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  1. Thanks! Yeah the leaky defence really got onto my nerve, couldn’t figure out how on earth I was supposed to stop it! I just assumed that every match that I would concede 1-2 goals
  2. Season 3: Something New? Well, last season, we got Braintree promoted into League 2! However, how would we fair in this upcoming season, given the financial difficulties that we face and the overwhelming task that is trying to match up to the standards of the League 2 teams? And will I finally find a new team to manage? Stay tuned to find out! Pre-Season Breaking News Transfers League FA Cup Carabao Cup Checkatrade Trophy Fixtures Awards
  3. I’m actually nearly a season ahead from this point where I posted this but I was Obscure when I got them promoted!
  4. I demand winning the league but they are too mentally weak to do so
  5. Season 2: Pushing against the Odds Season 1 saw us perform well enough to secure an unlikely FA Trophy win under Braintree, but sadly, we were not able to get promoted to the upper echelons of League 2. We once again try this season, but will everything go to plan? Will I even be at Braintree come end of the season? Do continue looking on to find out! Transfers League FA Cup FA Trophy Fixtures
  6. Wow, what a start! You are giving me a run for my money here 😮 All the best mate!
  7. Thanks to all those who congratulated me on the FA Trophy, was a real rollercoaster of emotions getting to the final. I've not been so excited to win a match with a last minute winner for so long!
  8. Good luck @BenDTner, nice choice of clubs there Will be interesting to see if you can go one up against me and who you can bring into your squad given the limited budget that the team has!
  9. As of the end of last season I was up from Unknown to Obscure, not any much better but its improving! Not sure if the FA Trophy would have done anything, but making it into the 1st Round of the FA Cup did help to push me out of Unknown zone!
  10. Season 1: A Distant Reality First Match: Braintree vs Plymouth (Friendly) Transfers League FA Cup FA Trophy Fixtures
  11. I’ll be honest, didn’t really have to look much because I was in debt to begin the challenge! And there wasn’t too many players interested in a semi-pro team...quite shocking to see Jay Emmanuel Thomas as a free agent, refused to join me because I was a nobody though
  12. I suspect they made it easier to get jobs on unknown haha. Something like seeing you as a long term solution maybe? Last year, you wouldn’t get a job till January at least lol!
  13. Don’t tell me Maccelsfield offered you the job! That would be insane tbh!
  14. The Beginning of a Journey After searching around for a job on the job market (there wasn't many to begin with), 2 clubs offered me a job. One would be Hemel Hempstead, a Vanarama League South club. The other would be Braintree, a Vanarama National League club. After some careful consideration, I decided on... And that is how it starts! Stay tuned to find out how I did in the first season, am halfway through it so hopefully should be out over the weekend or early next week!
  15. Foreword: Normally I do not start with a challenge but I normally would have done a "Rise from the Bottom" career to kick start a new FMM game so why not give this a shot! Will be trying to find ways to make this career as entertaining for myself and for all who read it, but I do apologise in advance should there be long gaps between the posts, it is plausible but for once, I do hope that I can finish a challenge completely. So without further ado...let's jump into the story! This challenge and its rules can be found in the link below, kudos to @Scratch for coming up with such a challenge! The Story..... (Note: Its all fictional 😉) Its been an exhausting few years of learning, but finally, I am finally certified fit to manage a club! It is a far cry from what I was hoping my life to turn out, but several horrible events in your unlucky life has only served to make me rethink your life plans. A long time ago, at the age of 16, I was stated to be one of the rising stars in the world. Hailing from Singapore, a country not known for footballing prowess, only made it even more exciting for me. The whole world was looking at me.....when disaster struck. A horrific challenge in a league match saw me suffer a torn ACL and knocking me out of the squad for 9 months. That was followed up by multiple ACL injuries in the next 3 years, and at the age of 19, it was clear that I was never going to make it with these injuries, thus leading to an early retirement. Fast forward another 11 years. The world has forgotten about me now. After having tried multiple jobs and having not much success in these areas either, I decided to give football yet another shot, but this time as a manager. Now, at a young 30 years of age, I am ready to take on my first job. However, with the limited career opportunities in Singapore, it was pointless for me to try and work my way up here, and thus I packed my bags and moved to the land where some of the best clubs in the world resides....England. It will be a long way up, no one knows me anymore, but the dreams of past to one day be a superstar of the world, it still exists? Will I succeed in my quest for personal glory? Or will I become one of the many others who have tried, and failed? Only time will tell...