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  1. Made the changes above but I mainly started with Overload Mentality for all games and even the big games and the results got better I even see more goal contributions from my Inside Forwards. Here is how I'm doing mid season got knocked out of the UCL by two points but currently sitting comfortable at the top of the table
  2. Thanks for the reply will try that👆 and tell you how i progress
  3. Hi Guys This is my First Time posting here so bare with me, been an Fmm player since 2019 but was not playing much just taking a tactic from here and using them. So I decided to make my own tactic for the first time and used it at Lyon and managed to finish third but I got too many draws and didn't score much goals. So if anyone can help me improve this Tactic it will be much appreciated. Here it is, if you need more info you can tell me. Here is the League Table at the End of the season