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  1. Hello! Yes, but will be included in the next update. The whole Mexican leagues will be updated, liga MX (1st div), ascenso MX (2nd Div) and liga premier (3th div). Cheers.
  2. Hello! The file was created to play in Spanish language, if you select another one, the file will work maybe... 60% You can translate the file to your language using a txt editor, because it's a little bit difficult to find this kind of file updated in any language. We're preparing another update, maybe in the next month will be released. Sites for logos, kits and photos: FM site, Slovakia, panoz and Sortitoutsi. PS: Read the lasts comments, will be easier to find the files. Regards.
  3. Yes all the files are the same for Android and iOS, but I can't help you with the installation, because I don't own any iOS device. You must install using iTunes, but I don't know how. Regards
  4. Maybe you don't installed correctly, you must copy in both directions and then delete the .skc file. added 0 minutes later Sorry, we cannot share links or files, you must search in other sites, regards.
  5. Hello! You must select Spanish language to change the competitions names, if you select another language, only the club names will change. I think another user posted here the English and Portuguese versions, but I don't know if they are updated. Regards.
  6. Hello! The site's rules forbids us to share that kind of files, you must search in other sites. Regards.
  7. My inbox is disabled. I've mentioned this before: if you download a logo pack for pc, you must delete everything except the club, competitions and nation's files then install. In FMsite exists logo packs for FM mobile (lite versions) but are not updated. Exists three kinds of kits: standard (like the ones displayed by the game), ss and fc'12. All the packs, faces, logos and kits are compatible for every version of the game. At least I don't have any trouble installing any kind of graphics pack for mobile version, no matter if the pack is for pc, touch or mobile version. And I don't know why you can't download man, a few days ago, another user installed the graphics for his game with the same info I'm sharing with you. Regards.
  8. Hello! For the short names (The names displayed during the match) you can write six characters, that's why "MIAMI" or "GALAXY", like "ROMA" or "LAZIO" I've copied some data from other FM files, so, I'll edit names like: "TIMBER", "PHI U", "ROWDIE" "SEATTLE" (7 characters), "VWFC", "CF MON" as soon as possible using your propositions (thank you for that). In the official website is displayed like "NYRB" but in Twitter is "RBNY"... I'm working with guys from other sites searching data like this to keep improving the file, if you can contribute more USA leagues data, will be appreciated. Regards.
  9. Sorry man we cannot share that kind of info. And the best you can do is download the file directly from the site. I don't remember what you ask me for, but I've mentioned some sites in the description. In those sites you can find logos, kits and face packs. Regards
  10. Yes man, just read the last part of the description and the lasts comments and you'll find everything. Regards
  11. You must read again the file description. This file ONLY CHANGES TEAMS NAMES, I don't wrote anything about logos, kits etc... For those packs, you must search and download in other sites. Greetings.
  12. Hello. Try to follow this steps: l. Download the ZIP file ll. Extract the ZIP file in the next two routes: Route #1: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal. Route #2: Android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal/Caches. lll. Delete the .skc file in the caches folder. Then, start the game, reload skin and that should be all man. I'm a little busy, but I'll try to make a video.
  13. Hello man, I can't share that kind of files, because the site's rules are very heavy with the copyright. But in the description and in the last comments, you'll find what you're looking for. Regards.
  14. Cool! The game with the whole graphics installed it's even better. Regards.