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  1. I posted this on the SI forum but I’ve thankfully come across this place which seems a bit more vibrant so hoping for your views....agree or disagree. Great game, love it, and spent (too) many hours enjoying it. However, two areas for me that should be adjusted to improve the challenge in a way that players of all capabilities could hopefully get on board with as it would simply add to the realism. 1) CPU transfers - opposing clubs, particularly top clubs, are terrible at buying players. They either don’t spend their money or buy too many mediocre/poor players that add nothing to the squad and very quickly the quality of opposition falls as they don’t replace their top players as their squads age. I appreciate in real life transfers are very much hit and miss but for me there are far too many misses and a lack of top clubs maintains their first 11 standard never mind improving on it. 2) Adjusting wage budget - hugely unrealistic. I can be managing a ‘small team’ and if I manage to sell a couple of players for big money I can suddenly reduce my transfers budget, in turn increase wage budget hugely and start shopping in the football equivalent of Harrods in terms of wages. This just isn’t realistic, in real life smaller clubs sell for big money every so often but it doesn’t lead to a long term benefit of paying out big wages....certainly not to the same impact FM allows. I think when smaller clubs sell for big money a chunk of the fee should be taken to put towards running costs/infrastructure and the impact on wage budget when reducing transfer budget should be less dramatic.