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  1. Hmmm, not sure if you can see if your club is a feeder of other club. Your affiliate clubs you can see in the finances pages, last row
  2. Season 1 Thanks @Kun Aguerofor the logo info, now my save is looking perfect with all the right logos I still think the image of yourself looks creepy! THE GOOD As I've wrote before, the league system is mind blowing and because I have promoted from the first years is a bonus. Also my rival, RCD Mallorca didn't managed to promote, loosing in the semifinals of the paly-off. In the cup we lost in the second round against Valencia. League standings and all matches THE BAD Season 2 will see us apart at the same distance, Mallorca in Segunda Division and we In Segunda Division Pro (3rd tier) and hopefully they will stay there and I can come on top, only top 2 teams will promote to Segunda Division, fingers crossed. To sum this up, we worked hard for nothing, we're back to square one. THE UGLY My mind went on and forgot we're in FMM21 and I've signed around 7 players and the dynamics part of the team went bunkers and to make things even worse, for the second season I have signed a lot more players so hopefully I can keep all togther. Right now I have only 5 players in the Core group and NO LEADERS, yes no leaders in the hierarchy. And this is my profile at the end of season 1, it looks really well! Season 1, 0/16 Darby Days Completed
  3. Thanks! That's why I have chosen Atletico Baleares, being the poorest and weakest team from the lot can go into the non-playing divisions. Finding the jobs will be soooo hard... and my reputation is just Normal, so an extra hardness .
  4. So mallorca made a draw and then won the match but it is considered as they have lost... My guess is that both matches were 1-1 and the game is displays wrongly
  5. I think it was with the same player, same being called for Egypt but in fact he was in the Nigeria squad Go to Nigeria, maybe is there
  6. Well done! You made the right decision to sign just two players, in my save I've signed too many and now all the dynamics is gone... I need to stop playing like FMM20 and adjust.
  7. I already told him that but didn't made the changes...
  8. Wow, thanks!!! Now I can add all the logos I want 😁
  9. I don't know how to find the ID on clubs/competitions that are not in the megapack. For the ones you already have in the megapack you can open the config file and look at the numbers, they match the images names.
  10. You are not alone on this, on my first save I have wondered in the game for 3 and some hours before my first game and it went OK, 75% of the season and was 4th place with Real Betis but... I had to quit. I'm now on my second save and didn't give a shit about dynamics and relationships and is again, bad-ish, I have played like I would play FMM20 and now I have no leaders, the players barely form relationships on the pitch and struggle with form... Maybe after you learn the game is best to start a proper save. Good luck!
  11. I had a similar idea, to make a YouTube channel but sadly I did not had the time in the recent days. A YouTube channel will help this site a lot and will bring more members.
  12. Liverpool fron three includes Firmino or Jota? Just asking 😁 Not a big score but is a reference point, will you try a second attempt?
  13. Question 1: what if the desired success is stay clear of the relegation? Question 2: what if you have no option to go to? I'm thinking at your Americas career where maybe in your last few seasons will be harder to find a team that you didn't manage because there are few teams in those countries