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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I don't think that is a bug. It is more to do with match fitness. We cannot see this attribute on FMM but it is in play. The player gets match fitness as he plays and as such he is able to regenerate his stamina back to full fitness. We see the same in cases of injuries and pre-season where their fitness is not at 100%
  2. Done With 1000 goals in my name in 16 games I am bound to win this
  3. Its time for the final showdown heh heh heh Been enjoying every moment of this season so far and I wish the others all the best in the final round!
  4. Really stunned that I have done well so far!!! Bring it on @Kun Aguero, should be interesting!
  5. Shocked at the results I must say, cheers for the write up though @mcandrew003 Pleased to be able to claim a gold though, good start for me!
  6. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Nah...the last simulation that I did, my move to China resulted in me rotting there for 3 full years before moving to a Turkish 2nd division side, but by then it was too late for me to do anything good
  7. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Ugh...I'm going nowhere with Sheffield Wednesday :/
  8. Thought I would share something funny which happened today. So...its a perfectly fine day as I played my Rangers save...then this happened: Yes, my star striker (Regen, you probably wouldn't hear of his name before) got to claim the match ball, but not in a way you would have expected! 3 penalties and he scored all 3 to get a hat trick. To be fair Hamilton played really badly, almost every attempt of mine in this game came from a foul or had a foul during the animation, but imagine how this striker would have felt? Not sure how he would have reacted, happy that he got a hat trick or amused that it came from 3 penalties!
  9. Sounds great mate, looks like it would be an exciting competition by the looks of it!
  10. @mcandrew003 Why does it say I can't send you a message? Could you have a look at this please?
  11. Ah that is true. But then again in this challenge you can still draw 4-4 but get away with a good rating for Dos Santos and its actually a good result! 😂😂😂 Funny that it seems so simple to win when you don't want it-In my other save my world class team that I've assembled at Rangers cannot even win FC Qarabag Agdam away! :/
  12. And lets not forget my first team keeper getting injured for a month 1 game into the challenge...luckily in this game Villarreal has an abundance of keepers for some reason...
  13. Oh I never had that. I rested him and many other first teamers in the Euro League. Scared to risk injury. Funny enough that my reserves seem to do better than my first teamers at times.
  14. That frustration when you do everything to keep your player fresh for league games and he still misses one because he cannot stop getting yellow cards :/
  15. Chat Many people done this before?

    I think I managed to win the league once ever before in Mid January before using Rangers in the Scottish Premiership, but it only happened once and it was only because every other team was cancelling each other out! I recall Celtic having an unsually bad season and Hearts dropping plenty of points as well!