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  1. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    great formation Dec, i think you must make the final WC2014's winner so it will complete the World Cup Playbook i make the .doc format and i think i'll upload it at here so all the users at here can look the formation more easier .
  2. CSVISE888

    The Best Way to Play?!

    is there any players that perfectionist ? if there is a player like that how do you avoid become perfectionist ? (Example : you want to win all the games, if you lose on one games, you restart the FMH and play again with that teams but before the team lose.)
  3. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    do you watch brazil vs germany ? it's a sick match ahahahahahah. So, many goals in one match ....
  4. CSVISE888

    Over-sized Squad Help

    oh, so that's the problem. I had small squad at the beginning of the season. Thanks Lee-Roy
  5. CSVISE888

    Over-sized Squad Help

    but i think, i didn't buy many regens, just my youth academy made too many young talents that makes me confuse.
  6. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    yeah, France win 2-0 from Nigeria and Germany only 2-1 from Algeria. Nigeria and Algeria have good goalkeeper, haven't they ?
  7. CSVISE888

    Over-sized Squad Help

    oh, thx at all, but how about regens ? if the squad is too many regens ??
  8. CSVISE888

    Over-sized Squad Help

    @philosophers stoned : thx any tips again ?
  9. CSVISE888

    2014 Over-sized Squad Help

    hi there, i want to ask something... My A.C. Milan Squad has 4 goalkeeper, 16 defenders, 20 midfielders, and 7 strikers. 1. how many maximum squad that i must make ? 2. my squad is too many youngster, so is it a good decision that i loan the youngster ? thx before (now i'm at 19 aug 2017)
  10. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    Do you expect Colombia will win against Brazil ?
  11. CSVISE888

    FMH 14 Cheap Beasts!

    good cheap beast yeah ter stegen always like that
  12. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    i want to ask you something.. How can you make that formation pictures ?
  13. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    good formation Dec how about greece vs cote d' ivoire ?
  14. CSVISE888

    2014 World Cup Playbook

    hai there all !! I'm back . Dec, i think there are so many formation that use 3 defenders with 2 wing backs, aren't they ?