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  1. Thanks man, I am on a Motorola phone and FM doesn't need an update so I will definitely post something on their forums. Thanks for the help.
  2. Yeah I have tried that before. It does make the game go full screen however the writing is blurred and it is annoying that it is not clear.
  3. Hey everyone, My screen size has not been right since my phone had the Android 11 update. Football manager has seem to have shrunk and there is a button in the bottom left corner that is for the team, inbox, etc... (the things that would usually be on the left side). Please let me know if you have the same problem and hopefully SI look at this. If you know how to fix this please tell me. Thanks
  4. I don't know if you can view the clubs, competitions or players ID in the mobile version. If you can please tell me
  5. Hey Does it work in a current game save?
  6. Yeah can you share the file to me too
  7. Hey @USS HECTOR How did you get the official badges of the clubs and competitions?