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  1. When I'm playing fmm I always play offline to help battery..every so often a silver picture/badge flashes up..it appears so I can't read it..anyone else had this?
  2. is it normal for a low club with a capacity of 2.5k to get auto upgraded, its now 8k but never received any news telling me about the upgrades, i know we have gone up 2 leagues so that is probs why but still would think id get told..
  3. They really should just concentrate on releasing a bug free version lol
  4. Anybody get it when you offer a player to clubs and straight away the player says his upset that I rejected a offer..what offer lol
  5. Season 2 Club information:- Best 3 players for me:- The finish to the season:- Also:- Season 2 over..I think another rebuild job with freebies is due.. league 2 might not be as easy but enjoying the save!
  6. End of season one..I won't include transfers..there's a lot I started the season really rubbish..so a team rebuild followed consisting of free transfers Club information: - Team Setup: - (just built the tactic to go with my players) Best players for me at the end of the season: - Finally the finish to the season: - That's it season one over..a rocky start then building a new team and working out good tactics..thanks for looking
  7. I can't workout how to do them..do I need to upload any images to my profile..the only thing I can see when trying to insert a pic is old stuff from 19 version..
  8. Ive not posted a career before, well not for a few years anyway..is posting screenshots from the end of the season acceptable. I wont be including ingoing/outgoing transfers as there is alot and tbh there all young freebies that no knows anyway.. so im thinking post, league table, team setup,league top goalscorers/assists, and overview of club, is this enough, thankyou and apologies for being a noob
  9. Sweet will look at giving it a try when I manage to get a pacey striker..for the moment the 41212 is doing well
  10. Well signed a whole new squad of freebies and now performing well..should be ok to stay up this season anyway..just blown the wage budget apart..oops
  11. ok i found all the free players and signed alot, out with the 0.5 stars in with the 4/5 stars..i just need to get a good tactic going, ill work with the streghs of my players now instead of trying to follow a tactic, looks like it will be a 41212 narrow.. man i suck at this game..haha
  12. i looked at the freebies/loans and there was no one there, maybe i did the filter wrong, ill boot up soon and keep plodding along
  13. I have just started my new save..and I'm determined to do this with the EME..i always used OME on previous versions.. Took charge of Kettering in the lowest English league and I'm getting messed up..7 games in and no points..I'm relying on promoted youths and already here younger players..any help will be muchly appreciated..I want to get a base down for a long save with Kettering but i can't see it happening atm..cheers guys
  14. On Sale @ 3.99(uk)..gotta be worth that Heres a question, are larger tablet screens naturally supported or do they use the stretch feature, i tried 19 again and no stretch is tiny, stretch fills the screen but doesnt look as good as the tablet res can output
  15. cool, what packages would you recommend and i cant see kits anywhere 😕
  16. can you add logos and kits, im sure i added them all on last years version
  17. got a £3 off voucher, worth buying for £5.99? also whats the max resolution the game is made for oh and also are facepacks still a thing??
  18. I remember in 19 when i managed posh, i loaned in a stupid amount of players and my match day squad was over the 5 loanees allowed rule, is this still the case for 20, i never understood why they couldnt put that rule into action..
  19. If it comes on sale soon ill grab it, fingers crossed
  20. Still..can't they bring a version out that isn't a buggy mess lol..maybe a beta release first to sort that stuff out..ok..maybe I'll avoid it all together
  21. Hi guys..it's been a while..didn't take the plunge with the new release..but if I see a sale on I might be tempted..I mean any major bugs should be squashed now?..I wasn't going to bother..but the youth team addition does look good