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  1. topline

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    end of year award hog?
  2. could be scouts arent doing their job properly?
  3. topline

    DanishDynamite(EME) 3-4-1-2

    looks like fun. I'll test it out
  4. topline


    oh dead cells i have too. havent played it yet, but the reviews were good and it was on sale lol. I'll look into those other titles too. Thanks
  5. topline


    and @zaangie thanks I 'borrowed' my brothers copy of BOTW, and its mind blowing. Love that game and I've sunk a good 60 hours into already. Also playing SmashBros, Odyssey, Mariokart, crash bandicoot (because i love nostalgia), pokemom also picked up a heap of eshop deals like Guacamelee 1+2, Hollow knight, Into the breach, west of loathing. any reccomendations?
  6. topline


    got a Switch for christmas.... bloody love it. Great console
  7. BIG UPDATE... Found a much more consistent set up after a lot of changes and testing and alterations. Tested with Liverpool only so far, but more testers welcome and feedback always appreciated. Id recommend a speedy CB for this one
  8. could do yes... I'll play around with it and see if I can update or bring it back
  9. It was solid enough, but i found it became too predictable and the AI would set up as contain and defend... then score a lucky counter or corner (or 35 yard screamer) It works well for the first 1/2 seasons, but then peters out. I may return to it, but for now I'm using the 424 from Batigol
  10. topline

    Chelsea player help !

    you could always look them up on one of the PC fm websites
  11. Id play them as a 4321. GK WB--CB--CB--WB --CM--BBM--AP-- IF--------------IF --------AF-------
  12. topline

    "Emery-ball" with tweaks

    works in 2019... not sure why its in 2018 this is a solid set up. i've tested it out with my beloved Inter save as the 4231 was being stymied by the AI and its bus parking, Contain set ups... game after game after game. I played around with my whole roster over the course of about 10 games, throwing all kinds of player in out of position etc, lowest rating was a 6 for my DWs when i threw in a full back and a forward. Still won the game 2-1 well done
  13. topline

    Team morale always low

    i've found morale to be the biggest focus long term. Have to keep an eye on which players are happy as they will undoubtedly play better, but need to also include the others. the best thing ive found to keep morale high is to set your starting 11 and subs. then each game, praise anyone who scored 9+, and anyone with a 6 or lower drops out of the squad to be replaced with a sub. Subs replaced with players outside the matchday squad. If no one scored a 6 or lower, Pick the 2/3 highest morale players that scored a 7 and drop them to the bench, for the lowest morale bench players. so for example in a 5-2 win... if Icardi scores 3, and Perisic 2... praise them... drop Miranda and Dalbert because they scored 6 and 5. Replace them with DeVrij and Asamoah (from the bench) and then put any players not in the matchday squad onto the bench. hope that makes sense
  14. topline

    Best plug and play tactic?

    this one has been very very solid for me: