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  1. let the bugfest begin lol.. but im still undecided about getting it, ill wait for the feedback
  2. Yea.. Swapping coaches willy nilly is abit rubbish..
  3. Yep more coach slots would would be good
  4. Cool thanks.. Yea loaning out pretty much all players has a big part in building up stats.. To big to be honest.. Even though I have top facilities if I loan a youth out to a league 1 or 2 team there stats get a nice increase instantly.. Well anyway the new versions out tomorrow so nothing can be done now.. Look forward to the feedback from new release
  5. Maybe.. Just weird how everyone else in my squad improves alot (I like to have young squad) but the gks don't.. Weird
  6. I bought him as my number 1 and always played him.. His stats haven't moved or the rest of the gks
  7. I mean they never get better.. Top facilities top staff etc.. Gk coach or not don't help.. I bought a great 19 yo.. 2 seasons no improvement to any stat.. No green arrows.. Nothing what gives.. If I sell him I bet he will improve.. Frustrating
  8. I know this doesn't matter now but hey ho.. So I was competing with Liverpool for a player.. He chose them and immediately transfered there.. It was the middle of march.. I hope the next release sorts the bugs out.. I'll wait for reviews before getting
  9. I will wait for the reviews from you guys before making a decision to buy it..
  10. new screenshots look the same as 19 😕
  11. If man utd signed him I'd believe it.. They love wasting money
  12. Well been playing alot lately.. So my bugs are:- Repetitive news feed.. Same News article will be shown x2.. Not always.. Ome.. I just prefer it as quicker.. Less info.. And runs on the old hudl 2 decent.. Watching the highlights back is stupid.. The players do so much random things.. I know Ome probs don't get any love now but still.. Either roll back to a working Ome or just ditch it.. I still see players coming to me and drastically drop stats.. Which is OK.. Change of club.. Getting used to things etc.. But sometimes they never get back to being as good as they were at previous club.. That's with the best facilities and coaches.. Loaning out players can be impossible.. It seems if they've had a chance in your first others don't come knocking.. Even if they are the best youngsters around After signing someone a couple of days later its says they have signed a new contract Thanks..
  13. I just goto transfer market.. Sort by age and scout the more expensive youth
  14. I find my players get loan offers but me offering them out doesn't help most the time.. Harsh saying it does jack but I have amazing players for lower leagues but no interest