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  1. That is nearly what I suggested in another Thread - and I have still success with mine, so I can imagine how good yours is. I will try to adapt a few thins from here. What I have different set regarding the formation: I changed the IFs to Wingers and it seem to work better... Also I set the AP one row back. And Instead of a DLP I use an AF, but cannot say, if my way is the better one. Tactics Setup is also similar in my club.
  2. Maybe, the name "Squad A" and "squad B" are not well selected. I mean, I have something like the "top 11", and furthermore I try to have a second team and change at "easy games" almost all people, and for important games, i pick the top 11, for all other games, it's something in between. But anyway, it's good to know, who is your best and who is not ๐Ÿ™‚ Is there a description (did not found it in the manual) about the logic and meaning of the arrows after a game regarding the experience, and at what time a player gets better attributes? I thought, when he reaches 100% of experience, he will level up in that area he as to learn in training, but it seems that they level also up without this "after-game-experience" - and not only the attribute they have to learn, but also sometimes a few attributes, but not what they should learn...
  3. Thanks @George Traistฤƒ and @Aaron Thornton !! I totally can follow both of you and it is SO helpful to have these "insights". I guess, new managers like me can learn a lot just by asking you to do a choice and to understand, why you would do it. Interesting, that both of you picked the same. Before, I would assumedly have picked 2 of 3 the same way (but not with such a good reason as described from you. In case of Singleton I was slightly on the other track, but in total I was not sure about all of these 6 players... Which Attributes do you mean with "defense attributes"? I would say, tackling, decision, positioning? also high balls, aggression and strength?w Would it be okay to ask you again for a few more choices? I mean, I tend to play with a "A-Squad" and "B-Squad", and just want to make sure that I put the guys into the right Squad. I need to choose one of two DM (central Defensive Midfielder). Here, I have two very good guys, and I cannot decide, who is the better one. Again, highlighted attributes are not the important ones, because shown role is not the right. I think with the motivation of your posts above, I should go for McWilliams? Ant further, I must pick two central defenders (they were ball playing defenders half year ago, but that failed often. A pure CD seem to work much better for me). Here, I would go for Turnbull and Goode. Would you agree? McKeown spent a half year at another team and developed pretty well. I could send him away again to develop. But he is now already pretty good. So, two for the "good team" and two for the B-Team for easy league games... What is your opinion here? Thanks again for your very helpful support!
  4. Did you also tried different setups regarding the mentality, wide/narrow play, last third and so on?
  5. Yeah, maybe it is easier to explain with certain examples. Sorry for picking german versions, but maybe you can still help. Let's pick one for a left wingback from the following two (please keep in mind, that the highlighted attributes are NOT automatically identical to what is required for a wingback: And not the same for the right side (wing back) - here it is easier I think: And maybe we can also pick together one CM, playing as an advanced playmaker (I know, that Pinto does not play CM at the moment, but I urge him to learn it): Please make your choice and explain, how you came to the result. To be honest I have 8 positions more where a hoice must be done, and for at least 5 of the 8 it is had for me to decide, so I want to understand how to do it.
  6. Hello community, I am pretty new in the game, but really like it. I have problems with finding out, how "good" players are. Of course, there are the ratings for different abilities, and some stars and so on. But some ratings are important, other's are not. For a certain role, 4-6 attributes are marked as "important", but other attributes might also be important. What I did is an excel sheet and calculated the average value of each player of the 4-6 attributes which are "important" for his role. Higher average = better player for the role. Sounds easy, but also wrong. E.g. have two left wing backs availible. One has a mean value of 11.0 at these 5 attributes. But, he is very bad in "tackling", which does not matter, because it is not needed for that role (?). The other one has a mean average value of 10.0, but also a 14 in tackling. Which one is the better choice? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So, I continued with calculating not only the 4-6 relevant attributes, but also a mean of all of his numbers. But then there are numbers taken into account, which are not really relevant (e.g. a shooting ability for a defender). Do you understand my problem? ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Thanks for your answers! At the moment I'm still trying to play around with tactics / strategic setups again (but still same formation as mentioned above). e.g,, I used to play without offside trap and have the defensive line set to "balanced", but now I'm also trying to have the defensive line high and play with offside trap. Also, an attacking mentality instead of "control" is tested again. Still, I'm very unsure with the tactic setup. It's hard to test its influence. E.g. I thought I could play a match multiple times (save game before) with different setups and compare the results to figure out, which works best. But beside the fact that the result would only be true for this certain opponent, I found out that even with the same setup and nothing changed, match results can differ a lot from each other. Therefore, it seem pretty hard to figure out, what works better, and what is a worse idea. Especially, I'm wondering now, if I should play narrow, wide, or normal? Fast, normal or slow? (fast seem to increase failures made by players). And, is creative freedom a good thing or not? I mean, not every guy on the playground has a good creativity rating.. I'm also very unsure, what the 6 options for the last third really do. And at the end, a goalkeeper playing a short pass from time to time to a forwarder from the other team let me decide, that I don't like short variants here, whereas long versions go maybe in 50% of the cases directly to the other team and seem to be more chaotic than the short ones - so I hate the long passes from the GK, too. Lot of uncertanity. Before I didn't find the perfect mix (maybe with your help, of which i am very glad about), I don't want to post a "not-perfect strategy". Let's see, how we can improve it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward for your suggestions!
  8. Hello, I started playing FMM20 several days ago. Now, I am playing my second year with Northampton (started in League Two, now in League One). I am wondering why in the tactic guides, there is no 4-1-1-2-2 recommended. I play that now for over a year with quite of success (and I have the right players for it now, I guess). A screenshot won't help, because it's in German... So here comes my formation: AF P W W AP DM WB CD CD WB Anyway, which strategy/tactic options would you choose? I took "Control" as mentality, wide game, normal tempo, normal freedom, balanced defensive line, overall pressing, normal tackling, no offside trap, No special tactics for the last 1/3rd, last 3 boxes with "variable". How do you think can I improve that ?? And why is this formation never recommended?