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  1. I'm playing Juventus on OME & have managed them into a losing streak... Can anyone recommend a OME tactic?
  2. Wow ver. 2019 is the hardest FMM yet And this is on OME. Is there a less challenging team/league than Juve?
  3. Apparently I can't win with even Juventus Can anyone advise what's wrong with this tactic?
  4. Well this is the mobile version, maybe the PC version is more suited for you? Or you can try taking a Conference side like Maidenhead United to Premier League & Champions League glory
  5. Some of us (ok, I think me alone) are still playing the older FMM games e.g. 2017. Is there any fmmvibe subforum where one can ask for help with tactics for older FMM games?
  6. Guess 2019 won't have Brazilian league added back, or Argentinian league Shame for those who wanna play either Superclásico team, or challenge for the World Club Cup as a non-European side 🙁
  7. I know, I know, everybody else is playing 2018ver. But I need a tactic to get out of my current losing streak So never mind winning, anyone has advice to improve my tactics/instructions so I can at least draw?
  8. IRL Chelsea signed Bilbao's 'keeper Kepa to a 7-years contract. Wonder if we'll be able to do that in FMM19?
  9. I dunno about late, BleedsBlue, there are still number of bugs; I'd rather wait for the patched version in January
  10. Monaco's challenge would be trying to keep Lemar, when uber-rich giant clubs come enticing with offers enough to buy Neymar's kidney & end up angering your wonderboy for not allowing him to move
  11. A silly habit/reason why I skip even years of FM (CM back in those days) Because the WC/Euro qualifying groups are already fixed instead of randomized (especially silly when in every year's version the Community Shield/UEFA Super Cup matches are fixed anyways) So are new features (team of the week, female managers etc) worth paying for another year's version, or are WC/Euro qualifying groups randomized in FMM18? Hopefully this one doesn't have too huge a difficulty spike though (the jump from fmh15 to fmm17 was substantially large)
  12. Tired this twice: Game #1: didn't include french league, Mbappe is not found in Monaco in the game Game #2: Loaded Dutch league in first & french in second, Mbappe is not found in Monaco in the game Is he in FMM17? What leagues must be loaded for him to appear, & minimum or maximum number of leagues?
  13. What went wrong with Issac, is he like Tottenham's Victor Janssen in this game: cannot score at a penalty that's with no goalkeeper?
  14. Is this in your 1st season? To properly gauge a tactics I suggest using it for 3 more seasons to see if season 4 is still as effective as your 1st season, or have AI-managed teams 'learned' & adapted to tear the tactics apart