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  1. CL in the first season is not a big ask, I did it so you can do it... As you can see, you're better than me. When you have a team that you keep improving for 4-5 years, CL is not a big task
  2. Yes, that's true in most of the cases. I think they hold to the players too long until they loose quality. BTW, hats off for the performance!!
  3. I had almost done it, except I got third plavee in the prem. The save was with guisley
  4. If you don't have good defenders on movement and positioning I would remove offside trap and keep the defence line low, that will give better defence, try it out
  5. Even tho this can be categorised as "fair use", the fair use decision is subjective and may differ from judge to judge. So that's being said, Foxy, please delete this and sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Hi, Around 3 weeks ago I have installed Footbe Logos Megapack 1.0.0 and even that it gives you nice looking logos I still prefer the original true logos of the clubs... so I started to change the logos from the pack with the real ones. Until now I have changed the Nations League, Champions League, Europa League, French Cup, Trophee des Championes, Euro Qualifiers and few clubs that I'm playing in the European competitions. I would like to make the pack available for download for others but... I'm allowed? I don't want to break any rules. If yes, I'm opened to request so we can make the pack better Thanks,
  7. Te easiest way to have low cost is to load England. And is true of what Ian said, asking for tactics constantly will piss people of. My tip for you is to learn the hard way, load any country and go the lowest league possible, get a bad team and you will learn by playing, is the best way and ultimately the fun and rewarding way.
  8. 2k is just inches away, well done! P.S. Silva still has 4 years of the contract, maybe he can go for 1k?
  9. Season 5 The best season for the club so far... yet, the worst for Stefan... Transfer wise, the beginning of the season marked the departure of the last survivor in the old squad, Sergi Palencia moved to OM for 10M. Transfers in... few future prospects and one fully developed midfielder for the record of 88M, 24 years of age... let's home is not a flop. The season started with the Trophee des Champions, the France Super Cup against the French Cup holders, Nimes. 4-0, Nimes is a mid table team so we had no emotions here. Stefan let his name on the scoresheet with a goal from free-kick, around 20 meters. In the French Cup we lost yet again, this time in the 11th round against Rennes... but we conquered Ligue 1 again, this time even easier and in the last 12 matches we used mostly rotation and backup players so we can focus on French Cup and European Champions Cup. French Cup was a disaster, in the Champions Cup on the other hand... we won our group (Liverpool, PSV and Anderlecht), 5 wins and one draw. In the knockout stages we have eliminated Sporting Lisbon, sweet revenge, Juventus and Inter to play in the final against Napoli. 1-0 was enough to lift the trophy and finish the competition without a lost match, only wins and 2 draws. All the matches Weapon of choice, the same Arezo Some awards (a lot of awards), for the team and also from international competitions And one, kind of award, for me, Superstar achievement unlocked and straight on 7th place in the Hall of Fame... that's nice! And now, the main man: Stefan Bajic As I've said before, not the best season for him. The worst season as goal scored.... but the best as assists and goals conceded. And this is him at the end of the fifth season, with 6 assists nd fewer goals conceded, 28 goals in 55 matches... super!! The bad part is from the next seasoan I have a new tactic on developing few players that will leave him with a weaker defense, so this season record of 28 goals will not be surpassed any time soon. This season he got 10 games for France and now is the first choice goalkeeper for NT. And mostly likely this is the final Stefan, some small improvements will be in the future but not much. And now, the goals, only 10 goals, so a total of 70 goals, 59 to go... so we passed half of the challenge. From the spot was a baby, only one goal from 6 attepts, 17% accuracy! I've changes the tactic a little bit and didn't worked as planned, we got less penalty shots and free-kicks, going back from the next season. Player Statistics (Goalkeepers Only) See you soon with the next season... hopefully a better season. Thanks all!
  10. The tactic that I'm using now is not my favorite but is devised to move the ball around to force openents to make fouls so I can get more free-kicks and penalty shots. Also the defenders are playing more towards safety to help on when the goalkeeper is missing free-kicks. Another downside of this is that the goals are more spreaded into the team so a lot of players get 10-15 goals per season instead of only 2 or 3 players to get 30-50 goals per season. The tactic that I use more often is in this topic, on the first page down in the last comments.
  11. After the first two seasons I have set my target to get done with the 129 goals in 10 seasons, and now I think is doable. Thanks! Not just France, I'm on to dominate Europe... Oups, spoiler alert?
