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  1. Hello! SKC means SideKick Card File. The file is a database. When you remove it, the game will create a new one with the new data...
  2. Hello! This file changes only club and competitions names, nothing else.
  3. Hello! Android/Data/com.sega.score/files/installed/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/Normal/caches. Find this folder, and then delete the .skc file, that should fix it.
  4. I don't think so, at least I don't know how. Cheers added 0 minutes later Yes, it works just fine for iPhone.
  5. Hello! You must copy the file in both directions and then delete the .skc file. Reload the skin and that should be all.
  6. It's just info. The complete version displays this info, in mobile version you can't see it. Regards.
  7. It's not the language, serie a it's the only Italian league with the whole club names edited, just a few of serie b and c, like Monza and Palermo were edited, because those teams changed their name recently. But, those leagues will be included soon. Greetings.
  8. Hello! Purchase the internal editor, it's the only way I know. Regards.
  9. If you want to download the "changes" file, just push "Download this file" the download should start without problems, then you must install, but I can't help you with that, because I don't own an iOS device, the only thing I know: you must install through iTunes. Cheers
  10. Sorry men... I really don't understand you. In this site, nobody can share: logos, kits or player's photos. My files in this sites: This file just changes clubs, competitions and persons names, the other one it's just info. if you mean those kinds of files (Logos, kits o photos) you must search in other sites, the sites mentioned in the file description are full of them.
  11. I can't post those files in this site, you must search for them in other sites. In the description the sites are mentioned, even in the lasts comments. Regards
  12. Hi! Can you be more specific? What file are you looking for?
  13. The face pack and the kits packs, can be installed directly. But, the logo packs for PC, contains useless files for mobile version. You must download the logo pack and then delete everything, except the clubs, nations and competitions files. Sometimes includes 2 folders with the same logos, the difference is the resolution (and obviously space occupied), you must choose one, and delete the other one. Regards