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  1. The two position I always try to get working are libero and trequartista. tqa works sometimes but libero is terrible in most systems. Sweeper or bpd are more akin to what should be happening but the libero is lost. Doesn’t sweep. Doesn’t break lines.
  2. only just saw this topic/challenge. What a great read
  3. Thats really offensive as a tactic. 5 + 1 players surging forward leave you open at the back. Maybe try using a counter mentality and changing the wingers to DW?
  4. start with a clean slate, then move the players around manually
  5. complete each of the games challenges. try out new foreign leagues like the ALeague etc, start unemployed, start a new MyClub
  6. not that i know of. Only variation is the different league start dates. Ie england starts earlier than Italy
  7. some kind of tiki taka type control tactic. No striker and inside FWs, inverted wingbacks. short passing, slow
  8. you need to talk to them and criticize their training. if that doesnt improve it, drop them to the reserves for a week
  9. Good luck. I've not yet tested it out on the new update. hope it still works
  10. i love that you brought Lukaku back hahahaha
  11. oh FFS.... i literally started a new save yesterday. jokes on them though. it was going terrible hahahaha