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  1. Can you share the statistics as well? Especially the statistic of big games.
  2. Can you share the results and statistics as well?
  3. you have to prove me that this tactic is effective for me to apply .
  4. I changed the width to normal, now my wing backs are much more effective. Especially fast ones . I recommend normal width .
  5. 21 shots on target 😳 fantastic . I'll try it asap .
  6. Can you share the statistics of the matches? because results are amazing .
  7. Works well when your playmakers have high creativity . Otherwise you have trouble scoring goals because of the slow tempo . For example it worked well with Man City but with Türkgücü ( Germany 3rd league team ) I couldn't be successful 😁
  8. To be honest, I was impressed by the way you introduced the tactic : very detailed and very painstaking. Then I decided to try the tactic with strong(Man. City) and weak (Türkgücü München)teams . Realized that the higher the creativity of playmakers makes tactic more effective. Good job
  9. I tried this tactic with an AP at the middle of midfield instead of CM today . Results were great . Also sometimes I worked ball into box and my two CF's scored a lot . Thanks for tactic
  10. you can try higher defensive line with offside trap + sweeper keeper .
  11. I'll try cucumber tactic one more time . thanks for your advice
  12. I look their attributes , I use suitable players . Looks like match motor hates me
  13. I'll try this tactic asap . thanks bro .