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  1. Brilliant. Time to be King of Parking the Bus 😎😆
  2. I haven't uploaded my Dortmund run cause i went into depression last night after Zagreb Destroyed Spurs 😭🤦🏼‍♂️. But once I'm in the mood. I'll upload my Dortmund stats and then do this. I don't know how to score plenty of goals 😆. But keeping clean sheets?? Oh yeah boy 😎🤪.
  3. Pls add me to the leaderboard thanks. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/46257-kickback-badge-04-05-attempt/?tab=comments#comment-440291
  4. I agree bro. I'm so excited. This game is so fun. I can't believe i wasted years playing stupid Fifa Mobile and DLS games 😂😂😂. I guess Covid did me a favor 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Ok. My sixth Man is going to be: The French Mid Wiz 😎. I'll be honest, i didn't want to reshuffle my team so i bought the one of the best Wonderkid in the game lol. Alright my Transfers: Not much Bought back-ups that's all. My 2nd Season Tactics: Gonna be very aggressive with full on atk. Pressure is must haha Alright that's it. So i wanted to finish the Transfer window before i posted this. So I did Which means i had to play some games. And I'm telling you!!! I broke the game 😂😆. Seriously, opponents hardly register a shot. They're so overwhelmed by my atk being up their face 😂. Here's the prove. Bloody bonkers 🤯 I beat Bayern 8-0 in the SuperCup 😏👀. Crazy. They registered only two shots 🤣 And then in the UEFA Super cup, i beat em 6-0 😂. Yes, Bayern won the EUROPA League. I didn't know that 🤣. This is how my game looks half the time 😂. I hardly see myself being attacked. I hope i dont get any big Injuries. I already got two, 😅. Bellingham De la Vega Let's hope McNeil and Haaland don't get Injured. Cause if they dont. I think I'll smash that Leaderboard, 😂. Watch out @FrAn4eSc0 @Scratch I hope I did not jinx this cause the last time i said this, i had my player's getting injured for long periods 🤣😂. Why am i so Optimistic? Well, These two are Doing a Kane and Son i tell yah 😅🤭. Ok. Bye for now. See you at the end of season. Hopefully no Injuries 😅.
  6. Haha yes ik man. Tbh McNeil played much better than the stats show. I'm excited to see how he does in an Attacking set-up. 😆. And only 8 goals conceded? That's cause I played very defensive. Cause i wanted to give my young players time to develop while also winning games. 😂. That came at the cost of scoring lots of goals. 😬. Won most games 1 or 2 nil.
  7. I will update my second season transfers and plans and who'll be my 6th Man 😎🤘. I'll also be playing a much more attacking style of Football and not be too dependant on Pens and set pieces to score. After all, I atleast want to be near @Rich and @Ian in the leaderboards 😆😂.
  8. Hi Guys, First of all, sorry i took so long to update. The thing is i had a lot of Assignments and projects so i got caught up in that. Anyway I'm back 💪. So 1st Season Over. 😂😬. It was so good! Ok not so good but great performance wise. Not great as Individuals seasons. Let's get on with it. I sold many of the B team players and i bought Wirtz, Danny Rose and Lyons-Foster for backup in the January transfer window. Alright that's all the business i had. Injuries: I was very very VERY fortunate here. I didn't have any Major Injury. All were short term. In fact, looking at my screenshots, Moukoko was out the longest, For 2 weeks. LEAGUE: As You can see, i went Unbeaten!!! But I'll be honest, it's because i was very rigid and defensive. Not because the team was extra-ordinary. You'll know what i mean when you see the Player Stats. I also won the German cup but this was way too easy cause Hertha was the toughest opponent i faced 🤷🏼‍♂️. Idk what happened to the other top teams.teams. Player Performances: Bellingham was a disappointment but I think thats on me playin a bit of a defensive setup. Plus i mostly played him as a Central Midfielder. As for Reyna, he's good but he's too inconsistent. He'll score 3 or four in a game only to disappear for next 2-3 games. Prove of that is the media asking me such questions: Only for him to go on and Win Player of the Month 😂. Sancho, he's alright. But he's not pulling any strings too much. Haaland, now this guy, WOW. Even in such a defensive setup, he scores left right and centre. And the General of Dortmund?? Well, he's a baller. I did not give him any set pieces. Still he managed this: This is all in a defensive set-up mind you. So yeah that's the stats. Oh yes, the champions league. 