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  1. Spencer08

    Football Memes

    "Ligue 1 In Financial Crisis" PSG:
  2. My first FMM is FMM20 so im not sure if this weird scenario was just a normal thing that happen in FMM. I got a save with DUX (Fin),Spurs & Sevilla (4/5 seasons) and currently Crystal Palace (EPL & UCl winner in just 3 season thanks to whoever made that 433 wide). Awesome & Weird Things • Chiesa went to AFC Bournemouth for free after his loan spell at Juventus. • J.Kounde sign a new contract at Sevilla worth 4k p/w at the age of 25 despite being one of the elite. • J.Clarke (Spurs) suprisingly became a world class winger after his loan spell at Leicester City during my 2nd season with Spurs. • D.Scarlett went to Arsenal for 86mil at the age of 18. • J.Mourinho managed to stay at Arsenal for 3 season despite getting relegated during his 2nd season after replacing Arteta. • Kepa went to Swansea for loan/Buy and stay at Swansea after getting promoted (2023/24). • Kane went to Madrid and Zaha went to Inter just to play for the reserve team. Kane only play 4 matches and score once while Zaha got injured for 7 months. • Sancho went to Manchester United for 91mil during my 2nd season with Crystal Palace was awesome.Good first season but getting demoted to reserve team during his 2nd season. • Hakimi went to PSG for 60mil still cool despite it happen during 2023/24 season. • Southampton became a top 4 contender under Tuchel for a few season until Tuchel leave for Germany. • Chelsea and Manchester United struggling for top 10 while winning the UCL. • Haaland went to AC Milan for free after his current contract with Dortmund expired. • Cardiff City, Derby County, Sheffield Wednesday and Watford went bankcrupt. • RB Liepzig became the new Bayern during my DUX save. • Balogun & Delap became a world class player. • Uruguay won the 2022 FWC Decided to share this just for fun.
  3. Bad partnership.They dont work well together.It will change later.
  4. Joelinton.That guy was a beast at Barcelona.
  5. 1. Metal Slug Series 2.Street Fighter 3.HALO Might not be the greatest games but spent a lot of time playing it with friends.
  6. Never got raid before 4 for our first eleven, 6 for our 5 star potential wonderkid.
  7. Griezmann with his own French Revolution.
  8. Real Madrid had a lot of hidden wonderkid with cheap releases clause.
  9. Just need to open with internet when the message popped up.You can play it offline after that.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Ricochet got released next.
  11. I dont think they want to sold the company.The only thing that might happen is they want to end the brand split.