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  1. some game examples from the season. You will concede chances, but these will mostly be from distance as below. If you find yourself in need of a goal, or behind, switcg the mentality from COUNTER to ATTACKING/OVERLOAD
  2. OK.... some updates and tweaks having revisited this set up. I think its a little closer to what I was trying to achieve in the first place. The set up has changed slightly now that I've calmed down and not been so eager to use the new tactical roles. I think this set up better reflects Herrera's sytem and where the players actually started. Pretty standard here. The wingers where the struggling points with the previous system but in this new set up, the LAM and the RW will be the main ones to supply crosses. you wont have the majority of the ball possession in this set up, but when you do have it, the ball gets forward asap and chances are created. Some stats to come below
  3. Sorry hadnt seen this message till now.. Generally speaking i stick to the highlighted stats in game for each role. Am working on an updated version of this tactic now added 0 minutes later Sorry hadnt seen this message till now.. I'll run a season and post the stats
  4. having some good resutls tweaking this one for fmm21 thus far. DW have dropped into one LWB deep and one RWB afvanced (assymetric) midfield combo of RP/DLP/BBM TQA CF (or whatever the preferred role of the striker is) have tweaked passing to direct experimenting with a BPD or a Libero in the centre. Not sure about the man marking, but will play with this too
  5. as i understand it, you need to play the same players, same position a whole bunch and they'll slowly learn it. or have one tutor the other if possible
  6. in real life? I think Sadio Mane is the best example of an Inverted Winger at this moment. Roaming Playmaker to my mind is a mix between a BBM and and an APM.
  7. delete the app, and then re-install
  8. some more details now that the season is complete