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  1. Hamza lfc

    Among us

    yeah i agree, and what i love about it is that there are no bugs or glitches even on a 6s. Playing with friends defo makes it better.
  2. just out of interest, does anyone play among us on mobile. I absolutely love it and its free.
  3. Does loading 3 leagues on an iphone 6s work smoothly? Thanks.
  4. I listen to lots of uk drill and grime - OFB, AJ Tracey, unknown t etc. I listen to some american artists as well - travis scott, lil tjay, tory lanez etc.
  5. I think if you use the editor, you can change their name. Not 100% sure though
  6. How well is your team doing? How well is your player performing? does the player play every game or is he a backup? Is he happy with his squad status (The arrow, is it green)? Take a look at these things, hope I have helped!!!
  7. @broodje kip no sorry, you have to buy them. I think if youth academy players counted it would be too easy as you get them for free so you would only have to sell them a little bit of money. For players already at your club, If the club bought him a few years ago for a cheap price ( e.g Robertson ) it would be very easy to sell. I hope I have helped, if not just ask. @Rob Thank you very much for correcting my mistake i shall change it immediately. Hope you have fun with the challenge!!!
  8. One of the most exciting parts of FMM is getting a young star and turning him into a beast. Just take Robertson as an example: bought for only 8 million and is easily worth at least 80 million. The challenge is to buy 3 (or more) players ( for £5 mil- £20 mil each ) and sell them later making a profit of at least 10x as much e.g if you buy a player for 10 million you need to sell him for 110 million etc. RULES This can be done at anytime in any save ( doesn't have to be at the beginning). you pass the challenge when you sell 3 of your wonderkids for 10x the price ( you can do more if you want) Can only be bought for 5-20 million. proof will be required of price bought for and price sold for You can't use youth academy products Standard rules apply - any questions just ask LEADERBOARD : Team results don't matter but you'd want your players to do well so that they can develop - I hope you enjoy it and i would happily take any feedback. Thank you for reading!!!
  9. This is amazing!!! very interesting read, I can't wait to see how far you get with your team. Keep up the good work 👍
  10. To be honest, you shouldn't worry about it too much. If you want to you could use a bwm or a dm to try nullify the threat
  11. thanks @samhardy, but is it possible to have missed it
  12. I have done my Liverpool save for over 10 years but i have not unlocked unsackable. I am in my 11th year, so have i missed it? and if i have missed it can i get it back? Thank you
  13. Still don't know how sterling missed. That's what he gets for leaving Liverpool 😂