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  1. Yes, randomise everything on how players are created and FMM will solve that. I think this ducussion goes under that article of FMM being too easy... If you know who is who's regen, it make the game easier.
  2. I never understood why people will search for regens to know who he was, it spoils the beauty of the game. Knowing how he will develop I will feel that I'm exploiting the game weekness, just use your scouts and assistant advices to try to develop the player how you want it. I know is kind off topic, sorry for that.
  3. Don't worry, I will not break Fabio's record, never!! 😁
  4. Season 6 The return of the Jedi :)) The club continued the great performances and Stefan got back on track as @RichDave32 said. Transfers... I was planing to have a new tactic on developing players but, because I'm the new Manager of France NT, the strategy will change a little bit and will focus on developing franch players as right now is a complete lack of young players with good potential and on France NT is composed 75% of players over 30 years. The players below 25 are all, except 2, players from my team and players that were in my team... Transfers in, beside Bataglia who is a Complete Forward with super potential, all other players are mediocre french players that I will try to make for NT. So on transfers out are backup/rotation players that I will replace with future France NT, hopefully. Competition wise, everything went on mostly as last year... except we won Euro Super Cup against Barcelona. Trophee des Championes... won it! In League 1 we have dominated once again and in the Champions Cup we faced Sporting Lisbon, Fenerbachce and RB Salzburg in the group stage, 5 wins and one lost match. In the knockout stages we've eliminated Dynamo Kyiv, Real Madrid, Lyon and Barcelona in the final. The only competition we have lost is... onace again the French Cup. We lost against our arch rivals Lyon on penalty shoot out... All the matches After the Champions Cup final we had a biiiiiiig influx from a sugar daddy... achievement unlocked! Weapon of choice, the same old (still young but old in the team) Arezo: Some awards (a lot of awards), for the team and also from international competitions As you could see from the spoiler, I'm now the manager of France TM and at the appointment, Stefan Bajic was excited, he knew that he will get his name in the France NT scoresheet. And now, the main man: Stefan Bajic He got his s#!t together and he's back on track. And this is him at the end of the sixth season, with 2 assists and... because my new development plan, more goal conceded, 8 more from last season in 57 matches. As you can see it says that he already has 2 goals for France but I will count only one this season and one in the next because... one is in the World Cup Qualifiers that begun in March and only had 2 games out of 10 before the end of the season. I will count the goal for the next season and also the World Cup itself, if we will qualify, I'm gonna count next season even if the WC finishes after the end of the season... it's easier this way so I can get the player statistics ok. And now, the goals, 17 goals, so a total of 87 goals, 42 to go. From the spoty, 9 goals out of 13 attempts, 69% accuracy... yey! Player Statistics (Goalkeepers Only) 42 goals to go, if he will keep it consistent we can finish this in 3 seasons. See you soon with the next season.. Thanks all!
  5. CL in the first season is not a big ask, I did it so you can do it... As you can see, you're better than me. When you have a team that you keep improving for 4-5 years, CL is not a big task
  6. Yes, that's true in most of the cases. I think they hold to the players too long until they loose quality. BTW, hats off for the performance!!
  7. I had almost done it, except I got third plavee in the prem. The save was with guisley
  8. If you don't have good defenders on movement and positioning I would remove offside trap and keep the defence line low, that will give better defence, try it out
  9. Even tho this can be categorised as "fair use", the fair use decision is subjective and may differ from judge to judge. So that's being said, Foxy, please delete this and sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Hi, Around 3 weeks ago I have installed Footbe Logos Megapack 1.0.0 and even that it gives you nice looking logos I still prefer the original true logos of the clubs... so I started to change the logos from the pack with the real ones. Until now I have changed the Nations League, Champions League, Europa League, French Cup, Trophee des Championes, Euro Qualifiers and few clubs that I'm playing in the European competitions. I would like to make the pack available for download for others but... I'm allowed? I don't want to break any rules. If yes, I'm opened to request so we can make the pack better Thanks,