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  1. iScout Calvin Stengs

    I could iscout Kluivert but he is too well known He doesn't look like he can defend but that doesn't matter on the EME because everyone shoots from 30 yards
  2. iScout Calvin Stengs

    I don't think I will do anymore from this save so you might be waiting a while Schuurs is at Ajax but hasn't developed on this save, will sign him when I start a new one
  3. Name: Calvin Stengs Age: 18 Club: AZ Alkmaar Position: Attacking midfielder Value: £6.25 million League Loaded: Eredivisie Attributes at the start of game: Attributes after 4 seasons: How he performed for me: 2017/18 - Played 36 - Scored 13 - Assists 22 What position/role did he play? Season 2020/21 he played AMR as an advanced playmaker, first 3 seasons played in midfield and attacking midfield in different roles. How much does he cost in first transfer window? He will cost £16m if you can't unsettle him and £8m - £12m if you can. Can he be retrained? I retrained him to play as a striker and he had very poor aptitude for MC/DMR/DL Negatives? His physical Attributes are capped at 15/14/14 and his favourite club is Man Utd. Potential? I think he's good enough to play for the top clubs but there are better youngsters on the game. Coach report at Liverpool was to exceed Salah's level of ability in the future. So will you be signing Calvin Stengs on this years game?
  4. Chat Game too easy?

    If people are struggling with the game it can't be easy.
  5. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    and that was the end of my one record for the year.
  6. Aren't wingers supposed to assist
  7. Keep things basic Normal tempo - balanced creative - closing down own half - don't pick any of the options in final third - anchor man at DMC and push wingbacks up to ML
  8. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    My points totals with AZ for 3 seasons is 83-84-85, I don't think I've spent 90mil very well
  9. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    I have had 9 clean sheets in 10 games playing on control.
  10. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    @samhardy instead of carrying on in the record thread, I am enjoying the game but only because I am ignoring the problems with the match engine.
  11. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    One more to break last year's record
  12. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    Least conceded 15
  13. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    He was good enough for AZ Alkmaar so I could see if what happens on the ME matches up with the description of the role, it does for anyone wandering
  14. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    Are you using Marc Muniesa too?