luck out there but chin up and probably have a second go at it.
  12. Favourite
    AdamNufc reacted to smoggy90 in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Fair play mate, like Rob said hats off for posting and I’m sure you’ll bounce back with another great career.
  13. Favourite
    AdamNufc reacted to Cockers2505 in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Unlucky @AdamNufc but I bow down to your honesty, this looks a really good yet hard challenge and you can always learn from your time doing this
  14. Favourite
    AdamNufc got a reaction from Ashez in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Nope not me , was a shocker but wasn't going to not finish the thread , be it a good ending or a total disaster like it was 😂
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    AdamNufc got a reaction from Kanegan in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   

    After 31 games we had 23 points, our next game was a FA Cup Quarter Final clash against Chelsea but I would not be in the dugout for that game and the Newcastle Board terminated my contract after an abysmal three quarters of a season 

    As you can see we were left right down in 19th 4 points from safety but teams ahead of us had a game in hand 

    Those are the results that followed since my last update 
    A really poor showing from me for my own challenge , a big failure but not the end of the world and I am sure I will succeed at a new challenge 
    @Ian @Scratch @Kanegan @smoggy90 thanks to yous and anyone else for commenting and following , shame I didn't have any success to talk about 
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    AdamNufc reacted to leedsunited87 in English football   
    So wigan are relegated, sorry I totally disagree with the EFL, after all this with covid etc a lot of clubs have struggled, yes they went into debt etc but just look at the situation. Absolutely heartbreaking if your a Wigan fan, many more clubs this year will feel heat, what they goimg to do (EFL) Dock every club points... pff JOKE
  17. Favourite
    AdamNufc reacted to smoggy90 in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Good luck mate, love a strikerless formation!
  18. Favourite
    AdamNufc reacted to Scratch in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Good luck mate.
    I love that of your 3 highlighted players, I didn't sign any of them and one of them (Sanson) wasn't even on my radar! It shows there's so many ways to approach things in FMM... They all look good, particularly Sanson. I tried hard for Mendy but couldn't get him (he either didn't want to come or maybe his wages were too high). Reminds me that I need to write up my season 2 (had a couple of days of FMM now).
    Anyway squad looking good, tactic looking nice and attacking, an't wait to see how you go!
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    AdamNufc reacted to Ian in (SACKED)Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Some nice new signings and an interesting looking system.
    Good luck. 
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  21. Favourite
    AdamNufc got a reaction from Deji in FMM Artificial Intelligence   
    FMM Artificial Intelligence 

    So I've been thinking of another article to write and I've settled on the idea to talk about the artificial intelligence ( or lack of ) in Football Manager Mobile
    In Football Manager Mobile there is many moments where your left thinking ' what the actual F**k ' and I'm going to talk you through some examples 
    Short Changing 
    Yes in real life clubs often perform a bit of shit housery and try to lowball clubs to tempt a bit of player unrest to get the player on the cheap but is it just me on in FMM do rival clubs often take the absolute biscuit? 
    For example, you could have a player who has a couple years left on his deal and is wanting a new contract , he's your star performer season in season out worth about £98m and a rival club will offer you about £23m , thinking you either failed maths so bad you think this is a good offer or your that desperate to sell! This isn't a rare occurrence though as every season clubs will put in derisory offers for your star players thinking you will actually take the bait , surely this constant lowballing of your players , especially when you transfer list them needs to be fixed to make the game a bit more realistic 
    Transfers between AI Teams 
    How often do we see it on FMM where an aging Yaya Toure of 38 years will arrive at a Premier League club for around £35 million pounds a season or two after a club got him on a free and he only played 5 games over these two years? 
    Or a 33 old Sterling could have only scored 1 goal in the last 3 seasons BUT a big club will sign him for £50million somehow expecting him to bag a hatful? 
    Transfers between AI clubs are often ludicrous and based SOLELY on reputation and not performance , you'd want to see more clever transfer thinking from clubs where they spend there big money on players actually performing well in game , rather than being fixated on buying players with star studded reputations even if they are playing like a donkey on ice ( if you need reference to what this looks like , Google Joelintons highlight reel )
    Or we get the opposite , we get clubs spending millions on a youngster from the Chinese 2nd Division who hasn't played a single game , it would be nice seeing some different approaches such as rich clubs maybe doing the Chelsea model , signing a bucket load of European youngsters and loaning them out  or just a lot more variety between ai clubs in the market especially with the same transfers pretty much happening save by save especially at the start 

    So your scout has dropped his scout report on the opposition into your inbox and you decide to give it a read so you can plan your tactics for the forthcoming game , you see they have a strong squad so plan accordingly starting your strongest possible squad 
    Then upon arrival to the sideline you see this is how the opposition has lined up, the majority of the squad out of position and you will often find 3 or 4 token random youngsters in the starting line up as well
    This can often happen later on in a save especially when your playing in Europe against a team such as Dynamo Kiev who isn't in the game , surely SI would be able to code it where half a opposition squad isn't going to be totally out of position , you know maybe for the sake of realism 
    The opposition AI is so poor at being reactive to tactics , I've read on an SI Forum that the only way opposition teams ' react to your tactics is in 2 ways and both are down to form 
    If your in good form opposition teams will change to play a defensive form of football 
    If your in bad form your opposition will play attacking football 
    For example teams should have set tactics depending on there manager , for example imagine your in poor form and and about to play José Mourinho , he wouldn't change his style for your form , he would still adhere to his tactical style 

    One thing I really want to see in future versions of FMM is in match reactions to your tactical changes. How often during a game do you look to see where your opposition is performing the weakest and change your tactics accordingly? If your like me then it's very often , opposition full backs playing poorly? Push your wingers up and get your full backs to overlap pinning them back putting them under pressure , know you have an extra man in midfield , play a control short passing game , notice your opposition defenders are slow , get a higher line , press more and sub on your fastest players 
    The game is all about finding weak links in your opponent and exploiting them BUT your opponent never does this against you , it would be nice if you have weak links during the game your opponent could tweak their tactics giving you problems that you have to use your tactical brain to counter 
    Managerial Appointments 

    Clubs in FMM appointing managers is very unrealistic , take for example in one save I witnessed Newcastle looking for a manager , surely they'd go with a man with some sort of experience in the premier League or English game but no they appoint Cosmin Olariou whose only notable position was 2 years ago managing Saudi Arabia
    Or you more often than not see England appointing a manager such as Jonathan Woodgate or a man of the calibre of Neil Warnock rather than anyone if any sort of substance 
    You could be managing Real Madrid in game , won 8 leagues on the bounce about 5 champions leagues and numerous Spanish cups and when the Spain Job comes available and your the greatest manager on the hall of fame and reply and you'd be rejecting and who would get the position? More often than not a past it Spaniard who was managing in Segunda B 
    Yes it's a football game , football can throw strange things at you but in FMM moments that have you thinking what the hell is going on happen too often 
    Player Morale 

    The player Morale system in FMM is absolutely butchered , the majority of players in game throw more strops than the average ex missus 
    Players morale in game falls faster than Sunderland do through the English Football Pyramid. You could play a 17 old full back twice due to all your senior full backs being injured and then if you don't play him again BANG BANG , you have him kicking off saying he wants to leave , take that for every player , even players you have said are only squad players , you don't play them they will complain and in big groups , it's not an average season in FMM20 if you don't have the ! Icon next to about a quarter of your squad saying they are trying to ' ignore the squad divisions ' . Half your squad could have lost faith in you yet your board confidence will still say ' We are disappointed how you are performing in your role BUT we are please with the squad harmony '
    You could have just given a player a contract , he could have 3 quality games in a row and the next thing he's crying saying he wants a new contract , this is two common an occurrence 
     Assistant Manager

    Finally how often is it your assistant manager basically just repeats himself , no matter what interaction you have with a player , the feed back you get is the same set outcomes for what you say 95 percent of the time 
    For example if your wanting to boost morale you could tell all your players they've done fantastic in training , if you ever do this it is always this response no matter what player you decide to say to that his training has been good 

