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  1. Turkey 0-2 Italy (1) Wales 1-1 Switzerland (4) Denmark 2-1 Finland (4) Belgium 3-1 Russia (5) England 2-0 Croatia (6) Austria 1-0 North Macedonia (7) Netherlands 2-1 Ukraine (8) Scotland 1-2 Czech Republic Poland 1-1 Slovakia Spain 3-0 Sweden Hungary 0-3 Portugal France 2-2 Germany
  2. Nice work! I'll try it as soon as I can. Could you tell what you needed to change to do this? I'm interested in creating a custom league myself, I guess you changed the clubs country and competition in clubs file and qualified clubs for cups on competition file. Am I missing anything? Also, how can I get the original database files (or those two)?
  3. Here's the translation to portuguese, absolutely the same as the above, but with competitions in portuguese changes.txt
  4. Here's the translation to english, it has all clubs unchanged and all competitions translated to english with some minor changes (replaced international competitions with a verseion I already had, changed the order of some competitions in the file and changed some competition names to have less than 50 characters for large names and 25 for small names, as any character after those limits is not shown) changes.txt
  5. I've done the translation for english and portuguese, but I noticed the maximum number of characters displayed on FMM is 25 and some of the names they have are longer, so I'll try to make them shorter and only then publish it, but it will take some extra time.
  6. You may want to follow the instructions from the previous year post: Real Names Fix 1.1.0
  7. Thanks, unfortunatelly competition names aren't changed in other languages. I've got all competition names in english and portuguese from the save file to translate it automatically and make sure all names are correct, but I don't have them in spanhish yet. I'll do that tomorrow and translate it to portuguese and english. If it's ok with you, i'll post them here
  8. Is this only for spanish? If not, which other languages are you publishing?
  9. I started playing FMM this year, can anyone post a list of all things you can do with changes.txt, or send a link to one?