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  1. I'll stick to my knowledge base but very much appreciated my friend 👍
  2. I appreciate all the hard work you've put into this, excellent work. Most of it is beyond my capabilities so i think I'll leave it to people like yourself for fear of breaking the game or my phone through frustration 😂👍
  3. Thanks mate i appreciate it, i worked hard on that one. You're 100% right on the fast defenders and balls over the top. I created the tactic in 20-21 season to replicate man city with man city i appreciate you testing it and the alterations 👍
  4. Yeah it was a bit ropey at the start for me too until they got used the formation then it just ckicked after about 10 to 15 games. Im surprised at the lack of chances but again I assume it's because they are still getting used to the formation 👍
  5. Its not just having the players there its the roles you selected bbm is not a creative player as such. As for what brendan rogers is playing i dont know ive not watched enough of there games to comment. Make sure if you change the tactical roles you also change the corresponding players training schedule 👍
  6. It could also be a strained relationship, check the players with blue relationship page, the may not get on with another player and if thats the case you can have a conversation and try to fix it if not sell the one causing the rift
  7. Most likely too many leagues loaded for your phone to handle. Once you get into season 2 and beyond the save game stores more and more statistical data and this can cause lag because of a low end processor in your device. Or maybe you have multiple apps running at the same time or your near your phones storage capacity . Either way its probably an issue with your phones processing speed
  8. As far as i can tell you don't have enough creativity in midfield so maybe he's not getting the supply he needs. Change the bwm to A, then you can replace bbm with ap. I would also use at least 1 IWB to overload the midfield and don't use overlap as you dont want a lot of crossing because vardy is terrible in the air Try something like this.....
  9. Yes mate the lowest possession stats ive had are 52% but in general its around 58 to 65% possession
  10. Having their feet on opposite flanks definitely helps with them stepping inside and supporting the midfield. I tried using same footed/side and found they often dragged themselves wider. IWB's to try cancelo, Angelino, gomez from Liverpool is great here, kimmich, Alexander Arnold, keiran Tierney, jose gaya, mendes to name a few.
  11. 1. i didn't knock his tactic just a small part of it which is 100000% wrong 2. There is a proper use for every role otherwise there wouldn't be roles 3. I'm 38 and have played fm since it was champ manager so i think i may have a small idea of what im saying I gave constructive criticism of a tactic and explained my reasoning behind it and you say im Knocking a tactic. Its called feedback, i never once was derogatory, only shared some knowledge
  12. Ditto mate but worth trying, ive got ised to fmm not having ng player roles. For example using 2 wbs pushing 1 up makes him attacking while a wb in the fb position makes him supp
  13. I'm used to fm pc version, the trouble im having is there's no transition phase in fmm so while you're right they played slowly from the back, in the final 3rd it was very quick, also they were narrow in defence but wide in attack to create overload opportunities. Ive tried so many permutations of roles, systems and tactics and i can replicate either the attacking position phase or the press defence i can't yet find a way to incorporate both in fmm
  14. So ive been working on a few different formations recently to try and recreate the proper tiki taka that everyone wants. I'm still only about 70% there as loss of the ball completely destroys the formation and creates way to many counter opportunities. Anyone have thoughts? Roles formations ot tactical set ups. Any insights would be appreciated
  15. I'm going to test it tomorrow and see for myself then I'll post my results. In the mean time here is my tactic with proper use of IWB's And here is a link to a video i made about how IWB's work in game The proper use of inverted wing backs! https://youtu.be/vY7-15vQY5s