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  1. Hello guys, i'm sharing to you my 4-2-3-1 tactic. In Turkey team Antalyaspor which middle row team in Turkish Super League, i won 2 times Turkish Super League with this tactic in 2 years. Sometimes i use Look for overlap and work into box, sometimes i use only work into box. I change this some games. Some games, I had trouble scoring goals and switch the width Narrow to Balance. My stats : At the end of second season, I resigned and signed with Chelsea. (When I left the team the game was not in English language mode so I will translate this screenshot.) In 100 matches, We won 71 times, We defaeted 10 times and drawn 19 times. And scored 214 goal and conceded 89 goals. The tactic phisolopy is Pressing, and fast short passing games. Thank you for reading. (My English is bad, i'm sorry for this.)
  2. It's an interesting use. It is similar to the inverted fullback game, it would be nice to try the defense with a pile instead of forcing it.
  3. I use Wingbacks and Inside Forwards but my wingbacks Not going corridor in front ( i play control game) and AP's doesn't pass enough. And stats is not realistic. Because in real matches possession ball's have 500-700 pass as opposed to in the game 220 pass - 300 pass. I don't like tactic system last 2 years.
  4. My defenders very quick. Now I'm the least conceding team in league. But My attack not good now.
  5. I'm not scoring enough and coceding too many... My player ratings good but the team not playing in the style that i want them .
  6. Thank u bro. But my forwards isn't advanced or complete i have a poacher. I try
  7. I manage Besiktas in Turkey and Besiktas is big team in Turkey but i am struggling on tactics. I try a lot of tactics. My own system or Recommend tactics but anyone not working. What do you suggest ?
  8. I start FMM Journey in Argentina Independiente. First season I got three cups. After I've started Besiktas career. And i try a lot of tactic but I could not be successful. My friends are managing Besiktas but the couldn't be successful. Could there be a problem with the team ? ------ And secondly I say my players Look for Overlap. But my wingback Instead of my Inside Winger cut down. Thanks a lot.
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