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  1. Many players have variable ability in the game, so in some careers/saves they will be brilliant, others they will be mediocre. Tanganga is one of them who can be amazing depending on the save, but sometimes is just alright.
  2. Same team I started with! Different other nations though. Some of your best players are in your reserves, so make sure to check in there! Kim-Gun Hee is a decent choice for hero, there's aren't many good Korean strikers at the start of the game.
  3. A fairly specific question that I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer to (definitely not something I'm planning on doing in TTR) If a player has agreed to join another club because they paid his release fee, when does the medical exam happen? When the contract is agreed, or when the window opens and the player is going to join the new club? In other words, if a player is injured when he is supposed to join the new club, will he fail the medical and stay?
  4. Grump is the spice of life! It's better than a release clause, anyway.
  5. Count me in, RB Leipzig bid for anything and anyone with above a 7.2 rating this year. They bought about 12 players from me while I was in Korea in CC, tried to buy my players while I was in Poland in the same save, and have continued to haunt me into TTR by bidding for everyone who is supposed to get miles for me.
  6. Oh, he's much better here than in my saves. In TTR he's 27 with 12/13 in everything except physicals/technique/movement.
  7. No wonder they made him more expensive! What a player he's turned into.
  8. What does Theo look like to make him worth 75m? Did he get a big upgrade in the winter update? In TTR I've grabbed him for both clubs so far for 10m total!
  9. You can also grab Bornauw from Koln, turns into a really good defender to replace Upa.
  10. I use light on players I am using for challenges that need to play as much as possible, but if they don't need to play all the time, train them on normal and rotate to keep them fresh. I only use intense training on guys who are moaning about leaving or not playing, because they shut up if they get injured.
  11. Sounds like a good bonus point to me, but that match won't get it for you. Here's a sneak preview Don't want to say too much for predictions' sake!
  12. I hope you're right because I picked him up on a free in the middle of '24 in my TTR save!
  13. Barrentxea is definitely a next level signing! He should be ready for prime time soon as well. You need to aim higher than Rodon at the back though, he's usually released on a free by 2024 in my saves.
  14. Losing my star striker to Arsenal 🤮 But at least they bid too late for the deal to go through this window, so he's gone in January. @Rich It turns out I do have a question about this boner - if we move clubs mid season, can we use the assists so far from our chosen player, and can we choose a new assister at the new club?
  15. I keep forgetting you're playing in Italy, Rich is still a hot prospect about to have his breakout year!