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  1. had some great success with this, and even better results by upping the tempo to normal. Also works having the DLP move up to an AP role if really chasing the game
  2. As you can see below, the early season took some adjustments as the players got to grips with the set up. Didnt help that i was tweaking things a bunch. Had one sticky patch in Sept where we struggled to score but defended well - this was when i was tweaking player roles. Eventually settled on CM in the centre over a BWM or DLP. For a tougher game, i'll drop the CM to a DM It was in Jan that i settled on the team's attacking instructions. Again, some bedding in, but overall the results are great
  3. ok... so was going to edit my original response, but thought it might be better to start a new one with some images etc. Some minor tweaks to the set up/instructions... as well as flipping the set up becuase of the players at my disposal. See below for the set up; So for team set up, mirror to your as my squad was a little different. Shape, I remember the Trap teams were always very solid defensively, almost like a catenaccio 2.0. - so for this reason i made the team narrow/compact and tight. Zona Mista requires some tactical discipline as the players are responsible for certain areas of the pitch. if the move out of area, another needs to take their place, hence the Disciplined approach. Given it is such a defensive set up, i chose attacking to get the team up the field moving Defence: again, given that its a defensive minded set up, I pushed the team higher, but too high leaked a zillion goals. Balanced it is I have them sitting back so that i can take advantage of any counters, and to draw those low block crap teams out of the gates a little. Cautious because when playing closer to our our goal, i didnt want to give up free kicks. Cant play offside trap when sitting deep, and it makes the libero a bit useless. Time wasting i personally despise, so i never use that. Attack: this was a little tougher to get right, but Im happy with it and the results now. Look for the overlap, because of the winger/wing back. I want them bombing up the flanks and creating 2v1s where possible. this is also why i chose to focus the passing in the centre to keep the wide players free to move up/down. had success with both shoot on sight and work into box, but given my squad, I had lots of players capable of smashing one in from outside the box. Also I wanted to punish mistakes, and not give the opposition time to regroup when we're on a breakaway. This is also why i chose Run with ball I draw a lot of fouls from opposing teams with this set up. Will post results under this
  4. this looks excellent and I'm going to test it out on one of my saves for sure. Very promising stats/results so far Looking at the set up, I would try: 1 - switching the passing to mixed, to give you more chance to exploit the 'overlap' 2 - i think a 'narrow/slow/disciplined' would keep you even more solid defensively, and boost some possession numbers How many cards/fouls are you committing? if high, you could try changing the Defence to deep/sit back/cautious
  5. thanks. glad you liked it Some interesting changes, and i agree with the reasoning behind. Glad its working out well for you
  6. Each year I try to re-create the Grande Inter set up to see if A it is possible and B if it can be effective in the modern game. This year, I think I may just have cracked the formula. A common misconception is that Herrera's team was straight up defensive, when it was actually quite attacking. The team was more about efficiency than defense ; In Helenio Herrera's version in the 1960s, four man-marking defenders were tightly assigned to the opposing attackers while an extra player, the sweeper, would pick up any loose ball that escaped the coverage of the defenders. The emphasis of this system in Italian football spawned the rise of many top Italian defenders who became known for their hard-tackling and ruthless defending. However, despite the defensive connotations, Herrera claimed shortly before his death that the system was more attacking than people remembered, saying 'the problem is that most of the people who copied me copied me wrongly. They forgot to include the attacking principles that my Catenaccio included. I had Picchi as a sweeper, yes, but I also had Facchetti, the first full back to score as many goals as a forward.' Indeed, although his Grande Inter side were known primarily for their defensive strength, they were equally renowned for their ability to score goals with few touches from fast, sudden counter-attacks, due to Herrera's innovative use of attacking, overlapping full-backs. Under Herrera, Inter enjoyed a highly successful spell, which saw them win three Serie A titles, two European Cups, and two Intercontinental Cups Some key features i wanted were: less possession than the opponent, but more shots overall - Want me players to get the ball up, and attacked with speed. no sideways rubbish. Another thing i wanted was to be hard to break down, so that if the other team was set up to defend and be boring, that they would have a chance to hit me on some nonsense counter. The needed to be under pressure from my team all the time, and to have any mistakes taken advantage of. the main player roles i wanted to mirror were the attacking fullbacks Tarcisio Burgnich and Giacinto Facchetti, Armando Picchi the sweeper, Suárez the playmaker, Jair the winger, Mario Corso the left midfielder, and Sandro Mazzola, who played on the inside-right. LWB for facchetti was an easy one Burgnich is tougher, but I went with a CB/BPD on the right side of central defence as the DFB option was hopeless and isolated in game Picchi is a central sweeper/libero Suarez i alternative between APM and DLP, depends on the players you have available Jair is a Defensive winger, no other real options there Mario Corso I struggled with. The player roles on the wings werent right. And i dont think he was a true inside forward. I alternated between a left sided AM and a left sided BBM Mazzola ideally would be a right sided Trequartista, but I didnt have the player for it, and Lukaku is a great CF playing on the right (see below) With the above in mind, I set about firstly trying to map out the starting positions, a little tricky given the rigidity of FMM, but eventually settled on an Asymmetric set up. I've tested it out a with a flip reverse to similar effectiveness (RDW drops to RWB, and LWB pushes up to LDW - and CF and AM switch sides). Also effective was change the strikers to a TM/AF set up - guess it depends on the forwards you have available. It was a real struggle to find the right fullbacks, and I'm still not completely satisfied with the return from any of my LWBs I also tested out a slightly different set up dropping the AM back a bit. Have included both here, they both work well, I can decide which is better
  7. shocked that you moved Lukaku on and Damborio.... and brought in that horrible Cuadrado.... and how on earth did you manage to sell so many to Milan lol glad you got the tactic working.
  8. this looks like a good one. I'll be sure to test it out
  9. i used something similar to great effect. Well done
  10. AF is scoring boatloads (30+) . CF has the same number but split about 40/60 between goals and assists
  11. works very well. I tweaked it a little to suit the players i had. CF and AF up top. BWM dropped back and into a DLP Control, Wide, Normal, Overlap, Work into Box Mixed pass and Short Gk
  12. longest and most upsetting penalty shootout>>>
  13. try one of these: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43940-fmm20-tactics-index/
  14. when you start, check the free agents. You can almost always sign a top quality player for a smaller team