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  1. Definitely not. My payment method location is the US but I have lived outside of the US for many years now. Anything that has to go through the play store still uses US as the location, no matter where I am.
  2. Location isn't really important, it's the location of your payment method I believe.
  3. hhooo

    Long time lurker

    Ha! We got it sorted out, it was one of the bots that got me for god knows what reason.
  4. Had this sitting around for a while, but I think 82 is the highest possession? And something more recent, crowned champions on January 31st, matchday 26. (38 game season)
  5. hhooo

    Long time lurker

    Hello everyone, I picked up fmm2020 in January of this year, during lockdown (I live in China currently, so that was earlier than other places). Played a fair bit of it, and made an account that was banned several hours after creation (no idea why). But i've been reading the forums and trying some of the ideas and tactics from here as inspiration since January, and I finally got around to making a new email address to start another account, and I'm thinking maybe a post here will help me avoid the ban this time. Currently managing Limavady United in Northern Ireland (managed to slog my way through 4 rounds of qualifying to the CL group stage in 2023, with a wage bill of 4.3k sterling per week). Some of my other fond saves have been with Forest Green Rovers, Chongqing Lifan, SpVgg Unterhaching, and Virtus Verona. Very excited for some of the extra tactical depth in the new game next week, hopefully throw-in instructions will be included. Anyway, have a lovely day everyone, and I'll see you around the forums.