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  1. am i allowed to share how i managed to install facepacks, logopacks and kitpacks on ios without having to download packs meant for FM21. i am aware that fmmvibe stopped making packs like these available but i myself have been looking for a solution to this problem for a while now and now that ive found it i would like to share it with the community if it is allowed. thanks in advance
  2. ive also only recently started playing the game but from what ive seen most of the time its because your players suffer from burnout. sometimes, even if your players have 97,98,99 condition, they will have "slightly tired" listed under their personal and im not sure what the exact phrase is but something similar to "tired from being overplayed" will be listed under the training page on their player profile if i am not mistaken. ive noticed that when i play those players, they play noticeably much worse than usual which could explain your bad performances. hope this helped
  3. does anyone know what the difference between an assistant manager and a regular coach is?? i’ve never found out what an assistant manager does exactly and some of yall might not as well so if anyone else knows please enlighten us. thanks in advance
  4. not sure i will look into that but i know for a fact that expanding your stadium will benefit finances
  5. are they any different from games that arent? like do they affect the games in any way
  6. anyone know what these asterisks next to the days mean?? thx in advance
  7. hi guys, im aware that you can get rid of the “inconsistent player” trait for young players by mentoring them with a consistent player. but you can’t mentor a senior player so if anyone knows how to get rid of it please lmk thanks in advance.
  8. hi guys does anybody know what the symbols beside the club crest and name represent. there are a few others in different colours as well. thanks in advance
  9. does anyone know what those green arrows and blue exclamation marks on the top right corner of the players mean thanks in advance.
  10. Just got Metz from Ligue 2 so it is possible to get good affiliates I guess. Don't just judge a book by its cover though try looking at their facilities, I've got some affiliates with both excellent youth and training facilities good for sending young players to gain match experience.
  11. I know about the Aptitudes and Quality but do formations matter?? Also what coaches do you sign and is it better to have more prevention or rehabilitation physios.
  12. Can anyone suggest ways to help unsettled players settle in apart from bringing in their favourite people.