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  1. Gotta know where to get the supplies. Ex - soviet and middle eastern strikers know how to put in a proper tackle.
  2. Just submitted. Think I did really well. Good fun finding the right team to play and building a unique squad with weird niche players. And the league we played in was like a museum of Prem and Ligue 1 football circa 2014. Tons of players I hadn't thought about in ages.
  3. These boys will have dementia by the time they're 40! Go easy Mike!
  4. To clarify, do all 7 people need to use the same team, or will it be one team per group?
  5. Tactics can probably get you into the championship before you get annhilated and fired!
  6. Daejeon used Hamburg, Blackburn, and Daejeon Citizen as his three teams
  7. I did the test save for about 6 months. Gave me a few ideas, but no plan survives contact with the enemy. I spent a very long time choosing the teams though, trying to balance quality and dynamics.
  8. Oooooh, get in! @geordiekrispygets the title of Captain Planet for the week. We weren't too confident with him going against Rich. Nice, close competition. Anyone's game now. Going into this challenge it was tough to know what would be a good score. Some interesting choices of clubs on display. And a great writeup. I loved scrolling down slowly to reveal the scores one by one, Foxy built some good tension (especially with my match last)! Quick count, 21 different clubs used, Hamburg the most popular with 10/14 playing them, and then Watford second with 6/14, and 15 clubs that were used only once.
  9. They got the teamwork right, at least!
  10. Mind if I grab a screenshot of my stats? Curious to see if I actually know how to shoot or if I took about 100 shots to score those 7 Looks like my partner to doing well too! Let's get that title!
  11. Erik Lamela-Peters Maltese Age 20 Position: CM Trained role: Box to box midfielder (dribbling focus) CA 2.5 PA 4
  12. Northern Ireland is where you'll want to be. No season is longer and more brutal. And my lord the players are bad. It's a wonderful time.
  13. Sounds perfectly sane to me
  14. Looks awesome. Love the transfer ban. Really helps the reduce the downtime. Do you want any screenshots from the test save by chance?