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  1. Great stuff Mr Tree, your right back must be the best in the game or near to it at 20... still uncapped too!
  2. Hi folks, not sure if anyone has seen this before as I haven't been following this thread but here is my weird one. I seem to be able to decide whether someone else's player goes on loan! I'm neither Villa or Sturm Graz! I think he must be on my shortlist but I haven't had him permanently or on loan and neither are affiliates either.
  3. End of season 3 update... I always tend to find the 2nd half of this season a struggle as the fixtures pile up after the World Cup. I don't go for an A and B team approach but maybe I should! In the January window, I ended up losing my Uruguayan striker Facundo Torres, he had developed well and was starting to deliver but despite keeping him well fed with contracts, he always wanted a release clause so off he went for £44M. I also let Mbenza go for £16.5M and was thinking that I could bring in some next level quality to the squad... The two that I wanted were Kenneh and Koita but neither would speak to me! Anyway, I had some decent back ups (learning from previous experience) and it gave Keane Lewis-Potter a starting berth. He's starting to look decent but I have just spotted his release clause now 😬. Anyway, on to the games. After our stellar run, results became a bit more patchy, not seeing games out and conceding lots of late goals. I probably should have done something with mentality or time wasting but I was too stubborn to! I managed to reach two semi-finals but despite a decent showing couldn't get through. The FA Cup felt like a bit of a robbery with their 2 late equalisers. So, to the league. A bit of a stumble home but Championship to Champions League in 3 seasons ain't too bad I think? (Let's try not to get sacked next season, eh Stu!) Liverpool managed an invincible league season but I think they were lucky against us. This one was 4 games from the end, I told you I kept conceding late goals! So, I should have a healthy transfer budget now as I'm also letting McCrorie (the outfield one) go for £46M and hopefully with European football on offer I can get some of the world's elite to join us. Thanks for taking a look folks, all comments and feedback welcome.
  4. As a Yorkshireman, I'm loving the miserly wages too! How long can you keep them so low for?!
  5. After Town's magnificent showing the other night, I thought I'd better return to this save and restore some footballing pride to this corner of West Yorkshire... fortunately things are looking slightly upwards. We even out Guardiola'd Peps reigining champions at the Etihad! How did we get here then? Well, not by doing anything spectacularly differently to be honest (and of course its early days in the season so far). Transfer business was mostly to bolster an ageing defence and grab an extra attacker. I could do with another midfielder but didn't have the budget for anyone worth getting. No shiny youngsters this time, I do need to upgrade the facilities though so I'll keep plugging that with the board when I can. This was moderately amusing as this is the target job if/once I get the three in a row here... I bet if I get the titles it will take ages for the job to come up! Anyway, back to it and thanks again for taking a look.
  6. Great work Ross, loved the concept and you made it work really well. Looking forward to the next one
  7. This one was a real eye opener, massive numbers over such a long period. Well done again!
  8. Superb career Ian, well done. Its been a good one to follow.
  9. Good luck Mr Tree, I like the sound of this - its certainly different!
  10. I signed Ben Chisene on my Middlesbrough save but he doesn't look like that! 😲
  11. I really like this, its bonkers! I think it will need patience and a bit of luck along the way
  12. Right, we're back with season 2. On promotion to the PL, I've had mixed experiences with title challenges and relegation battles on other saves. What will it be this time? I tried to do sensible business with the limited budget I had. Pipa went in January and in came Urgohide and Bailey with the proceeds. I needed numbers for a squad to meet the challenges over the season. Interestingly (or not), I only realised that the goalie I signed was the twin of the defender I signed last year when I saw they were both R McCrorie on my tactics screen! A few shiny academy graduates here, hopefully I will keep my job long enough to use them this time! On to the season itself, it was a bit hit and miss for much of it to be honest. Is acclimatisation a thing on FMM? We had some horrible results: But also managed a cup run, which is a novelty for Town fans. Leading up to the final, we had another bad one which had me questioning the setup. And we went on a bad run, including the final itself, with some worrying sounds from the board. This looks clear of relegation to me! I decided to strip my tactic back - the original worked really well when it worked but then fell flat at times so I changed a few instructions. Managed to pick up 4 injuries to first teamers ahead of the next game and I feared the worst but this result stopped the rot. We did seem to have stagnated though as we stumbled home with loads of draws. Thinking time now as I consider how to approach next season. Reinforcements are definitely needed but I'm not sure whether to revert to the original tactic, stick with the more basic version or go for something different. Some decent seasons from the squad but not much standing out in goals or ratings. Koroma at inside forward was probably the pick of the bunch. Thanks for taking a look! All encouragement, sarcasm or advice welcomed 😁
  13. Top work Rich, on top of the goals that defence is not too shabby.