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  1. longest and most upsetting penalty shootout>>>
  2. try one of these: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43940-fmm20-tactics-index/
  3. when you start, check the free agents. You can almost always sign a top quality player for a smaller team
  4. hi All, Put together this flexible 433 shape that scores a boatload of goal but equally can grind out a scrappy 1-nil. the keys are the central midfielders, and the central striker. all 3 roles can be chopped and changed based on the opponent or how the game is progressing. snatching at chances? lots of attempts but not on target? Change one or both CMs to APM or APM/BBM combo. Striker not involved? Change to a DF or CF Inside Forwards not seeing the ball? Change the striker to a DF or TM If you're being FM-ed, the mentality can be upped or dropped back without affecting the overall set up. (ie push to attacking or back to Counter) Im testing tested with other teams now, hopefully it works for you
  5. Update, season complete and I was able to win the europa league. No major incomings except for a wonderkid keeper and a few young player loans (as backup) tightest defense in the league by a long long way. Chopped up the system a little with the two CMs. was BBM/BWM now AP/BBM
  6. i think it needs to be linked to your google play/game centre accoutn. could be wrong, im not 100%
  7. Hi all, This is a tactic i've cobbled together and tweaked a bunch. Trying to match up to Conte's tactics at Internazionale for the 19/20 season. Disclaimer; im only into january of season 1, but the results are promising so far. The benefits for me, is that the tactic can be very flexible based on your opponent or the match itself. It can easily push into a highly offensive set up or drop into a contain/backs against the wall to protect a lead or see our a tight match up. Key for me so far has been to adjust the two forwards to have 1 primary attacker and one more supporting striker, trying to match these the tow forwards available. so combos of Adf/CF or Pcr/DLF etc to defend or contain, drop the wingbacks and the DLP back, changing the DLP to a DM to attack, push the wingers up and change the DLP to an APM (push him up too if you want, but this can expose you a little to a counter. If you've the player available, change your central BPD into a Libero If the tactic works fo ryou, great - if you find ways to improve it or better it, id love to know Credit to tifotactics on youtube and Statman Dave for details and information PS - please ignore the loss to Atalanta in the coppa... that was an experiment with mostly reserves that failed spectacularly
  8. i've improved the teamwork and technique through mentoring
  9. Could someone explain this screen to me? my tactic has a high wide forward on the RHS, and a winger... but the screenshot looks like im focusing my attacks down the left?!? Or am I reading it backwards? the arrow head is confusing me
  10. topline


    free with a podcast???but how
  11. topline


    i've a question to for the masses.. Im keen to get back into Fifa, having not played it in any form since Fifa14 for Xbox360. I dont care at all about Ultimate team, nor online play. I only ever cared about career mode. Is Fifa20 a good game? (in know its a rehash of 19 blah blah blah, but I never played 19) I like the idea of playing with the current rosters Im hoping to pick up a copy for cheap on Black Friday or once the release hype allows for some pre-owned copies to start to appear. thoughts?
  12. topline


    never though id be much of a digital guy but i stumbled across Beatemups on youtube and his 10 eshop games series. Added them to a watchlist, and waited patiently for sales. needs to be at least 30% off before i'll take the plunge. Physical makes it more fun for me, im old hahaha
  13. topline


    @Ashez Lots but I've been picking up older titles on sale, so there is likely a lot that has already been covered, I've recently completed these; all great fun West of Loathing South Park, Stick of Truth, Golf Story, The Way, My Friend Pedro, Katana Zero, Steamworld dig, and heist lots of Tetris 99 Mario Maker 2 Ultimate alliance 3 (not finished yet)
  14. topline


    hey my dudes and dudettes, been away for a while playing anything and everything on my Switch. Love me an eShop sale Wanted to know if anyone has any experience with FM Touch on the switch? Better experience than on mobile? is it much different? I originally played the PC version but it came to a point where i needed to see other humans and daylight, so had to put that version of the game aside. I've enjoyed the plug and play nature of FMMobile since. Can anyone give me details or share experiences of FM Touch on switch?