    It does not matter which player you use this option with the response from your assistant manager will be he worries the player will become over confident , if he worries about every player surely that basically confirms all players function as the same and do not have a personality 
    I hope I've made some valid points here and that people enjoy reading this , any feed back would be much appreciated 😀
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    AdamNufc reacted to Scratch in Scratch Tries Frenchy Toons [Final]   
    Update - Season 2
    Season 1 was underwhelming, with only 58 goals and 50 assists, but we were building our squad to explode this season! We had a lot of younger players who've now improved and should be ready to take on the world this season.
    Let's see if they lived up to that...
    There were very few transfers this season (in contrast to last season's total overhaul):
    We sold the rest of our non-Frenchmen and bought two players (Mbeumo and Wissa) as cover for injuries. The other two coming in were both regens who might get game time in season 3 (at 16 years old they didn't play much this season).
    The Squad
    Here is the squad at the end of the season, showing we're entirely French now (except for greyed out players in the Reserves):
    Here are our results for this season:
    For the second season in a row, we were bundled out of the Carabao Cup early, this time in the third round, where Wolves beat us on penalties.
    We lost another penalty shootout in the FA Cup Quarter Final, this time to Tottenham.
    In the League we finished second behind Man City, with more goals this time (67), but still not as many as I'd like (though we scored more freely in Europe and the cups).
    In the Euro Cup we did really well, topping our group and ploughing through the knockout rounds until we met Chelsea in the Semi Final, who duly knocked us out.
    A decent season, but we want to actually win something next year. We're not too far off it, because we were the better team each time we got knocked out - we just need to be able to score an extra goal here and there.
    Injuries and Availability
    Of our 4 main players, Diaby had a 3 week injury and Saint Maximin missed the start of the season with an injury (I forgot to screenshot it):
    The 4 main players now look like this:


    A total of 125 goals, all by French players, which is a massive improvement on last season.

    A total of 107 assists, all by French players, likewise a massive improvement.
    Season French Goals French Assists Total 01 58 50 108 02 125 107 232 Total 183 157 340 After a terrible first season, it all clicked this season. Not unexpected, given that's always the pattern in my careers (a whole team of players levelling up a lot over two years), but welcome nonetheless.
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    AdamNufc reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup 2020   
    Challenge Cup 2020 - Qualifying Results
    Good afternoon and welcome back to the Domingo Sale Thunderdome for the results of the qualifying round in the Challenge Cup. No time for any build up I’m afraid, that air time was taken up by the exciting* pilot episode of “Gardening with the Gladiator” (PPV only) so it’s straight over to Sam who has news of who has made it through to the Quarter Finals.
    *horse shit
    Thanks Sue. I didn’t think it was that bad of a programme myself although the host came across as a bit of a prick. Anyway let’s get straight down to it and I will be revealing the results in the order they were sent to me to give a feel of how things were looking as each score came in during the course of the week.
    The first score that was sent to me was that of @AdamNufc. He opted to sign world renowned Saudi bagsman Nasser Al-Shamrani as his wildcard player. It seemed a bit of a safe choice as what could go wrong between Geordies and Saudis? Well not a lot went wrong with him as he notched a very respectable 18 goals and 7 assists over the course of the season but it’s more about how many tries that equalled. It equalled 5 tries although none were converted, however the form of the team let down his score a bit. Adam could only manage to lead Wellington to 5th place and won just 11 of his 28 games in all competitions. Still though not a terrible score, especially given this is his first event, and the antics of Al-Shamrani could easily save him. Will it be enough?
    AdamNufc - 63
    Tournament favourite @Ian next and he demonstrated why he has those expectations over him as he was in no mood to mess about and put down a serious marker. Trequartista Bashar Rasan was Ian’s choice of wildcard. Now those of you with above average knowledge of football will know that this year’s Ballon D’Or Ceremony won’t be taking place, but it wasn’t Messi, Ronaldo, De Bruyne or Van Dijk who was the heavy favourite to win that award - it was actually Bashar Rasan and he blitzed every team in his path under Ian’s management. A colossal 38 goals and 23 assists meant that he was bound to gain a lot of points from tries which he did. 13 tries to be exact and although only one was converted this simply didn’t matter as Ian also topped the league comfortably and won 23 of his 33 games in all competitions. Great display from Ian here and immediately upon seeing it I knew that anyone who beat this total would be right up at the top end of the table.
    Ian - 139
    AdamNufc - 63
    The third score I received was from @Cockers2505 who was looking to improve on his disappointing early exit at the Vibe World Cup. He went for some Brazilian flair up top in Rafaelson. An all time personal hero of Ronaldinho’s I believe. Almost unbelievably though he notched identical numbers to that of Adam’s wildcard, 18 goals and 7 assists, which immediately shows that this is a very important result in the race for qualification. Whoever scores higher here would have one foot in the Quarter Finals you’d feel. It was Adam who had the marginal edge from wildcard points, as Cockers notched one less try but really it went down to how he did with the team. In the end the experience of Cockers told as he performed very well with Wellington. Like Ian he topped the league comfortably, and only actually lost 5 games in total. Fairly solid performance and it’s not certain but I think this should be enough.
    Ian - 139
    Cockers2505 - 80
    AdamNufc - 63
    It was just as well that @Mr Tree got his season finished relatively quickly, at least before the second leg of the playoffs where Foxy’s prediction of Tree getting a semi may have come true earlier than anticipated. Target Man Hernan Barcos was his choice of wildcard, and unfortunately he suffered a 2 month injury halfway through the challenge which obviously impacted the points gained from this area. He could only notch 3 tries and converted 2 of them, and again this felt like an important result down at the bottom of the table. In fact the only main difference between Tree’s result and Adam’s was Tree gaining 4 more wins in all competitions which scraped his overall score past what looks at this point to be the magic number of 63. This score confirmed Cockers’ place in the knockout stages, and the score of 69 may or may not be enough for Tree, but if not there is at least some consolation that I want Brentford to win the playoff final.
    Ian - 139
    Cockers2505 - 80
    Mr Tree - 69
    AdamNufc - 63
    @Kanegan and @Jsavfc then submitted within minutes of each other which is something that always appeases the vast legion of fans worldwide that religiously follow the Challenge Cup. Again, these two performances were pretty solid and not too dissimilar to what we have seen so far. They couldn’t have taken more opposing approaches though, Kane choosing Target Man Alen Melunovic with Villa opting for the more tricky Uruguayan Adrian Luna. Luna scored a nice 5 tries, 2 of which were converted and although he struggled a bit in the league Villa managed to win exactly half of his games over the course of the season to match Cockers’ total of 80. Kane only managed 3 tries but performed admirably with the team. In fact he performed the best in the league out of anybody this week, winning it with ease. Just 5 defeats over the course of the season gave him a very solid base and he made the most of it. It’s job done for both of these and they will both be appearing in the next round.
    Ian - 139
    Kanegan - 88
    Cockers2505 - 80*
    Jsavfc - 80
    Mr Tree - 69
    AdamNufc - 63
    Now onto a man clearly motivated by the typically disgusting and disrespectful odds provided by FoxBet in @gunnersaur. Now this was a performance and a half. Gustavo was his wildcard player and he managed 5 tries, just 2 converted though so he clearly didn’t have Ronan O’Gara taking the conversions. 5 tries seems to be around the mean total but Gunnersaur managed a terrific showing with the team. Not only did he win the league but he also notched 22 wins in all competitions with just 5 defeats to breach the 3 figure mark. Straight through to the quarters and I don’t think he will be 100/1 any more come the next look at the odds. This result also means Tree and Adam have every right to be worried about their positions in the next round with only 3 results to come; Tree still needs a score below his whereas Adam needs 2.
    Ian - 139
    Gunnersaur - 101
    Kanegan - 88
    Cockers2505 - 80*
    Jsavfc - 80
    Mr Tree - 69
    AdamNufc - 63
    When needing someone to put in a poor showing to finish below you then @smoggy90 isn’t really the result you would want to see coming in next as he has shown a high level of consistency during his tournament performances so far. The new VWC champion took a trip to Africa and more specifically Togo to pick his wildcard player in Lalawele Atakora. Atakora scored 6 tries for Smog and 2 of those were converted. Like many others he managed to top the league although it wasn’t a walk in the park but overall it was an all round solid performance for qualifying and Smog went straight through with what was at the time the 3rd highest score of the round. Rumour has it Neil Warnock was watching on during this performance with a wide grin on his face.
    Ian - 139
    Gunnersaur - 101
    smoggy90 - 95
    Kanegan - 88
    Cockers2505 - 80*
    Jsavfc - 80
    Mr Tree - 69
    AdamNufc - 63
    Two results left and you all already know that Woody as usual left it until the last minute so the next result belonged to the “chicken sandwich” @broodje kip. Now if you’re following you know that Adam needs both Sandwich and Woody to score lower than 63 for him to go through whereas Tree needs one of them below his total. He went for Tunisian playmaker Tijani Belaid as his wildcard and in incredible turn of events he went over the line a total of 0 times and secured no tries at all 😱. What a disaster! Maybe he needs to change the filling of that sandwich. A bit of respectability was restored with his team performance, coming 2nd in the league but in the end it wasn’t enough as really the damage was done with the performance of his wildcard. Sandwich is unfortunately the first man to depart the competition, may I point out that Foxy predicted he would top the qualifying table, and all of a sudden Adam has a lifeline and Tree is through to the quarters.
    Ian - 139
    Gunnersaur - 101
    smoggy90 - 95
    Kanegan - 88
    Cockers2505 - 80*
    Jsavfc - 80
    Mr Tree - 69
    AdamNufc - 63
    broodje kip - 51
    So effectively it is became a straight knockout between the two Newcastle faithful in the tournament. If you saw my post at around 10 to 5 yesterday then you’ll know that this was very nearly uncontested with Woody providing his closest shave yet with Adam just over a minute away from going straight through. But all that mattered was that the results were in on time, and it became clear almost instantly that surpassing 63 was not going to be a problem for Woody. 7 tries was the second highest of the week, and 17 wins in all competitions meant that Woody actually put in a very decent showing to finish in the top half of the pack and unfortunately for Adam eliminate him from proceedings.
    Results in Full
    *Cockers and Villa both scored 80 points, Cockers finishes higher as he had more league points, which was the tiebreaker if needed.

