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  1. Finland 1-3 Russia Turkey 1-2 Wales Italy 1-1 Switzerland Ukraine 3-0 North Macedonia Denmark 0-3 Belgium Netherlands 1-1 Austria Sweden 3-1 Slovakia Croatia 2-0 Czech Republic England 1-1 Scotland Hungary 0-2 France Portugal 1-0 Germany Spain 3-1 Poland 3
  2. Turkey 1-3 Italy (1) Wales 1-1 Switzerland (4) Denmark 3-0 Finland (4) Belgium 1-0 Russia (5) England 1-2 Croatia (5) Austria 2-0 North Macedonia (6) Netherlands 2-0 Ukraine (7) Scotland 1-0 Czech Republic (7) Poland 3-0 Slovakia (7) Spain 3-1 Sweden (7) Hungary 0-2 Portugal France 1-0 Germany
  3. Hello. I saw a little wrong. What the league is called in England, Spain, Champions league. But otherwise I think everything else works. But can you give me that page with the kit, face pictures and logos. I know it worked before. But I had to restart everything again. // Mattias
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I'm in my third season with this tactic. It has worked very well for me. Had appreciated a little more what you think. Put this in -- Documents ---> Sports Interactive ---> Football Manager 2021 Mobile ---> normal ---> tactics
  5. Great job !!! 42 goals Immobile !!! will be exciting to follow it more. But what did you think of the tactics?
  6. Do it can be interesting with a big club like Lazio. I have mostly ridden with smaller clubs.
  7. Hello. Funny you want to test it. Right now I run FC United have played them to league 1.
  8. Yes, you score a lot of goals But as long as you have a strong defense and a good goalkeeper, it works really well. Right now play Bolton. From league 2 to premium league.
  9. This month has not gone well at all. Now it feels very close to being kicked. I hope it can hold up until the end of next season. Martyn has won once again for player of the month. Clyne has joined us. We need a stronger player as right back.
  10. Little has happened in Derby. We play better football. But we let in a little too light balls so far. But this month has still gone pretty well for us. Louie came in second place in the youngest prize of the month. Demb'el'e from Celtic will join us when his contract expires. A strong guy who will do great good for us. A player that our fans will love for many years.
  11. It turned out to be a win. Then there were some extra points. But let's hope we get more profits this month. But we have sold some bad and old men. Then we get Gudetti in the future.