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  1. Uhhh...yeah, another "I hate my manager's training schedule!" whiner, except this guy isn't a youngster Using: Well I tried reducing Fitness to & Defensive to medium, & switching Motivational training also to medium, Guess the only thing you can do about players unhappy with training regime is to sell them? I hope something is done about this in FMM18
  2. Chat Youngster attributes deteriorating

    Honest. Does personality affect training progress?
  3. Chat Youngster attributes deteriorating

    If that was the case he'd unhappily complain about it, but no unhappiness was voiced out by the player...and how do you determine what's wrong with the type of training? Besides, Tottenham has state of the art facilities & I have a gold badge coach specializing in defending
  4. I bought a 20 year old RB, put him thru IT: DEFENDING Fitness - Medium Tactics - Intensive Attacking - Light Goalkeeping - None Defensive - Intensive Motivational - Light But half a season in: attributes deteriorating, other than physical. How long does it take for IT to have impact? Also, I think SI said beginning with fmm2017, youngsters' attributes can decrease if constantly played in senior-level matches; is it true?
  5. How long does it take for young 20-year-olds for IT to have impact? Take this rightback: after half a season Other than physical, everything else is deteriorating? I remember SI said beginning with fmm2017, youngsters' attributes can decrease if constantly played in senior-level matches, is it true?
  6. Help Suggestions for a 1KC

    Preferably choose a team with at least Superb training facilities; you'll want IT to get the most out of your young candidate player (that is if he has the stamina for it)
  7. That's what I did after the final match of my season's fixture, & got the approval response. But will shifting all the transfer budget into wage budget equal no money to expand stadium capacity over the new season rollover?
  8. About the board confidence appraisal: regarding transfers, is it that the more players you buy, the happier the board gets? I realise that gets the bar longer & turning green than big-name signings. Side question: What gets stadium capacity expanded? I got the board approval, but when I put all the transfer budget into wage budget before new season rollover, it doesn't happen?
  9. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    I don't think it's just a case of Son's crossing as a winger, Or whether Hugo is a goalie or SK Batigoal: how frequent during a match do you check the opposing formation? Guess comprehending how passing focus work is still beyond me(wish there's a guide somewhere) Unless only world class teams/players can effectively implement this tactic for more than 1 season?
  10. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    Well my left & right wing/IF, Son & Lamela have Crossing of 14; I'm in January & Son so far made 8 assists in 24 matches in season 2; reason to splurge on something like Ocampos?
  11. Will you play with the EME on FMM18? Ever since Fmh2015 the EME is harder in that tactics are effective for only a season before AI teams "learn", adapt, & "figures out" the counter to render your earlier tactic almost completely ineffective; making you needing whole new tactical formations, roles & instructions every season, if not every other.
  12. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    Which passing focus do you recommend when mixed is no longer effective? Does centre passing focus on the 2 APs or the BBM/DLP?
  13. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    Guess like all other tactics on fmmvibe, this one also is effective for 1 season, then the AI adapts a counter that renders it ineffective the next season. How should I change the tactics/instructions?
  14. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    This gets fixed: Missing players just because you didn't load some leagues; Sule, Luperto, Domagoj Vida, MBAPPE...
  15. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    I think BatiGoal found the cheat to beat FMM2017? Using the same roles as my earlier post, I do think for fmm2018 the developers gonna mega-nerf Intensive training...though this is still in 1st season, so I'm keen to see if this tactic keeps up in season 2 & 3, or the AI somehow "learns" to counter it