    And let’s take a look at the tournament tree and all 8 remaining competitors potential route to glory.

    That concludes the results show for the qualifying round of the Challenge Cup. Back over to the Thunderdome where Sue can wrap up proceedings.
    Yes thanks Sam and thank you everybody for joining us today. That will be all from us and we’ll next see you for the preview of the Quar... Hang on... *Hand to ear* I’m just hearing that in a major setback @Foxy is here again to give his thoughts on how qualifying went. Jesus Christ. Nobody wants to see this.
    Hi Foxy please give us your thoughts on how you thought qualifying went. As quickly as possible.
    Thanks Sue.
    Well what a qualifying round that was!
    The least surprising thing was Woody only just getting his results in with seconds to spare and he will be relieved to have cruised through other wise that would have been two disasters today wouldn’t it Woody 😉
    Although Ian had the top score this week it was definitely Gunnarsaur who turned a few heads with his 101pts total and surely the 100/1 odds put on him by FoxBet at the start of the event will be slashed in the next 24hrs as punters start to back the debutante.
    At the beginning of the week many of the experts were expecting big things from sandwich and the bookies will be rubbing there hands to see him crash out at the first stage after some promising performances in the VWC had led to a lot of money being backed on him. The other person to go home is Adam who was in his first Vibe event and I’m sure will have learnt plenty from his brief appearance and there is always the potential for a Saudi takeover before the next Vibe event which could help him challenge.
    Ian lived up to the favourites tag with a strong performance but few would have expected to see him so dominant this week and he will be hoping he hasn’t blown his load too early in this event. There wasn’t much between everyone else as only 15pts separated Smog in 3rd and Cockers and Villa in 6th and 7th.
    Tree will be relieved to have just done enough to make the quarter final and he will be now looking to live up to his own prediction that he will knock Ian out at that stage on his way to the title.
  24. Favourite
    AdamNufc got a reaction from Titjes in Arsenal Strikers Peak   
    So with the Strikers Peak Challenge lasting 5 seasons this will be my final update for this series , so let's see how I got on! 
    Transfers In
    Transfers Out
    So last season we won the Premier League and in comfortable style too conceding minimal goals in the process , could we grab a second Premier League Title? 
    Once again Pepe suffered an injury at the end of the season missing the last 3 weeks but could he still beat his total of last season? 

    33 goals and 7 assists gave my main man a total of 40 Points which is 2 short of last season , he would have definitely beat last season's points total I reckon if he wasn't injured at the end! 
    Season One 40 Points 
    Season Two 26 Points 
    Season Three 32 Points 
    Season Four 42 Points 
    Season Five 40 Points 
    Total 180 Points 
    I know I stopped the Martinelli Challenge but he scored 15 goals in season five meaning in total he scored 86 goals 
    @Foxy for the strikers peak can you please put Pepe score of 180 on leaderboard thanks 😀
    Hope you all enjoyed the challenge attempt 
  25. Favourite
    AdamNufc got a reaction from broodje kip in Arsenal Strikers Peak   
    Thank You! I'm sure I will be taking up another challenge soon 😀