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  1. Work permits make this a bit more complicated after the first season, so France and Spain are a good bet to grab players from weaker national teams. Somewhere like Korea or Poland is also a good option. Or Belgium.
  2. Alright, I'll call that the tiebreaker. SMS will be our something blue! If anyone was inclined to comb through the TTR thread, they would find this guy knocking in 56 goals before the end of December, before he was stolen away from me by a buyout clause. Something New Full squad details will be up later to see everyone that needs 5 goals.
  3. I like to include an Asian nation as it opens up a lot of interesting players from places all across the middle east and Central Asia as well, but often the nations you choose are dictated by the specific goal of your save.
  4. Scarlett is looking thicc as hell! Do you try to play all 3 together, or rotate with two up top?
  5. Make them move the club backwards along the route, stadium and all. Completely funded by player sales.
  6. I have a few reveals, and a poll for the audience! Not too difficult to start: Something Old Something Borrowed Something Irish Something new/my new club legend are still up for guesses, and as far as something blue goes, we have a few options, and I'll defer the decision to you. Who would you like to see? All 3 have moved from Blue clubs this window, and are therefore eligible. I'll run the Wedding Challenge with whoever Vibe wants to see, with the others playing more supporting roles.
  7. Right on all accounts! I wanted to use Parrot, but he's only yellow in the AM role this year.
  8. After seeing @geordiekrispy fly too close to the sun with his double digit challenge combo, I've combed through the offerings this year, and put together a group of challenges that work together, and will allow me to use some new players I'm curious about, and circle back to a couple that I want to try again. Before all is revealed, I'll put up the challenges and let people have a few potshots at the cast. Challenge #1 - The Wedding Challenge Something old: use a player above the age of 32 (Cristiano Ronaldo) Something new: use a player under the age of 21 (Alessio Rosa) Something borrowed: use a player you get on a loan-deal. (Federico Chiesa) Something blue: get a player who plays for a club wearing blue (home kit) (Sergej Milinkovic-Savic) Challenge #2 - Creating a Club Legend Beat Alessandro Del Piero's scoring record of 290 goals for Juventus with another Italian, at a rate of more than .41 Gpg (Alessio Rosa) Challenge #3 - Fabled Number 10 Ireland - Jeff Hendrick France - (?) Italy - (?) Italy - (?) Argentina - (?) France - (?) Argentina - (?) Challenge #4 - Buffon's European Finale Win the Champion's league Beat 102 league points (optional) Buffon Appearances - Goals Conceded Challenge #5 - Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge Score 5+ goals with each of your 20 outfield players So the club is a given, since two of these challenges require me to use Juventus - but the rest I'm going to leave up to you guys to guess. Several of the wedding players are already at Juve, and should be fairly straightforward. Create a club legend may be more difficult, but it is someone I have used before. As for the Irish #10, just toss names out, there are less than 5 Irish attacking midfielders who aren't utter wank. I wanted to include the Ronald Koeman challenge, but I am still absolutely clueless as to how to make a Libero actually do something to help the attack during open play. Just finding a CB who is good at pens and free kicks is nowhere near as interesting. As we progress into the challenge, I will likely add shorter challenges into the mix after some the current ones have been wrapped up. The suggestions box is open!
  9. You're definitely going to want to pm the prediction so other players don't see them and try to screw your results
  10. Inspired by @broodje kip's article on the front page, welcome to the short and sweet Mercurial Challenge. It has absolutely nothing to do with Freddie Mercury (He didn't even really care for football), but I needed a photo and couldn't think of anything better. Mercury is used as a name in many different contexts, but here we are going to focus on Mercury (The Roman God of Financial Gain (among other things), and Mercury (The closest planet to the Sun). The challenge consists of 3 steps: Purchase (no swap deals!) a player who is scouted to be a 'Mercurial Talent'. Play them for one season in your team. Sell them. Scoring will be based on two numbers: The profit you make on the player - sale price minus purchase price. He is the God of financial gain, after all. You may sell at the end of the season, or during January if you think he's already peaked. The player's total goals and assists during his best Mercury calendar year (88 days). You can choose September 9th to December 6th, January 31st to April 29th, etc. It must be 88 consecutive days, and only matches played during those 88 days will be counted. No need to choose ahead of time, just check at the end of the season. Other Rules: Normal Vibe Challenge rules apply (No Cheating, Editor, Restarting, etc.) You must bring in a new player. You may not use someone who is already at the club. For consistency's sake, your player may not be part of a swap deal. He must be purchased outright. Transfer listed or buyout clause are fine. Any Club, Any League, Any Badge, Any Reputation Screenshots needed: Scout/Coach report including the Mercurial Talent description Player stats page for each match in the selected 88 days, showing goals and assists Transfer history showing the player's purchase and sale price That's it!
  11. Did your Liberos do anything to help the attack? Or did they just play like normal CBs
  12. It essentially asks the players to take on their man and dribble more, or for defenders, to hold onto the ball and take their time to pick a pass. They will still play through balls, but only when it's really on, rather than trying to force it.
  13. Working on putting together a multi-challenge for myself, and I really want to try to figure out how to use a libero as an attacking tool. I cannot, for the life of me, find out how to get a libero to break the defensive line and actually move forward with the ball or get close enough to have a shot. I've tried every mentality, 1, 2, and 3 central defenders, up to and including 3 libretos together, but they just play like BPDs. Has anyone figured out how to get a libero to contribute to the attack? My only other guess now is maybe I need someone with high aggression and creativity, but horrible decisions so he makes the 'mistake' of running to support the attack.
  14. Great choice of team! Excited to see who turns out better between Scarlett and Mouk