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  1. Season 3 A very short update, as Papu only needed 14 goals to complete the challenge, which he did in the first 14 games. Transfers Made just two big transfers in. Baro to play central midfielder along Szoboszlai and Chiesa to replace Hateboer. Sold a few players with biggest fee being Traore, who I have not used much in the first two season. Results Not much to say here, since I only played 14 games in all competitions. Was in first place in the Serie A, but it is still very close. On pace to reach 110 league goals is satisfying. Papu Despite declining attributes Papu were still on fire scoring 14 goals and providing 11 assists in 14 games. Final thoughts So that completes the challenge, which was very enjoyable. Never had such succes with the AM position before. Now I will consider doing some other short term challenges before FMM21. Thanks for reading.
  2. Awesome battle guys. Well done. Looking forward to see how this battle ends
  3. Season 2 So I have finished season 2 in this challenge. And it has been a bit up and down. Firstly our cup runs were horrible. But on the other hand our League results and Papus performance has been excellent. Transfers Here are my transfers in and out. As you see I like buying young players. Maybe not that clever in a short term career like this... Tactic Still playing 2-1-4-1-2, but changed mentality to overload, which resulted in more goals for and against (as supposed). Results Serie A: Champions. Finally Juves winning streak comes to an end Italian Super Cup: Won 4-1 over Juve with Papu scoring a hattrick Italian Cup: Knocked out in the first round by Lazio in a freak game (5-6) Champions League: Knocked out in 1st knockout phase by A. Madrid (7-10 on agg 👀) Papu Absolutely amazing season from Papu scoring 50 goals and adding 31 assists in 45 games. That treq roles is really something. This brings his goals total up to 87 in two season needing only 14 goals the complete the challenge. He only had one small injury (ten days), and his attributes declined a bit, but nothing serius. And oh, he made the World Best XI for the second straight year Final thoughts Amazing season and now Papus only need 14 goals to complete the challenge. Thanks for reading.
  4. Quick update As mentioned earlier I am now going for the Late Bloomer Challenge with Papu. I am now halfway through the second season and Papu is still on fire, scoring 23 goals in 25 games (and adding 17 assists). I have also extended his contract to 2024 which should be more than enough to reach 101 goals. Also I am frontrunner in Serie A. Could it be the year where Juve/Zebre gets beaten.
  5. Thank you. I did change the setup a few times doing the season, especially the midfield roles and shape instructions changed a lot. At the moment I’m using this with great results:
  6. Thanks. Have had a few saves with Atalanta. Always fun. Thanks. I will try to complete the Late Bloomer as well. Thank you. Thanks. First time I have used the treq role on FMM. Certainly not the last... Thanks.
  7. Hi all After having played FM (and CM before that) on pc/mac for many years, this year I decided to try FFM (due to lack of time). After playing a while I wanted to try a (short term) challenge, and I found this: The Player I have chosen one of my favourite players; Alejandro “Papu” Gomez. I have also chosen to play with Atalanta. Transfers This is easy as I am not allowed to buy any players due to challenge rules Tactic Switching between 3-4-1-2 and 2-1-4-1-2 depending on the opponent. Gomez playing as Treq all season. Results Serie A: Finished 2nd after Zebre. Scoring 94 goals. Italian cup: Won over Zebre in the final after extra time. Champions League: Knocked out in the Quarter final by Agüeroooo, who scored 4 goals in the return leg. Injuries Luckily Papu had no injuries all season. I did sub him off almost every game to avoid fatigue and injuries Papu Papu had a good season scoring 37 goals and 33 assists across all competitions. He also made the world best XI. He finished both as the teams top scorer and top assister, so no minus points. Points 37 goals and 33 assists with no minus points gives a total of 103 points. Final thoughts I am satisfied with the result, and it has been a fun challenge. Now I am considering to continue this save, and try the late bloomer challenge with Papu which will require 64 additional goals. Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome.