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  1. I hope they introduce more league on Asean Continent and if possible Southeast Asia.
  2. So I was starting a save in Canadian League and I loaded Welsh, Ireland and Northern Ireland. When I was searching for free agents I notice some familiar names were there like Lavia, Scarlett, Hannibal and McAtee. I check their club transfer history but seems like there's no clue showing that they were released by the club. I also didn't use editor to release them. Any clue?
  3. hello, may I know what is the .skc files for? And why must we remove it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Try to look for employed scouts. Sometimes there are more of them already employed. Eric Abidal is one of unemployed youth scouts you can get in early game
  5. Thanks for the advice buddy. For sure I'll try to get some veteran striker to mentor him later on. And no, I only loan Delap but I'm planning to buy him since I've just gain promotion from championship.
  6. It's up to you If u accept the offer you will get a plenty of instant cash which is helpful if u want to strengthen your team. It's basically a sugar daddy option. If u don't accept that offer then u won't gain anything.
  7. Managers As per the title says, how did u guys handle this type of players? I am concerned that my youth striker have this traits and I'm afraid I can't remove it. Whenever he had a bad game I'll give him a formal warning when his performance rating is below 5 and he'll think he is one of the best performance in that match. The striker is Delap btw. It's strange because I when I first loan him he did not have that attribute.
  8. Since I updated my android version to 11 my phone can't open FMM 2020 Is it because the app isn't suitable or something went wrong?
  9. Might be too late to ask this but.. Player is transfer listed by request but not for sale. Is this a bug or normal?
  10. Yep its quite confusing but i hope it doesnt affect anything Thanks for the detailed explanation btw. added 0 minutes later Have you ever tried to coerce the player because I've tried it many times and ended up making it worse 😂😂 and thanks for the detailed explanation
  11. I have couple questions about player's traits. 1.Does having international experience really help players? 2.How do i erase the 'wants a new challenge' from my players because it often happens on my star players. 3.Does manager stats like youth policy, loyalty and domestic player bias affect anything like ranking in hall of fame?
  12. You can demote the disloyal player in reserves and wait about 3 days. Then promote him back to your first team. I'd found this method yesterday while managing my players when offers kicks in. So far it's working for me. Their loyalty go back to normal.
  13. Nice setup there mate Btw, u should change the prefix from chat to tactics so people can find them 👍 and if u want your tactics to be featured you can ask @FuddledFox to put it in tactics index 💪