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  1. To be fair there's bugs in every years release
  2. There description is wonderkids anyway but looking at stats suggest otherwise..
  3. Is it me or are there alot of wonderkids in the future years of this game
  4. do the reserves always play 442??i tried changing assistant which likes another formation but didnt change
  5. i just got it after finishing my 13th season with the same team
  6. How long do coaches take to 'kick in'..no players are listed on their page even though they have been here months
  7. Just won premiership, FA Cup and CL in same season, unsure what to do now, enjoy my millions and redo the squad, or goto a lower club again and start the process again, its be fun to this point,, **this topic can now be deleted**
  8. you either have to pay for it or wait to get the international job, once you've won a major tournament with any country you can select any country to manage at the start..
  9. Another great season..well sort of..only one thing won.. Also this happened..not sure on the greenwood comment..
  10. very true, although i get the players asap 16/17, you can tell by the age of 20 usually if you'll keep them or not As they say rome wasnt built in a day
  11. Coaches should get contracts, you can get rid of them willy nilly
  12. It amazes me that people start with Liverpool..psg etc then say the games too easy..I mean it's just boring starting with a top team
  13. Here are 2 of my best players..I got them young and have developed amazing...
  14. I usually not bother with a GK coach..but then my GKs hardly improve..usually go for 2 attacking(me as one)..1 defence..1 fitness and last being either motivation or youth..should I have a swap round?