  12. Season 4 This season was slightly better competition wise and as goalkeeper wise it was... the same! As for the transfers, now I have a good backup team so I only made 4 Bosman signings, in fact were 3, let me explain. Jhon Barrios I wanted to sign last year but he failed the work permit, 3 times, so I loaned him with a buyout option on 5M and then tried further 5 times to get his work permit, FAIL. So 8 fails, then activated the buyout clause once again but was outside the transfer windows and I had to wait until January, when he failed once again and when I wanted to try again... he was in his last 6 months of contract and I made him an offer. This transfer window he got the permit from the first try, yuhuu! Kevin Mina went straight on loan, great potential but bad bad current ability, 230K is a bargain. Apart from the transfers, I had this problem with the academy graduates where I only selected a few and the club olso made some selection, weird. See the first guy, he was my pick, a wonderkid. Too bad that on AMR and AML i have some world class wonderkids so he needs to make just few apparences. In the extra season Bajic had a minor injury, good news is that he will not miss any opening games. Competition wise, first trophy was Trophee des Championes, a super cup of France and we killed PSG. On France Cup we lost in the QF against Strasbourg with 2-1 and in the Champions Cup we finally went to the Knockout round where we lost with Liverpool. The good part is that we finally had this brake trough, the bad part is that Stefan Bajic had less games, so less chances to score. In League 1, we dominated from the start and we won it with 6 games before. Without the Cup and Champions Cup I had the opportunity to give more game time to my young players. The weapon of choice was Arezo who, for the first time since I've started this challenge, overtook Mbappe as top goalscorer, I told you Azero will be a great player. Some awards for the team Oh, and because I did such a great job, the board "owes me one"... I have the training and youth facilities at max right now so I will keep it, just in case I will have a bad year to save my but as now they demand success. France lost in QF against Spain at the World Cup and the manager went off, maybe he was sacked. I did apply for the job but didn't get it, Didier Deschamps is the new man in charge. Not that I want him to have poor results, but I want the job, more games, better results for me 🤪 And now, the main man: Stefan Bajic He got a new contract so he will stay here another 5 years from now, hopefully I can reach my target... if not, I will extend his contract, he loves me so he will sign And this is him at the end of the forth season, with only one assist, and fewer goals conceded, 5 fewer goals and 6 less matches (the Cup and CL bad results). This season he got 5 games for France. And now, the goals, same number of goals and less games, 18 goals, so a total of 60 goals, 69 to go... oh, and this season was a killer from the spot, 91% accuracy!! Let's hope he can keep this way. Player Statistics (Goalkeepers Only) An oh, did this goal counts? :))) This is the game from the cup that saw us out of the competition. See you soon with the next season... or not so soon as I will be busy in the next few days, I will play but I won't post it until Monday or Tuesday or so. Thanks all!
  13. Thanks mate! You can try it, there is at leat one other keeper in the games that can be used. It would be fun to have at least 3 people on that leader board so @Kun Aguerowon't feel lonely. I always hire Denis, is one of my favorite player ever, he was at Arsenal when I fell in love with the club. Denis is a good assistant and he never fails any exams so in just one year time you have a world class assistant. Saint Etienne has a fairly decent team at the beginning so you don't need to spend a lot... If I would do another career in france I would be more careful to the second team. BTW about your name, did you saw my first challenge here(search for "what's my name") ? I got a full team with George 🤣 Give him a retirement fund, 305 goals is way more than somebody will dream on. Vanja Power!!
  14. Sorry Sir, but for that performance you're only allowed to drink water 😂
  15. Coupe de la Ligue BKT (France) had run only in my first season... I'm in the 4th season now and the competition still hasn't start... And also the same problem is with the Club World Cup, the last time was held was in 2021, so my second season in the save
  16. @Scratch and @RichDave32 I solved the youngster promotion issue. I didn't sold, loaned or release the players promoted last year, in fact I have offered contracts and left them in the second team and now the issue is gone... maybe they promoted the players as they need it and I didn't gave them any players to use...
  17. Season 3 This is something, another improvement, just 2 or 3 more years and I will be satisfied. First, the transfers: 3 top younsters, 2 goalkeepers as Vivano contract expired and I didn't want to spend more money on his big wage, and few other players to further improve my backup players. But one free player was not for back up, he was my second goalscorer after Arezo, remember him from last season? I did say that he will kill all the keepers. So my top weapons: After two years where PSG was on another level, this season was different and they somehow managed to win second place after the first half of the season which PSG was mid table, in the champions Cup they got 3rd place in group stage and managed a semi final in EURO Cup. This screenshot is 4 games before the league finish. The French Cup? We won that also, 4-0 with Rennes on our home ground. Champions Cup? Managed a 3rd place in the group stage where we lost both matches with Real Madrid, lost one and drew the home game against Juventus and won both games against LASK. EURO Cup? we knocked out Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Milan, Tottenham and in the semi final... we won 4-2 with Benfica at home just to get killed by Maxi Lopez, 5-2 on away... sad, second year that we loose in the semis. All matches Some awards for the team And now, the main man: Stefan Bajic Before I say anything about him... he loves me, auuuuu😍 That is a good sign that maybe he will not get angry if I will reject some offers. This season he got 4 games for France and started to be the first choice for NT... maybe I can become his manager there in the future... And this is him at the end of the second season, with only one assist,and fewer goals conceded, 17 fewer goals and 4 more matches... you can see that my defenders are doing their jobs. Until now, in 3 seasons, there were less than 10 goals taken because of missed free kicks. And now, the goals, the best season so far, 18 goals, so a total of 42 goals, 87 to go. His behavior changed and now he stay few moments after the free-kick and sometimes gets the rebound and pass to him mates. One thing I hate is that a lot of times he will pass to the side to another player instead of aiming for the goal... he can take long range kicks, so just shoot god damit! Oh, and again improvement on penalty shots, just two missed out of 9. Player Statistics (Goalkeepers Only) Even tho his "Is an effective free-kick taker" has gone more than two seasons ago, his ability is still there and is bagging more goals that I was hoping, 42 in 3 seasons... . Maybe my tactics helped him as I did try to move the ball around more than I like to so opposition players will have time to make more fouls, more fouls = more free kicks or penalties. What do you think, in 10 years I can say it will be challenge completed? See you soon with the next season. Thanks all!!
