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  1. They certainly look the part Rob, looking forward to seeing how big they can go! Any other highlights (or low) from your other recruits?
  2. Hi folks, I'm back again and still determined to finish off this career challenge before the next season cones out! I had intended to keep transfers to a modest amount to see how the tactic worked with a default squad but this summer people kept coming in for my squad players and the ones who were whinging so what was I to do?! Of course these are all regens now but couple of notes. Kalezic comes in as a new striker, potentially a Dzeko regen. Hutchinson was moaner in chief and Pacheco was a snip at £17.25M. Neuer came in as a backup wing back and literally within days: Hmmm, nothing dodgy in his characteristics and who wouldn't want to play for Town but this did mean that I needed to talk down half the squad! Youth intake was healthy again but given how this is going, I might not use any of them! Gotts does have 2* ability already though. Anyway, we got robbed in the traditional curtain raiser and generally had a very steady start to the season. Maybe bedding in the new additions? I wasn't best pleased with this one and read the riot act as we were starting to fall behind Wolves. Champions League form was good though and we cruised through the group. And at the halfway stage, had got back to our rightful position. January came and I couldn't resist signing a new centre back, lots of potential, bargain at £87M... then I realised he had 9 for pace. Perfect for a high line right?! Bit like Arsenal's current transfer strategy!! I randomly stumbled across an old favourite who had fallen on hard times after legging the John Smiths for the bright lights of the capital. We added another Carabao Cup to the collection in due course and on to the business end of the season. We got better as the season went on and were in the running for a few trophies. Well and truly FMM'ed in the FA Cup! Europe was a happier campaign though. This was a nice one. We made it on to the final and despite making it hard work for ourselves, we added a 1st CL title to this career! The league is the only real aim though and we pulled away strongly through the 2nd half of the season to finish comfortably 1st and make it 2 in a row and set things up for a chance at finishing this next season. Perhaps boringly, the defence was the highlight of this year with a fairly low for me 27 conceded. A few player profiles for you. Kalezic was the big money striker and had a decent first season. Justin Kluivert is one of my last originals and is starting to decline but performed well for me between injuries! Pacheco outshone Smith-Rowe over the course of the year and I also had him on set pieces boosting his involvement. Thanks for taking a look!
  3. I'll go with a healthy step in the right direction... 79!
  4. Keep plugging away Rich, I'll back you to come good! Maybe another sweepstake on Devine's total might help add a bit of spice?!
  5. Spectacular! It makes it sound a bit X Factor but what a journey you've been on together (it really needs a montage!)
  6. I reckon it would be cool to go back to some of the games before widespread TV footage... a couple of ones that sounded worth a watch were Hungary-England at Wembley in the late 50s and Real Madrid-Eintracht Frankfurt at Hampden around the same time.
  7. Yeah, I have found the same issue (and had it for a while). You're not the only one mate!
  8. Unreal Dai, absolutely smashed it! Well done and especially after the Moriba mishap. Could this be a strikerless 2k?!
  9. Those are massive assist numbers! Can't help wondering what Mr Bite would make of this challenge though...
  10. 'Only' 76! Great work Rich, I'm sure he will be back with a vengeance next term... did you get any word about how he was training? Worth a word in his ear about pulling his socks up?!
  11. Another very serious return there Ian! Especially now those stats are sliding. Top work, your system really does the business.
  12. Cheers @Rich! I'm back with another season update. This is my first full season and largely with the squad I inherited and I'm thinking a good test of the tactic I have. I've stopped tweaking it now and I'm considering posting if anyone is interested? The season started strongly and we put down a marker against global superpower Huddersfield Town, not really giving them a sniff and giving me hopes of an early first title with the Gunners. The new man Asensio starting to pay back the transfer fee! I'd not really signed too many players but did reintegrate a few of those loaned out last year. Emile Smith Rowe is a player I like in real life and he came back from Celtic and made a positive impact. He later picked up an injury and missed a couple of months but this was his start. He really seems to thrive as a roaming playmaker with good teamwork contributing to the assists perhaps? At the half way point, we're sitting very pretty and should be nailed on to see if through. I did screenshot this as I thought it was amusing. The Town fans not happy with only 3rd in the league! They did go on to win the Champions League though so I guess they would have satisfied there. Back to us, no transfer business in January. I had plenty of players fancying new challenges and had previously requested transfers. Seemingly the prospect of winning a league title was not enough for them, oh well it will be their loss! We kicked on in the league, departed the League and FA Cups in un-noteworthy style (no screenshots) but made a good fist of things in the Euro Cup II. I thought this one was going to be an even bigger score but perhaps we tired. We made the final and light work of Eintracht Frankfurt. Chicken dinners all round! The bread and butter (another food reference, I must be hungry) is of course the league and we saw it through with I think my best points return of this career. One down, two to go! A few player profiles here, this is the keeper I signed from Huddersfield who established himself as number 1 this year. Smith Rowe doesn't look so special but seemed to click. And this was my record (and impulse) signing who turned out decent. A few players made the World XI too. Ideho was barely a first choice! Thanks for taking a look, all comments are very welcome.
  13. Anyone had anything strange like this mysterious ban... after my 2nd game of the season I got this (Preston being the 1st game): He didn't get sent off in the Preston game, someone else did who also got a ban. I checked that it wasn't a spurious news item and he does indeed have a ban but no red card on his record: Match report: Not a massive deal, just odd and never happened before.
  14. The ref was definitely bought on this one, a record(?) 4 disallowed goals and a dodgy penalty to boot.