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  1. Did you sell someone after the previous season (in terms of fixtures) ended but before the new season started? Not 100% sure but I think that was the reason it was wrong for me before.
  2. Nah, just put all of my transfer budget into my wage budget to offer a bumper new contract.
  3. This isn't a result of the glitch, since they said they signed the players in their third season.
  4. Yeah I second this. He has always been available for free in all of the saves I've played, even though he's with Athletic in real life (according to Transfermarkt).
  5. @Stam thought you might like to know that Rabbi Matondo is listed as both a right winger and a CAM. Not sure if this is deliberate, but seeing as I can't see anyone else listed twice, I thought it might be a mistake. Once again though, great work - been using this list a fair bit on my latest save!
  6. Yeah that could well be the case - I was just speculating so have no idea if I'm right.
  7. To be fair you deserved to score 7! 😉 But I honestly don't remember a result like that happening for as long as I've followed football!
  8. It's a bit premature to declare this FMM 'the worst' due to the result from a single match... If this keeps happening, perhaps you could suggest it's unrealistic but one-off freak results happen (as @broodje kip and @Jsavfc have pointed out; also, results like Villa 7-2 Liverpool).
  9. Enhanced and Original Match Engine (you can select it in settings if your phone/tablet is powerful enough).
  10. I don't know if this is the case, but it would make sense for players on the 'stay back if needed' option to be positioned depending on team mentality (if attacking/overload they go forward; otherwise they stay back).
  11. I've had quite a bit of free time recently so have been completely hooked - don't remember liking a previous FMM as much as this one! What do you think?
  12. That is quite realistic tbh... you are managing Spurs! 😂
  13. Hmm that's strange, as it's happened to me twice already. It fixed itself after I sold a player but looked like it was gonna be stuck otherwise.
  14. Fair enough - I had this problem in my first FMM21 save too but thought it was just a one-off. I'll try and avoid reducing it to zero in future though - thanks for the heads up.
  15. Any chance they’re all from near post corner deliveries? This was the case in FMM20 too! 😂