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  1. Gotcha, just being a bit slow in joining the dots. Come on App Store UK..
  2. They’ve just hit the button on the full fat version, wonder if that also applies to mobile...?
  3. Did Alari or one of the chaps not have a workaround for sorting or cancelling the preorder last year? You’d think I would have learned my lesson....😤
  4. Lucky person! I’ve pre-ordered but no sign of it yet...
  5. ? To be honest I don’t like playing as Hibs as it’s just not sensible when you win the league after a couple of seasons, then start qualifying and progressing in the Champions League. Hibs and Hearts would definitely not be doing that IRL, especially with Celtic so dominantant up here. AC Milan for me, plus any other big clubs that start the game having been relegated to their respective 2nd divisions.
  6. I was looking for a "all of the above" option! More tactical options would be great however I still think FMM misses a trick by not ramping up media coverage, fan interest / pressure and more polarised board confidence for pre and post derby games. This would make the game more realistic as, for certain clubs / fans around the world, the derby results are sometimes as important as league placings. It would massively improve the realism of the game, for me at least.
  7. Thanks, got it now. Bizarrely, the link didn't load and a search on App Store with "football manager" couldn't find it (although fmh 2015 was one of the top results - fmm 2016 must have been way down the search). I managed to find it with a search for "football manager handheld"
  8. Is anyone else still not able to find it through the iOS link from Alari or App Store itself?
  9. Nope, me too. Come on App Store, hurry it up!
  10. More realistic derby game build up, media attention, war of words etc etc. Post game reaction with fan praise / criticism and board confidence more dramatically impacted by this game. Would love that!
  11. I desperately wanted more media and player interaction.....hope that'll become apparent once we get our hands on the game.
  12. Given announcement tonight, I'm very excited to hear about the new features tomorrow. I should really have mentioned earlier in year but one of my biggest bugbears with FMH2014, in pursuit of mirroring real life as much as poss, is the lack of build up in media etc for derby games. As a fan we live for these games and the build up the week before is special, and something I desperately want reflected in the game. Numerous media responses, taunts or managerial mind games in build up, full house on derby day and a big deal made in media and fan reaction post game, both positive and negative. In fact, winning a crucial derby should in my eyes be the equivalent of a 5 game unbeaten run against other teams, reflected by the board satisfaction and goodwill from fans. All these things would bring it closer to real life and, for me at least, keep me (even more) hooked to this brilliant game. :-)