  18. down on page one, another guy asked, see the answer there
  19. Season 3 Spoiler We're in 90' minute and we need just one goal to qualify to the EURO Cup final, what does Stefan Bajic (Nr.33) do? He goes up to score from open play! He's a mad man!! mad man.mp4
  20. Make sure you look in the youth ranking from scouting agency from time to time, you can find some great players with loads of potential at some low prices
  21. Two options 1. Make the tactic to fit your players or 2. Make the tactic of what you would like and then make the transfers with that tactic in mind and/or train your current players to fit the tactic
  22. Season 2 This season was an improvement.... or not? Let me explain First, because last season I had to make some loans, and I hate to get players on loan as I don't have full control, this year I have signed a lot of free players that will make most of my backup and rotation players. Out of 23 players that I have signed, 5 went on for sale (not good to make the 23 men squad) and 5 on loan (not good for the squad but with potential) and two went on for player exchange. Plus, I have signed 4 young players that I will recon they have great potential. Transfers out: 136M, Transfers in: 68M So, what went wrong? Nothing just I'm not used to battle on all competitions. Usually I don't give a s#@t about national cups and I always use backup players but now the challenge is to score with a keeper so I need as much games I can get so I need to battle for every knockout competition while still make a good run in the league. 1. Started with the Trophée des Champions against PSG: Lost Then, French Cup where I was the current holder: Lost in the semi final away against OM, 3-0. Forgot to take a screen shot. In the Champions Cup I was in with Inter, Liverpool and my old friends from last year, PSV. We beat PSV, home and away, to qualify for EURO Cup where we beat Werder Bremen, Real Sociedad, Chelsea and then we went face to face with Atletico Madrid in the semis, lost at home 1-0 and then Alvaro Morata killed Stefan with 6 rounds. So Champions Cup: Out in the group stage, EURO Cup: out in the semis. So we lost 4 competitions and we are left with Ligue 1, we finished second with 10 points clear from 3rd place, which is nice giving the fact that PSG is running like hell. So it wasn't the best season giving the fact that we didn't retain the cup but we have improved overall, moving on! All the matches The main striker was Lois Diony, the second best striker from last season, and the second place was Matias Arezo, 17 years that will kill all the keepers in the years to come, great potential. Some awards for the team And now, the main man: Stefan Bajic The season started bad, with a 2 weeks injury that kept him away for 3 matches. And the season ended bad-ish, with a red card that raised the missed games to 4, so few missed chances to score more. But this didn't stop him to get some goals and some offers, that I had to refuse He was called up for France big team few times but failed to make any appearances until June. And this is him at the end of the second season, with 6 assists, 2 more than the last season. And now, the goals, keeping it consistent, 12 goals. 4 less goals conceded and more assists. So total 24 goals, 105 to go. I must say that there are few changes in his behavior, last year all the free kicks and penalty shots were a hit and run, as his foot touched the ball he started to run back to the post, I bet he didn't saw any of his goals :)) Now, this season, he went on to stay a little, to understand the game and did try to react, to recover. Oh, and he is better at taking penalties. Player Statistics (Goalkeepers Only) Rogerio Ceni scored also 2 goals in friendlies, I usually give the friendlies to the assistant but I forgot and went on to play one, he scored NOTE: He did score one more goal, from penalty, with Inter, it was 3-0 for us in the 64th minute and my phone rang, I had to pick up and had a long phone conversation, after that the game was gone so I had to play it again, we made 2-2 and Stefan didn't score... too bad, it won't count. See you soon with the third season. Thanks all!!
  23. Yeah, there are cases of players that have a sharp progress then simply stop, I had few of those but some will recover if you stress them out. On some I've tried to retrain them on odd positions or to play them with low stamina and somehow they started to make progress again.