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  1. My bad! I was thinking that today is Thursday... I'm sick in bed since... I won't say the day because I may say it wrong, I must ask my wife 🤣🤣🤣
  2. 3 set of results came until now. Reminder of the deadline is tomorrow, as always, if you need some extra time, just say it.
  3. @Albionic nice move and very good that you got players so young, they can play in the second league and prepare for Bundesliga
  4. Be aware that at the end of the season CWC will take place with some matches taking place this season. Some of you may have to play these matches before sending the results.
  5. I got this question a little time ago Great question and I will put the answear here as I think everyone should know. You must play at least one match at your destination club (or another club in a 30 miles radius) and finish the season ONLY if you want, maybe if you think if you can get few extra trophies or bonus points. The 5 points per season is about full seasons, so if you get the team in the summer in between season 11 and season 12 you will get 15 extra points (season 13, season 14 and season 15) as in season 12 you will have to play at least one game.
  6. Love it!! In order to keep this one simple, take a screenshot of your manager profile at the beginning of the season and then one on the day you sent the results (end of season or the day you will move) .
  7. Can you please send me your spreadsheet so I can see? I know you have it season by seasons so I can compare everything and then check with the screenshots. My spreadsheet make the total points automatically so if there is an error is because I entered something wrong. I will check in the next days all the points from everybody to make sure everything is correct.
  8. Correct, I will fix it later today. I wanted to post from Monday but I also wanted to make sure about Kane score. Hopefully everything is back on track and you all can enjoy this 😁
  9. Long time no see, a lot had happened since my last write up but hopefully everything is back on track. Firstly, this is the last round you will have to endure my results and my big draws win as my place will be taken by @Chelseaplchamps2022! Welcome to TTR and I wish you bad luck And speaking about my results, these were mine. A nice clean sweep so big 5 points and 167 miles as my double miler, Jonathan Thompson, went very close to break @JamesVilla's Alexander Isak record of 59 goals. And even if he would have managed that, it was pointless because @hhooo simply smashed it! No further words can't describe what Souvaded did! Only from this guy alone he got 170 miles... total? 235 miles and 4 points! This is the 3rd time when N. got the award of highest earner. @Rich was a big helping hand this round as everybody got over 100 miles, @geordiekrispy had the fewest miles and maybe because he was the only one to get a move this round. 111 miles in total, 59 from RC Lens, and 2 points. Second to last was @JamesVilla who got 129 miles and one point, it may sound little but I think the next season will see him on the highest earner shortlist as he only managed to get in shape with his tactic towards the middle of the season. @broodje kip got himself 135 miles this round and that means he got a 466 miles in the bank, enough to make a big big travel this summer. Worth mentioning that he can't get the biggest journey points because 119 miles out of his 466 are "bonus" miles that he got because he got Nancy instead of Dijon, so those 119 miles were already used by Chris. He also got 4 points for his clean sweep of trophies. Before I get to the last player, I have to say again that @Kanegan couldn't make it so he will get 0 miles and 0 points this round. At least I know he is doing great in real life and I'm happy that this miss is not due to personal or medical problems. have a safe trip Kane 👍 So, lastly, @Albionic who did a great job in the Italian jungle, Zerbre got him 138 miles and 5 points... 5 points from trophies and a lot more points from... ... from Season Bonuses! 1. Biggest transfer goes to me... to @Chelseaplchamps2022 in fact. One Greek 20yo central defender went to City and it was a cool deal, nobody in the squad liked him, it was Unpopular 👀 2. Most league points, @Albionic repeated his record for Italy. You should all start to count , so 1 point for Albionic, ok? 3. Biggest win (margin). We had big wins until now, this round it was so low that 3 players got this one: @hhooo, @JamesVilla and... and @Albionic. That's 2 so far! 4. Highest scoring draw. As usual... @Chelseaplchamps2022 the pressure is on you on this one, I won this bonus 8 seasons in a row, make sure you keep up the tradition 🤣 But I was not alone... @Albionic joined me, 3! 5. Least league goals conceded. @Albionic again, 4! 4 bonus points plus 5 trophy points, this is definitely a record and I can bet nobody will get more until the end. Well done! Owned Clubs Career Points Status @broodje kip you must move this summer as your time in Nancy(+Dijon) is now 3 complete seasons. @hhooo is next on the list with the expiration date on 4th October 2028. @Albionic make the most of Juve until 29th December 2028. Next is @Chelseaplchamps2022, you will only earn miles and points until 18th January 2029. @JamesVilla and @geordiekrispy can still stay in Barcelona (5th Nov 2029) and Lens (22nd Dec 2030) for some time. @Kanegan you must move also this summer... The Board Things started to get close, 3 people on the lead and all others not far behind. Kane is the only one that look out of the picture, all others are separated by only 10 points, a small number if you think that 10 points you get for finishing the route. I wonder who is the closest to finish now!? Any guesses? Deadline: one week from now aka Thursday,15th April, 11PM GMT I wish you all... now that I'm not competing I can wish good luck? No! I wish you bad luck!!! 🤣