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  1. I would have won again, had one of my best seasons for years
  2. @samhardy I have dropped out so you have won this one, I can't play the game every week for 11 weeks so best to leave early
  3. So far it is terrible, you have won this one
  4. The only time I like long shots on the EME is when Calhanoglu is taking them
  5. Hopefully more games like this when it counts
  6. @samhardy I won't submit so just holiday the season to get it over with I think I might have to use poacher/advanced forward to have a chance at winning this round
  7. It will only be for 1 round so more of a special guest appearance
  8. I will join if someone else does, can't have 1v1s with 7 people.
  9. Who was the DLF assisting, strike partner/INF/attacking mid? I know the EME works great with certain formations/instructions and is terrible with others but I can't be bothered to test everything
  10. Is this to me? Might want to read what I posted until you understand it.
  11. If you add in you can't use poacher/advanced forward I will join. I was waiting for the CC before showing people how bad at the game I am
  12. I've only played 4-5 games after the update with no strikers and an INF and he was still the player who had most shots/goals. SI need to improve strikers to be better at holding the ball up/linking up with midfielders and not taking shots from 25+ yards so often, if that happens it will improve the EME and INFs will be useful again in most formations.