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  1. Yeah, good thing we still have real men like @Kanegan who will do thing properly in real leagues... not like those groupies who run around in gost leagues after fortune and fame 😂
  2. Finally something not Scotland or China!! And how the name goes, they are not from Portugal, au not du, so maybe something French or African?
  3. If you leave the save on your PC be sure you won't come back to it, I know the feeling. And how the things looks, I don't see the point to continue, it will be a struggle so... Make a final good push for the CWC, this was a great career so finish up in style 😉
  4. These records and achievements must have a asterisk next to it like *recorded in China
  5. Good luck on this!! This a tested and proven player so be sure he will deliver.
  6. I feel so bad for laughing at this 😂 Stop it, is dead already!!
  7. What the hell is happening in China!!??
  8. Thanks Rich! Be sure I would need it! As things stands my first priority is not win the derby but keep Brescia in Seria A. Brescia is the only team to go if I want to play this derby and if I screw up I don't know when this job will be available again.... Oh I know, it will be available when they kick me out because I went in Serie B 😂
  9. Season 9: St. Pauli - Part 3 Except few bosman signings that were for backup , I have spent all my money on one young striker, one Mexican guy called Francisco Esquivel.... I would say "money well spent". Until this match he only got few minutes on the pitch as he was not up with his form, and few days after the game he was caught napping, I did forgive him for the goal against Hamburg and he promised he would never happen again. Until the game the situation wasn't great at all, with only one win and 2 draws in 7 games I was afraid that we gonna lose. Hamburg was just a little bit better with 3 wins and 2 draws in 7 games. Instead of attaching I went for counter and Esquivel went on for a quick goal... and that was it. After the Hamburg game we only lost one game out of 5 so on 8th of November we were neck n' neck. All fixtures Why I'm writing up until 8th of November because I got a job that I had few hopes to get it this good... Brescia was up again in Seria A, doing what they know to do best: getting beaten by everyone! In fact their manager was sacked after a 1-1 game against Atalanta. Atalanta was 2nd in the league and Brescia 2nd from bottom with 0 wins in 12 matches and 5 draws. They didn't scored more than one goal in any of the games and their best scorer had only 2 goals... The only positive thing my assistant had to say about the team was that we have a young squad and they are determined. Determined to get back to Serie B? The next derby is on 17 march, maybe I can fix the team until that, maybe... this is by far the worst team I got, I got better players in Germany or Spain second league, way better players. 8/16 Derby Days Completed Anyway, this is one of my favorite Derby Days episode. Derby Days Lombardia: ENJOY!