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  1. League Points per Game instead of Most League Points? Least League Goals Conceded per Game instead of Least League Goals Conceded? Those is equal to everybody! 😁
  2. Keep 3 Replace 1 Don't care 1 That means the bonus will stay. The debate is not over as I hope to improve the game, I will have another go later in the game or at the end.
  3. We have a problem on this as players who play in Belgium and Denmark already have an advantage on least goals, so it will be a double advantage and only few players. Most points have advantage to players who pay in leagues with more teams but those are most of leagues so the advantage is more spreaded to more players.
  4. The idea is to have bonuses that goes head to head so you can't win too many at once. You either go for most points or least goals. If you sell your best player for the biggest transfer your team will lose quality and will be harder to win big or win more games for most points or if is a defender you will concede more etc. The same thing is with biggest draw, if you do that least goals conceded and biggest win will suffer. So it needs to be a bonus that if you aim for it will make your life harder of getting other bonuses.
  5. Ooooh, I feel sorry for you... NOT! Try to bribe some of the boys, if 3 or 4 say NO, the bonus will not change.
  6. Rule Change Question I want to change the Highest scoring draw bonus to most league draws. This bonus was won every season by me and shows that is not well designed so I think should change. The change should take place from season 7. Who thinks we need to change it? @Kanegan @geordiekrispy @hhooo @Chris @Albionic @JamesVilla
  7. Update No9 Thanks @Kun Aguero and @Kanegan I still hope I can pull this off this season and Gouiri recovered his goal appetite and got his 33rd goal on 1st of Nobember aka 80% done... Just few days after to get a 2 months void in the schedule due to World Cup. The competitions will begin again later in December and the schedule will be super tight and he won't play many matches....
  8. From stadium to stadium is actually 237 so you use 1 mile from @Rich😁
  9. Ok, this is for you. As standard, 5 players came in. Hagi who had 19 on crossing but sadly he went to 18 after the transfer. Arthur as a AP in the MC position. Sule as a CD. Oblak... is Oblak. And Travassos is something weird...I got it as AMR. See the profiles for all of them
  10. I would switch positions of the AP and CM. When I make the tactic for a lower league team I go like this... Shape: attacking, narrow, fast, balanced Defence: deep, all over, cautious, no, no Attack: early crossed, shoot on sight, run at defence, short, mixed, short Have a try
  11. I first saw Serrano, I player that I've used few times on my COPA90 and he is great, love him. Then Zirkzee, nice player. But no way, Esposito!? At least is not a 1k with Esposito 🤢
  12. Update No9 Thanks @Albionic As I hope this is the last season on this, I have decided to spend all the money I got... 131M plus a player worth of 30M and 50% and they still refused. After one week I had 165M in the bank and decided again. And then, just few days apart I got it for 101M and 50%, weird. The season begun with the already traditional win in the Community Shield. This time around was against City and Gouiri scored twice. And after this, he had few bad games and only got his 10th goal (aka 70% done) with Watford, 8th match of the season. I hope he will get back on track soon or we must play also season 4, To finish the challenge this season he must score 78 goals. 10 down, 68 to go!
  13. That part of France is getting crowded with Grenoble, Lyon and Dijon already taken. Dijon was on my list with possible moves but I will cross that out now 😁
  14. The same thing happened to me with Pau FC, when I had the miles to go there they got relegated 😂 You can still use Lyon, you just need to pay up, show me the miles baby 🤑
  15. I got the boys (mile earners) for Lyon: Lyon has a ok-is team, very bad at the back but with some good players upfront. I traded 2 wonderkid for 2 woderkids from Girona. I got 29yo Dembele, 23yo Cherki, 27yo Aouar
  16. Total assists (Legue, Cups and Continental) Geordie 38 Chris 22 Albionic 22 Villa 23 Me 25 (21 in the league) Kane 21
  17. My first idea was to get north, Zaragoza to Toulouse or Pau first, then Rodez or Clermont-Foot and keep north in hope of PSG job... But all changed after the move to Girona. Also, when you get close, check for the new teams in the game, it can help, and if you fancy a second division team.
  18. Plenty clubs around, my other options were Saint-Etienne, SC Lyon(L2), Grenoble (hhooo, 25 miles) and Clermont-Foot.