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  1. Update! I am very sorry guys for not posting any updates to this topic recently and that's because my father had a heart attack and he went through Bypass Surgery. Thank God the Surgery was successful and he is doing fine, But he can't do a few physical activities for 3 months he can't drive also for 3 months. So I have been going through a lot recently and was very worried but Thankfully everything is going well. And again I am very sorry for not posting my Second Season. Please Pray for my father's fast recovery and that things can go back to normal for him. But till then I'll be with my father and will take care of him until he fully recovers. So I don't think I will have enough time For Now to Play FMM hence I will not be updating you guys till then, But once I do I will update you guys. Sorry and Hopefully you guys Understand.
  2. Thanks bro. I'll use this one and will let you know how it goes.
  3. Hey Dude, I am using these Tactics for now. And Also If you have any Tactic to suggest or if you have experience with this team and wanted to share a tip with me then I'd appreciate your suggestion. And thanks for joining us.
  4. Thanks for wishing me Luck Bro! And Yeah when I post Season 2 (I'll try to post it as soon as I finish) I'll go over the Teams Squad and share my thoughts on it and I am still trying to figure out what Tactics to use, So Once I figure that part out I'll include that on the Post As Well. Also If you would like to suggest me anything than feel free to. I am Excited that you joined me on this challenge.
  5. @RichD and @broodje kip I checked the squad of both of them and Dag & Red have better squad than Notts County. Also @broodje kip thanks for noticing star players I learned a new thing today. Also Will Update you guys after the season 👍🏻 And Once Again Thanks for sticking around. Appreciate your help.
  6. Thanks for following still and encouragement I really appreciate it. added 0 minutes later Thanks for following this Challenge still, I Really appreciate it.
  7. Hey @RichD and @broodje kip I need your guy's help/suggestion. I got job offers from 2 clubs and I cannot Decide on which club to go with, So I thought since you guys are very experienced in FMM (and also very cool in general) I would be Honoured to get a suggestion from you guys. So the First Club is: Notts County League: Vanarama National League And The Second Club is: Dag & Red League: Vanarama National League And This is their League position, Ironically they are on same points and also in the qualification playoffs. Thanks Guys. Also @broodje kip You guessed wrong this time lol.
  8. Season 1 So I created my profile with no Coaching Badge and Unknown Reputation. After 3 Months of Applying to Every Club, FERALPISALÒ Finally offered me my first job. Props to @RichD and @broodje kip for guessing Italy. They signed me as Interim Manager and wanted to sign a more Experienced Manager at the end of the Season they also Expected me to Qualify for the Promotion Playoffs. This was the Team's Position when I joined. But Unfortunately we couldn't get past 14th the whole season and ended up in the 18th Position. And Made into Relegation Playoffs (My Board Expected me to Make it to Promotion Playoffs) and still lost 6-5 on Aggregate and Got Relegated. I knew what's coming next! And I got Sacked by the Board, and Rightfully so because Only won 6 Matches The Whole Season IDK why I tried Every Tactic I could think of but my team just wasn't scoring Goals and we always either drew or lost. But Hopefully in Season 2 I can meet the expectations of my club and Hopefully try not to get sacked. Will update when Season 2 End's. Till then Predict where I'll go next?? P.S: Sorry if I am bad at Blogging it's my first time Blogging so Sorry If I made any mistakes and also tips from Experienced Bloggers would be Appreciated. Have a nice day everyone 😊.
  9. Hey Guys, Welcome to my first ever post and career on this amazing website. I will be doing a Non-League to Legend Career made Famous by Lollujo (A Famous FM YouTuber) Here is the link to his channel he makes amazing content: https://m.youtube.com/c/lollujoFM/featured?disable_polymer=true&itct=CDMQ8JMBGAAiEwjKw-7XzJnuAhW6FvEFHU0TDqo%3D So for those who are not familiar with the Non-League to Legend concept Basically the main goal is to start from the bottom of the league (It can be any league) and make it to the top as a Manager and also Maybe I will make this an Annual Thing? we'll see. Hope you guys will join me on this journey to the top. Will update when I get my first Job offer. P.S: I have Selected 4 Leagues, They are. Spain, England, Italy and Germany. Let's see from where I get my first job offer, Comment me your predictions.
  10. Thanks Bro. You really motivated me and I am going to try and create my own Tactics now (I gave up making my own tactics before because I got demotivated). Thanks again and I Appreciate your reply and tips. P.S: Will be following your career and excited for Scotland to lift a cup next season.
  11. Thanks for allowing me to use your tactic! Also I would Appreciate it if you could tell me how guys like you make your own great Tactics? I have tried to make my own tactics but it just doesn't work. Any Tips Please?
  12. Loving your career so far. Sorry for being late but I still got 15 more seasons to follow though. Also I wanted to ask for your permission that if I start a career of my own with Elgin, May I use your Tactic in that career? Thanks and Good luck with Scotland.
  13. EME I have a record of most penalties or longest penalty session. Here are the Screenshots: