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  1. You could try using a formation with box to box midfielders, I find they usually get a number of opportunities in a match to score a couple. Inside Forwards work well as well, if you know how to use them well and you get the right man for the job
  2. Good job! Wooten looks like a pretty good steal now! As a fellow journeyman, having almost finished Season 3, I would advise you get an international job. There's no saying how long you will have to wait for the job to be available. In my save, Orlando are pretty bad but their manager somehow just wasn't sacked even though they had something like a 7 to 8 game winless streak! Of course, its really up to how you wanna play it, I think I will stay with the club in mine and try and understand the mechanics of the MLS better (I still can't figure out why we didn't play in the NACL even after we won everything in Season 1) and I might just post once I get the job, putting all the in between seasons as one post since its not related to the challenge! Be warned though that some international jobs esp the lower end ones tend to drop your reputation if you have nothing supporting it...
  3. Well the toughest part is actually getting the jobs you need in this challenge it seems...
  4. Season 2: New York Success So we start the second season having won all we needed to win, but just a mere 28 goals away from completing the challenge. It was never going to be easy, and with still a relatively small transfer budget, I needed to be tactical in the market. At the same time, I have to hope that Orlando sacks their manager after I have achieved my goal, if not I would not be able to move! So how did we do? Transfers League Cup Fixtures Player
  5. Fun/Games The Vibe Mafia Event

    I'll try this out! Sounds interesting!
  6. So at this point I would normally load the screenshots of my fixtures played but a tired me after finishing up the first season at 2am totally forgot to take screenshots, so I'll work with what little screenshots I have to show you what happened in season 1... Season 1: New York City Revolution So as soon as I took over the squad, I noticed that aside from our really small transfer budget of 8.25m, and a huge squad with not many actual talent, there seemed to be a lot of work to do. We had some attacking talent in David Villa and Jo Inge Berget, but the rest, especially the defence, were...forgettable. But first...my striker...I scoured the market looking for a striker that would fit my personality type, a fast, strong, clinical finisher. For the money I've got, there isn't much on offer, and I eventually settled on this lad: He ain't the best, but he do have the key attributes that I am looking for, mainly shooting, pace, strength, teamwork, stamina and aerial skills. I can envision playing a tactic that uses defence splitting balls from midfield and him breaking away from the last man to set up a one-on one chance! At 6.5m spent for him from Mainz, it was never a cheap option and always a risk, but one I was willing to take. Given the dire state of my defence and the level of talent I attracted, I doubt I was ever going to repair my defence to a level I liked so hey, why not just outscore the opposition! Transfers League Cup Player
  7. So I've gotten a bit bored of trashing teams with my legendary strike force in my FC United and Barcelona save, and I moved to attempt the computer version of Football Manager. Sounds like an idea. But I failed to save a team from relegation (To be fair to me, they only had 2 points with 8 games to spare and 12 adrift from safety, and had a non-existent defence and negligible finances), so scratch that idea. So...why not take on a challenge? And here it begins. My journey. A young prodigal Singaporean manager heading to the Land of the Free attempting to write his name together with the greats of the footballing world. I have never (and thats a fact!) played in the MLS before so this would be a totally new experience for me, I'm learning new things even as I write this post out! This challenge is the Six-State Challenge invented by the great @mcandrew003, link to the topic is here: And so begins Chapter 1... State 1 - New York Widely considered the 'Concrete Jungle', New York is the most populated state in America with 8,537,673 Million people living under it's fancy buildings, bright lights and really, really tall statues. We start off in familiar surroundings, and with that a fairly simple task that should take no longer than two seasons. State 1 Challenge: Take a player, either already in the team or brought in by yourself, and score 85 goals with them at a club based in New York. Well, this shouldn't be too hard, right? I had to choose between 2 clubs, New York Red Bulls, or New York City FC. After slowly looking through the history of both clubs, I decided to go with New York City FC! New York City FC is a fairly new club.....ok who am I kidding. They are extremely new, a project started off by some rich sheiks who also own Manchester City and Melbourne City FC. As such, they have literally no history and that is where I step in. What better way to make my mark in the footballing world by taking on a club that has yet to see its glory and hoping it comes...QUICK! And thus starts my journey... Stay tuned as I reveal who my chosen striker will be and my assessment of the squad, as well as my summary of the very first season!
  8. Challenges The Six-State Challenge

    Briliant, you can expect a post to come up soon over my career...ironically its the first time I'm playing in the MLS in FMM18 so lets see how I'll do!
  9. Challenges The Six-State Challenge

    Could I just check whether Vancouver could be used for the Canada stage? Since they are part of Canada as well!
  10. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I don't think that is a bug. It is more to do with match fitness. We cannot see this attribute on FMM but it is in play. The player gets match fitness as he plays and as such he is able to regenerate his stamina back to full fitness. We see the same in cases of injuries and pre-season where their fitness is not at 100%
  11. Done With 1000 goals in my name in 16 games I am bound to win this
  12. Its time for the final showdown heh heh heh Been enjoying every moment of this season so far and I wish the others all the best in the final round!
  13. Really stunned that I have done well so far!!! Bring it on @Kun Aguero, should be interesting!
  14. Shocked at the results I must say, cheers for the write up though @mcandrew003 Pleased to be able to claim a gold though, good start for me!
  15. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Nah...the last simulation that I did, my move to China resulted in me rotting there for 3 full years before moving to a Turkish 2nd division side, but by then it was too late for me to do anything good