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  1. Went and played a little bit more to gather some more information and found out that most of the goals I score come from the wide positons its either a wing back or inside forwards crossing in for the poacher to Finish. Still managed to lose to Atalanta, Napoli and Liverpool but also I beat Juventus. For the Juve Game I Man Marked their two strikers changed the AP role to CM and Two WB to FB also dropped the mentality to Control and managed to win the game, their two goals came from crosses. Applied the same tactics for Atalanta who also played the same formation 5-3-2 but lost also goal from a cross and two from Corners. Decided to stick to the original tactic for the Napoli game the 4-1-2-2-1 but changed Mentality to Balanced and conceded a goal from a Corner, also applied the same for the Liverpool game and conceded one a shot from outside the box. Both Liverpool and Napoli deployed a 4-2-3-1
  2. @DanEnglish I usually don't man mark any opposition player or change the mentality I only change it when I need a goal and go to the Overload. For the second question Yeah I do have an A and B system and rotate before a big game or Key games. Also I don't usually check the opposition formations and don't really follow the pattern of play ( Maybe thats something I need to learn) Plus most of my goals comes from the striker Vlahovic and the inside forwards score but not much also this season I think Vlahovic has like 5 penalty goals. That's the little information I have for now
  3. Hi, As the tittle states above I'm currently managing Fiorentina in my first season I managed to scrape the Scuddetto winning it by two points but I see I lost 6 games in the league most against big sides and a quarter final loss to Atalanta. Also in my current season i still can't seem to Hack it. Maybe its the quality of the team or my tactic, here below is my tactic if I can get any help or tips it will be greatly appreciated. Below will be the screenshots of my team and tactic if any more info is needed just tell me and i will provide it. Here are some results this season. As you can see the best I can do against the big sides is a draw.
  4. Total So Far - 45 Italy 1-0 England ITS COMING ROME !!! Round Total - 0 Tournament Total - 45
  5. Total So Far - 45 Italy 1-0 Spain (45) England 2-0 Denmark (45) Round Total - 0 Overall Total - 45
  6. Total So Far - 37 Switzerland 1-3 Spain (37) Belgium 1-1 Italy (37) Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark (43) Ukraine 0-2 England (45) Quarter-Final Total - 8 Overall Total - 45
  7. Total So Far - 35 Wales 1-2 Denmark (37) Italy 2-0 Austria (37) Netherlands 3-1 Czech Republic (37) Belgium 1-1 Portugal (37) Croatia 2-1 Spain (37) France 2-0 Switzerland (37) England 0-2 Germany (37) Sweden 2-1 Ukraine (37) Round Total - 2 Overall Total - 37
  8. Score After Round 2 - 23 Italy 2-0 Wales (24) Switzerland 2-1 Turkey (25) North Macedonia 0-3 Netherlands (28) Ukraine 1-1 Austria (28) Finland 1-3 Belgium (29) Russia 1-2 Denmark (30) Croatia 1-0 Scotland (31) Czech Republic 0-1 England (34) Slovakia 0-1 Spain (35) Sweden 0-1 Poland (35) Germany 2-0 Hungary (35) Portugal 1-2 France (35) Round 3 Total - 12 Overall Total - 35
  9. Round 1 Total - 11 Finland 1-2 Russia (12) Turkey 1-1 Wales (12) Italy 3-1 Switzerland (13) Ukraine 2-0 North Macedonia (14) Denmark 0-2 Belgium (15) Netherlands 2-1 Austria (16) Sweden 1-0 Slovakia (19) Croatia 2-1 Czech Republic (19) England 2-0 Scotland (19) Hungary 0-2 France (19) Portugal 1-2 Germany (20) Spain 1-1 Poland (23) Round 2 Total - 12 Overall Total - 23
  10. Turkey 1-2 Italy (1) Wales 1-1 Switzerland (4) Denmark 2-0 Finland (4) Belgium 3-1 Russia (5) England 1-1 Croatia (5) Austria 2-0 North Macedonia (6) Netherlands 2-0 Ukraine (7) Scotland 1-1 Czech Republic (7) Poland 2-1 Slovakia (7) Spain 2-0 Sweden (7) Hungary 0-3 Portugal (10) France 2-1 Germany (11) Round 1 Total - 11
  11. Made the changes above but I mainly started with Overload Mentality for all games and even the big games and the results got better I even see more goal contributions from my Inside Forwards. Here is how I'm doing mid season got knocked out of the UCL by two points but currently sitting comfortable at the top of the table
  12. Thanks for the reply will try that👆 and tell you how i progress
  13. Hi Guys This is my First Time posting here so bare with me, been an Fmm player since 2019 but was not playing much just taking a tactic from here and using them. So I decided to make my own tactic for the first time and used it at Lyon and managed to finish third but I got too many draws and didn't score much goals. So if anyone can help me improve this Tactic it will be much appreciated. Here it is, if you need more info you can tell me. Here is the League Table at the End of the season
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