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  1. I'm just getting around to having a play with IWs in the AM line, I have tended to use IFs but one of my tactics hasn't been doing what I want... just curious on what everyone's take is on footedness and which side you play the IW on? I used to play the IF so they could cut in and shoot on their preferred foot Henry style! I have another tactic that I like with WMs on the M line, as others have said they can work really well.
  2. I have a similar tactic that works reasonably... I would suggest overloading mentality.
  3. Sounds like I should give them a try! Maybe my next tactic project...
  4. For me its the all the DM roles apart from the RP, I've never mastered their use and even with the RP I'm not sure why it works whereas the DLP doesn't (for me). I really like the idea of the Libero but also haven't got it to work. Interesting to hear about the IW too... I haven't used it and I don't see it used much on the tactics posted here. I think some of the roles work well in pairs... which might explain why roles like RP work well for some of us but not others. In one of my setups, he sees a lot of the ball and then with subtle changes he is almost entirely cut out if the game.
  5. Sorry... for a moment there I thought your screenshot said 122 goals for and 6 against! I think my goalies usually pass to the opposition striker more than 6 times a year!!
  6. Great work Mr Fox, every day is a school day!
  7. Good luck @Mr Tree, I like the twist. I think Shels should hold up long enough for you to transform UCD. Big year ahead!
  8. Fair play for sharing such a successful tactic, cheers!
  9. Not digging anyone out because I don't watch enough matches but are there parallels this season at Liverpool with Klopp's last at Dortmund? A bit of a cycle of building and achieving before the need for a recharge/rebuild. It will be good to watch and see if Klopp can be ruthless enough in the style of (dare I mention when talking about Liverpool) Ferguson? A big year for him I think to see if he is a great manager or just a brilliant one?!
  10. This is still a belter of a career and about 3 or 4 times the most I've got of a player, for scoring or assisting, never mind both! Fingers crossed you get another contract out of him
  11. Yeah, I've had this a few times. Once when one of the players was new and not playing well... there I stuck at it and as results were still decent, individual performances improved over time and it went away. My take is look at why they are not playing well. If its tactical then obviously change that. If you think it isn't then you might consider riding it out.
  12. 'Na'then lad' as we Yorkshire types would say in return! Welcome back
  13. Hi folks, back again with an end of season update. I left things at the start of the window, not expecting to do much business. I featured Norton-Cuffy in my last update and promptly sold him! Liverpool came in and he wanted to move so I didn't stand in his way. This meant a few more comings and goings with signing of a few prospects. Annoyingly, some of my targets were at rivals and they just wouldn't let them go. I did end up over my wage budget so here's hoping results held up! I was expecting to put up a good fight for all of the trophies on offer but the FA Cup draw was a tough one and a bit of a poor showing... with Miller taking Origi's place as our tormentor. Back in the league, things were still looking good. City were top but we made (sort of) light work of them in our head to head. We cruised through the League Cup rounds and faced another final, this time against Championship Derby County with the expected outcome and 2nd consecutive win. This year was the first time we managed to reach the knock out stages of the Champions League. First, we disposed on Zebrentus then we faced PSG. This was a bit closer as they had a bit of an all star squad but we came though strongly. The semis were against Chelsea and the first leg went to plan, albeit conceding an away goal. I shouldn't be bothered about that right? FFS! I think my rotation policy failed there but a bit of a no show on the day from the players. This of course left the league which is the bread and butter of this challenge and here things were a little more plain sailing. Hopefully this bodes well to making it 3 in a row next year! I featured some of the players at the mid-point. I thought I'd share this guy, he was a signing a few years ago and I was unimpressed with his goal return at first... this year an injury free season and he did pretty well, to the point that last years hero Mendes barely played. Daley continued to improve so I'll show him again! Then this guy was a youth product that kept my new £54M wonderkid (plus old favourites Koroma and Lewis-Potter) out of the team. So a decent season and we're in position to make it 3 in a row so lets see if we can do it next time. Thanks for watching!
  14. Well done Fox, you made it look easy though I know it wasn't!