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  1. Someone stop Rich, is again crazy with goals, this challenge will be done in no time!
  2. Also if your squad is 40 players big, you won't get the loan option. Sometimes if your first loan attempt was canceled for various reasons, the loan option will vanish until next transfer window.
  3. The obvious is that FM treats all the leagues as is real life, so... I understand your point, maybe it was beneficial to get a memo from your staff or the FA that the FA decided to abolish promotion and relegation for the next X years, I got you
  4. it's an unwritten rule, U21 will take your player when you need the most. The more important your match, the more players it will take it from you
  5. There is no relegation or promotion in Mexico for the next 5 years, this is it just like in real life.
  6. Season 3 In between seasons there were 4 targeted teams that sacked their managers: my beloved Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Deportivo la Coruna and Real Betis. Arsenal ditched me and... just 11 days before the new season start I got the news: Super Depor want's to appoint me as their manager!! So I will stay in Spain, still in the Segunda Division and Atletico Baleares will be one of the main competitors. Objective set by the board: Reach the play-offs. Real objective: promotion and next season I can play against Celta Vigo. The bad thing is that the manager that was before me used almost all the money in the bank and I only got 12M and an already overbudget on wages... after I have balanced the wages I only had 3.7M in the bank. And to top it all, a bad team, poor quality! I had to make some loans and also 3 wonderkids came as loan with buyout clause as I can't afford the 3-4M price tag! The good thing is that they have an army of useless players and maybe I can sell some to increase the budgets. Transfers ( I only bought the 1.5M player, the 13M, 8.5M and 250K were brought by the previous manager) Without further chit chat, Derby Days Galicia: ENJOY!
  7. Many Chinese from big cities self name using English nsmes, it's very common in real life
  8. The logos from last year works also on this year version. Same as face packs
  9. Season 2, Final As we've marched on towards the promotion there were 3 jobs available from the list but sadly none of them gave me the chance so the final of the season 2 sees me still at Atletico Baleares, next season we're in Segunda Division but hopefully I can move clubs, Valencia's manager (Massimiliano Allegri) has Very Insecure job at the moment. Real, Sevilla and Lazio In Segunda Division, next season will be Deportivo la Coruna, Sporting Gijon and Real Oviedo, hopefully I can go at one of these to stay in Spain, if not, anything that drives me forward with the challenge is welcomed. Season 2, 1/16 Derby Days Completed
  10. If I'm not mistaken, 6th place only get to euro Cup if the fa Cup winner finishes 1 to 5 in the league
  11. Is the logo pack from last year. It works to FMM21.
  12. Thanks. I'm not happy about it but at least now I know what's what!
  13. Hope so. I've played almost 3 seasons so far in FMM21 and is the first relationship on the pitch that is not yellow or green.
  14. They are 17-18 yo so maybe they had a fight over a chick! Or one had a better grade at school and refused to hand over the homework 😂 They both have a positive relationship so... It's weird. Edit, the icon/button of the relationships (left bottom corner) implies that there are 4 colors of relationships: red, green, yellow and orange... And orange and red are facing and yellow and green are facing, hope that red and orange is not bad, I hope!
  15. Does anyone knows what the red relationship means? It showed up out of the blue after one game. The fact that there was no yellow or green relationship on the field before that it makes me think in not OK. On personal screen on both players is nothing. On the relationships page this is on positive.
  16. yes, you can chat on fmmvibe, much more fun that seeing Palace
  17. And it happened quicker that I would have hoped keeping in mind that after the first season we were still in different divisions. Luckily the Spanish Cup Second Round brought us face to face. My team is on the verge, 1st in the league with 14 points ahead after 24 games and Mallorca is only a mid table team who changed their manager just 2 months ago. I would say: perfect timing. Right now Real Madrid is without a manager but I doubt they will appoint me. I will stay at Atletico Baleares untill something will show up. Sadly Union Berlin job was up for grab just few weeks ago, Portsmouth in September and Brescia and Real Betis in November. Hopefully something will show up until the end of the season. Season 2, 1/16 Derby Days Completed
  18. Hmmm, not sure if you can see if your club is a feeder of other club. Your affiliate clubs you can see in the finances pages, last row
  19. Season 1 Thanks @Kun Aguerofor the logo info, now my save is looking perfect with all the right logos I still think the image of yourself looks creepy! THE GOOD As I've wrote before, the league system is mind blowing and because I have promoted from the first years is a bonus. Also my rival, RCD Mallorca didn't managed to promote, loosing in the semifinals of the paly-off. In the cup we lost in the second round against Valencia. League standings and all matches THE BAD Season 2 will see us apart at the same distance, Mallorca in Segunda Division and we In Segunda Division Pro (3rd tier) and hopefully they will stay there and I can come on top, only top 2 teams will promote to Segunda Division, fingers crossed. To sum this up, we worked hard for nothing, we're back to square one. THE UGLY My mind went on and forgot we're in FMM21 and I've signed around 7 players and the dynamics part of the team went bunkers and to make things even worse, for the second season I have signed a lot more players so hopefully I can keep all togther. Right now I have only 5 players in the Core group and NO LEADERS, yes no leaders in the hierarchy. Season 1, 0/16 Derby Days Completed
  20. Thanks! That's why I have chosen Atletico Baleares, being the poorest and weakest team from the lot can go into the non-playing divisions. Finding the jobs will be soooo hard... L.E. It looks that jobs are not that hard to find, one of the mentioned teams comes up in the job list every other month.
  21. So mallorca made a draw and then won the match but it is considered as they have lost... My guess is that both matches were 1-1 and the game is displays wrongly
  22. I think it was with the same player, same being called for Egypt but in fact he was in the Nigeria squad Go to Nigeria, maybe is there