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Everything posted by daniel1130

  1. This is like the 20th time you've asked this and the question about tactical style lol, corner instructions do almost nothing and tactical style is just a preset.
  2. if u want more chances u should choose shoot on sight instead of work into box, but work into box gets u more quality chances over quantity
  3. After experimenting with attack-minded tactics for a while, this is the one I've found the most success with in goalscoring. It is sort of weak defensively, but you should usually outscore your opponent. I haven't played too many games with the tactic, but it seems very promising already.
  4. The tactic works better sometimes if you choose shoot on sight instead of work into box or switch from attacking to overload.
  5. I just send everyone forward except for either the right back or left back.
  6. I used gegenpress but I don't think it matters as it is just a preset.
  7. This tactic has me at 1st in the league with only one loss, unbeaten in the Champions League and getting about 3-4 goals a game.