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  1. @George Traistă - Definitely winning the league, but I don't think he'll get the highest scoring draw. His defense will unfortunately be too good. @Chris - Less than 100 miles, but will make it to europe via league placement. @geordiekrispy - best defense in the league @Albionic - Will win the treble. @Kanegan - Will take highest scoring draw @JamesVilla - Will cave and move in January to Espanyol.
  2. Dear God I got best defense? Is everyone else playing with zero CBs?
  3. Anyone still working here? I just realized I have most assists in a season as well, with 66. 🙃
  4. I love Mvogo, he fits everything I want in a keeper, maybe he got nerfed in the winter update? You're also using almost exact same formation I played in my save, different player roles. Hendrix was my holding CM behind the AM, and he was excellent. I also retrained Sangaré as a target man of we needed to pump the ball into the box late in the game. Great first season. The most interesting part of this challenge is which job offers you get when you move to England.
  5. It won't help individual players more, you'll just get boosts in those areas for more different players.
  6. This is the same guy I used! I also brought Kim Tae Hwan and Lee Dong Il with him on the trip.
  7. Van Ginkel is a brilliant signing for a Korean team. I really like him in game. Good luck this season!
  8. For my own coaching style, I usually choose motivational. It helps keep morale good even after bad results, and helps keep players happy. Aerial is a physical stat, and as such can be improved by fitness coaches, although stamina strength pace are more likely. Technique is an attacking stat in game. For choosing a captain, leadership is only a small part of the equation. You will want to check the team hierarchy by going to team report>dynamics>hierarchy and you will want to choose someone who is at least influential in the team. Also check popularity under First team>view>happiness After making sure people won't be too upset with your captain choice, you'll want to choose the best personality you can. Go to the player profile, move left once, and you'll see a bunch of green, yellow, or red arrows to indicate their personality.
  9. You can ship the player out on a player exchange if that will help with your finances. If he goes out on p/ex no one will bat an eyelid.
  10. Here's a suggestion of the same distance as everyone else's
  11. I agree if rich wants to start at Atalanta and give me 25 miles I'll gladly make a route for him
  12. Is the first time I'm trying it, the board could still cancel it (with good reason, 5m for a guy worth 475k is not great business).
  13. Don't forget to arrange to have your old club buy a bad player or two from your new club for inflated prices! Money laundering is just good strategy in FMM.
  14. Only use dfb or ncb of the players have truly disastrous technical skills. Otherwise CB and fb or IWB will be much better.
  15. Alright, I've chosen my 3 milers for Heidenheim. There was one prime aged striker already at the club that I was thinking about, but these guys will hopefully be better in a slower paced season in Germany (Also they hate my assistant manager from Grenoble because they think he released them! Shhhh... )
  16. That first season is rough, but after a single summer the miles will fly by
  17. Alright boys, who's ready for a big move to another disaster of a club? You might be thinking, I've never heard of that club, where is it? I was doing the same because it was the only job listed as insecure in the job center. Turns out, if you wriggle around the borders of Switzerland, it's 408 miles from Grenoble. I have zoomed in a bit in places to prove that we are not trespassing into forbidden territory! I had 398 miles at the time it was insecure, declared interest, and went balls to the wall until I got those last 10. Took me 4 games, which was a little nervy, but we did it (actually ended up with 409, including the bonus). Big shout out to Amiens FC for conceding 5 in the last game before the international break! I prepared myself a little 'care package' due to arrive in January, and applied for the position. This team is dead last in the 2nd Bundesliga, so I'm hoping my crowd of released youth prospects from Grenoble can save us. By the way, is there going to be a 'Big Sam' award for the most clubs saved from relegation?
  18. Gun to my head, this is looking like an 11-6er.
  19. It's known fact that 99% of the time nothing happens between the 45th and 70th minutes, which means you need to guess how many goals you can squeeze into the last 20. I'll say 5-7 to Everton. Either that or 11-6 to Liverpool.
  20. Looks like you'll have a similar situation to me where Atilgan will lag behind in the top flight. My 3rd miler is just a sub now rotating in a front 2 because he's just much worse than the others.