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  1. We need a tactically inept cabbage head challenge asap
  2. Your tactics will affect this. If you play a system where you dominate possesion, or your opponent sits back and doesn't leave space in behind, opportunities to use high pace will be limited.
  3. I agree that Newcastle made Spurs look better than they were. We are shite at passing through a press, but Newcastle didn't even try. Ndombele and Skipp played really well with the space they were afforded and made us look comfortable in posession for the first time this season.
  4. We see Wales, the only countries that could be below them Alphabetically would be Yemen, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Which would be cool, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. No, I would totally give up on English football if Spurs were bought by Bezos, the Waltons, or some despicable billionaire despot. I've been researching Joe Lewis more as a result of this, and he's got some not technically legal vacation zone for the IDF set up in Patagonia that is fairly weird, but he also doesn't use his money to help Spurs spend beyond their means (or in any other way). Framing this as though the Saudi royal family 'cares about' Newcastle is really strange as well. They care about their own reputation and revenue streams once oil money starts to dry up, as they are well aware that tourism is likely what they will need to rely on in the future. Newcastle is being used a vehicle to improve that reputation over the coming decades. I get it that Mike Ashley is a fat sack of shit who needed to go, and I know many are celebrating on this basis. But you really couldn't have chosen a more evil replacement (and I know 99.9% of Geordie's wouldn't have chosen them had they the choice). Also, if you're going to choose an owner, it would have to be the Norwegian Wealth Fund, worth 1.4 trillion and significantly less moral baggage.
  6. This takeover is just another move in a long line of incidents making me fall out of love with the game. Abramovich must love this, he's plummeting down the list of most evil football owners. Are city and chelsea not raked over the coals for their awful owners when people in England talk about the clubs? That strikes me as odd given how often it comes up in other countries and on larger international discussions. But yes, eventually normal people won't have the energy to object to them every time, and that's why sportswashing works.
  7. I do, but Newcastle are playing much better than Spurs now, and the numbers back that up. Spurs are 19th or 20th for shots/chances/etc both offensively and defensively. We got 3 lucky wins but in terms of performances, we are 100% the worst team in the league.
  8. We have the worst attack and the worst defense in the league. That isn't someone who needs to adapt. That's someone who needs to find a different line of work. Ryan Mason was better than Nuno.
  9. Anyone have some fun suggestions for next manager at Spurs? I have a feeling that missing out on Ten Haag or Potter this summer will haunt us for years to come. Best I think we can hope for now would be Schevchenko. Hopefully Nuno doesn't make it past the international break. I would've sacked him at half time.
  10. You mind passing me your tactics, @Rob? I want to send them over to Nuno and see if he can't figure out how to use the midfield to move the ball forwards
  11. Better AI would be lovely, as would individual instructions
  12. Would love to see Japan, Chile/Uruguay, and maybe Swiss or Austrian leagues added this year. A few obvious bug fixes that Geordie mentioned, but match engine tweaks (especially keeper distribution) will be my number 1 hope in any FM edition.
  13. I liked the comic where Joker beat Robin to death with a crowbar. I think the only other comic book I've read was some guy whose superpower was being so fat that bullets didn't hurt him and he sat on Spiderman. Stopping time is op cheese mode. I would choose mind reading as you could use it to manipulate yourself into much better positions in life without giving away your ability and becoming a government experiment.
  14. Told you this would be easy going! I've had Lloris be advised to retire as well, but that was after a skull fracture that kept him out for almost a year. A groin niggle seems a bit OTT to retire from.
  15. Selling Hugo hurts. And buying from Chelsea would be off the cards personally. I've only used Grealish in my Kane/Son Badge early this year, he was a rotation winger that did fine, nothing special from what I remember. That was a system where I didn't want him to do much, though. Lamptey I've tried before but he's injured too often for my liking, and I find Aerial actually quite good for fullbacks, and his is about as bad as it gets. Spinazzola looks great but I haven't used him due to his price as opposed to guys like Hateboer or the other 3 dozen solid wingbacks Atalanta has
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