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  1. Ok cheers..yea star system is very weird this year..
  2. This must come down to who I am and not a champs league/prem title contender yet..maybe??
  3. 3.5 star.. professional reputation..just had owe you one but couldn't upgrade anything..Leeds are in the prem and have 3 star and professional rep but have state of the art/top facilities
  4. So move both files..mind you I don't use unlockables anyway.
  5. Yesterday I had a goal given to me after var gave me a penalty..the goal was scored making it 4 0..but there was only 3 goals registered on the scorers section
  6. yea with kettering still, will check reputation next time im on, i was in euro cup last season and this, so figure it should be pretty high, well im not planning to leave anytime soon (unless i see stamford get promoted to the lowest league) so should hopefully get it top facilities, fingers crossed
  7. very happy, very healthy bank balance, i guess just keep trying
  8. I've been in the prem two seasons and not been able to upgrade the youth/training facility..do the club need a certain reputation to advance further..I think I have 3.5 star reputation.. Both superb and reputation national
  9. which files do i need to transfer (cloud save please sigames) and do the unlockables get stored in the save game file
  10. Why can't you they use them with different names..like gurmany and jarpan
  11. First premiership season finished..pleased with the final standing.. Couple of my players still here and developing well..prefer to develop the youngsters than spend money for now And a brucey bonus : -
  12. Cheers chap..yea I like to scout all the new 15 year olds that come through..sometimes there's something special..have attribute masking on so send scouts out alot..reading scout feedback in the mail is my new hobby lol..mind you it seems to big down the tablet..weird I didn't think anyone was interested in this so stoped with the updates..I'll just post the end of season standing from now on though
  13. Into the big time..mainly did the journey with freebies