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  1. I want to transform a low-budget team into a team that can achieve high productivity at low cost. Which countries I will open will benefit my club.
  2. Hello guys, does anyone use tactics ready? Can you share with me the ready-made tactic you are most successful in? I love you fmmvibe family🤩
  3. So when transferring a player, should we take it according to the desired characteristics according to her position?
  4. I read this post, I'm trying to make a tactic right now. Should I do the tactics according to the positions of the players in the team? Do you have any suggestions about transfer?
  5. Guys, how should I do the instructions to score plenty of goals? I've tried many tactics, but I'm losing points to teams that are lower than myself. Also I just started playing the game. Can you give me a few tips, how should we make the transfers? Thanks. 🤗
  6. Hi @Cockers2505 According to what features should we make transfers my friend?
  7. Hey buddy, can you share your tactic with me via screenshot? And how do you make transfers?
  8. I take it according to these features mentioned on the Home Page. The financial situation of the club is bad, I always loan. SK: Agility, Kicking BPD: Aerial, Pace, Strength WB: Tackling DLP: Tackling AP: Dribbling IF: Teamwork, Creativity TM: Passing, Decisions, Teamwork, Pace P: Aerial, Dribbling
  9. Dude, how do you make the transfers in this tactic?