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  1. As you all know, @geordiekrispy magically managed to get the job at Toulouse in the 15th Season. If he didn't do it, some points would have been lost but... 10 points in the bag for him, fair play. I will keep this as short as possible, he got 3 trophy points in season 14 at Lyon, only 3 points that count because he has the expiration date on 26th December, so mid season. 3 points + 10 for finishing his route gives Geordie a grand total of 73, 2 points above @hhooo and 2 points behind @JamesVilla. The board is looking like this before the career bonus are awarded. Each of the following bonuses is worth 2 points Shortest journey @hhooo 41 miles Longest journey @hhooo 541 miles Most goals in one season @hhooo Oussama Sauvadet (85) Best in Portugal @JamesVilla 1st, 96pts, +79 Best in Spain @JamesVilla 1st, 101pts, +91 Best in France @Chelseaplchamps2022 1st, 112pts, +110 Best in Italy @Albionic 1st, 110pts, +93 Best in Belgium @geordiekrispy 1st, 64pts, +87 Best in Holland @broodje kip 1st, 95pts, +94 Best in Germany @hhooo 1st, 100pts, +83 Best in Denmark @geordiekrispy 1st, 90pts, +87 Trophy Race 1s @geordiekrispy 47 5 points 2nd @JamesVilla 36 4 points 3rd @Albionic 28 3 points 4th @hhooo 26 0 points 5th @broodje kip 25 0 points 6th @Chelseaplchamps2022 16 0 points Adding those up and we get this final board Thanks all for this game, I hope you liked and maybe, maybe, we will do another one next season. One last thing needs to be done now, congrats @JamesVilla
  2. I was off for few days. Averyone got to the end, it finnaly happened 😂 I will do the write up today (26th May) at about 10PM London Time. Thanks all,
  3. We only have one player left on the board, @geordiekrispy, who only needed few miles to get to his destination... I think is no surprise now, we all know he must be close. Did he got the needed miles? YES! He almost got the needed miles only this season alone, 114 miles from his players and 125 from the Bonus as he got a clean sweep. Did those miles helped him? NO! The destination club is not showing any signs of sacking his boss, Geordie can only do now is to wait! No season bonuses to post and I will not post the usual owned clubs section... damn this write up is small 🤣 I will do say that Geordie will only get miles and trophy points until 26th December next season. The Board 5 points pushed him forward passing @broodje kip and is now just two points behind @Albionic. With only two seasons left from this game the clock is ticking... will he manage to get the desired job next season? Place your bets! No deadline and there is no point in @Rich giving a bonus now... will do if Geordie will move but not to his destination club. Go go Geordie!!
  4. A season full of surprises, nobody expected that... @JamesVilla to make only one good prediction, the one about himself 🤣 @broodje kip was even funnier, he made only one prediction and he was right and wrong in the same time as he made the same prediction for everyone. @geordiekrispy was a step up getting two correct predictions, 40 miles in the bag, 40 miles that may help him to get to the destination next season. The best at predicting was @Albionic: 4 out of 4! 80 miles that helped him make his final move, if he did only 3 right predictions he wouldn't have the miles and lose the job, and he was very, very close to lose one! See his predictions: Geordie got 127 miles from his milers, plus 40 from @Rich's bonus, 167 miles. I won't waste any space to talk about miles as 3 players finished so no need for extra miles. About trophies, Kipy had a big 0, Albionic 1 trophy, Villa 3 and Geordie 4. And this is the last write up with season bonuses! 1. Most league points, @geordiekrispy was only one point away of equalizing the Best in France. 2. Biggest win (margin). This one goes also to @geordiekrispy. 3. Least league goals conceded. This is a new record, we have a new king, @Albionic! Owned Clubs The Board Everybody moved on the right side of the board, everybody except hhooo and Villa that are both on the bottom side: hhooo is at 71 points and Villa at 75... you need to look closely as he get's under Richenda's dress 🤪 Albionic and Kipy passed Geordie that is now the last one... not for a long time!! As only one players is left, there is no deadline, @geordiekrispy you can play at your pace! Bad luck!!
  5. I got all the results, I will do the write up tonight. @Richyou can think of a bonus? A bonus for your fellow toon @geordiekrispy.
  6. From next season. This season 3 bonuses are in place: biggest win, most league points and least league goals conceded. Two of these bonuses will be removed next season (one from Kipy and one from Villa).
  7. You play until you get to your destination club. You must play there for a minim one game or maximum until you finish that season.
  8. Nothing! You have reached your destination so you can't lose miles from the trip you already done, those miles were consumed already.
  9. Congrats! No need for the 3 milers. 2 lost out of 2 for @geordiekrispy😂
  10. @broodje kip congrats! As you are already on your destination is no need for milers. Play one game or the entire season on Valencia, is up to you. @geordiekrispy you still have 3 more predictions... to lose 😂