😏😆. Idk where to start. Lemme narrate the journey for you 😂. It was a easy group. Atalanta was terrible idk why 🤷🏼‍♂️. Oh and Zenit made it to the semi-finals. 😂. I lost the First Leg but was confident i could win at home. And i did Very comfortably 🤭. Then i met Chelsea. I was nervous I'll be honest. Because i had my home game first. I won the Match phew. But thing's got nervy in the second leg. But i did pull through on aggregate. Hehe. Then this is where things got MAD CRAZY!! I met A. Madrid. And they won the first leg. I needed a win in the second leg. And I wasn't sure if I'd get it. This was a team playing very similar Football to mine. But here's what happened. Damn!! 😆. I hate VAR. Haaland scored two it got ruled out, then he got injured. Then i bought in my super sub: Youssoufa Moukoko, man gave me two goals and two assist. Wonderkid 😭❤️🥵. He's such a baller. @Scratch You need to update the challenge lol. This are his season stats. Man was great. I gave him zero starts and yet he did this well. Alright on to the Finals!!! I met Barcelona!! I have to admit. There's a satisfactory feeling in seeing Alba scoring against his previous club 😭😆. So yeah that's my First Season. I did the invincibles and the treble 😎. I apologise for the delay. I'll post my second season by tomorrow 🤘👍. Score: League Points - 90 Goal Difference - 59 Haaland - 47 Sancho - 12 McNeil - 22 Bellingham - 10 Reyna - 19 CL Bonus - 20 TOTAL- 279 So yeah. I'm confident i can get all Player's to the 30 g&a benchmark. Happy to have
  9. Going through ups and draws as expected 10 games in 😂. But I'm proud that the Boy's don't get fazed easily. We met Bayern for one game till now. 💪. Update soon 😬🤘 To be beaten on Penalties is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially when your team is all Kids. 😂
  10. Gonna be honest, I'm going for a Defender cause ik I'll be buying Oyarzabal, Munian, Milinkovic-Savic, Koke, immobile, insigne, etc for my MSN and Ronaldo challenge later on 🤣. Don't want to repeat my signings too much (except Hateboer and Gosens 😆). So i bought a Defender for this one. But nice suggestions Broodje and Rich. Unfortunately i fell for Scratch's something out of the left field demand 🤣🤣 Who else but the Experienced and Verified, And no, he didn't come for playing Left Back. That's Nuno Mendes role. He's my Left Winger 😎👀. @Scratch hope that's left field enough for you 😂😂😂. Thanks to everyone! Now, time to grind this kids 😂
  11. Yeah mate, Idk why but i don't get short term injuries much, it's all Long term or no injury 😬.
  12. Alright Gentleman. It's time to guide the young lads to victory. Alan Hansen once infamously said,"You can't win anything with Kids". Well, Sir Alex Ferguson proved him wrong. But I'm GONNA hammer some more nails into the Coffin 😂. The Rules are complicated. (See the Badge Challenge Thread to figure it out). Yet, I've taken this to the extreme 💯. I've sold my entire team, no for real, even Beloved Reus, anyone aged 22 and above. I allowed myself the luxury of buying or keeping Three 21 year old Players. I had Dan-Axel Zagadau, so I've kept him. That means i could only buy two more. I bought Gianluigi Donnarumma and Florentino Luis. That's my Three 21 aged Players. The rest are all 20 or under. And all my Transfers (except the 21 year olds) have to be from England, Germany, Portugal or Argentina. Why? Cause what's the use of loading these nation League's if you ain't gonna use em to your save 😎. Transfers Outs: I had to release some Player's cause i needed to demote oldies i couldn't sell, like Burki to the second team. 😬👍. Transfer In's: Alright now the Gameplan Tactics: Idk how my team's Defense will be so I'll go for a counter atk game. No final third instructions yet. Now my Chosen One for the First Season: I respect @Scratch@Rich@Dai_@Rob and @Ian for taking great Player's like Brewster, Fati, Greenwood, Isak, etc. I've seen your challenge threads. But for me, this is all about Haaland 🤩😏. I don't want my goals being stolen. So my chosen one has to be a assist baller. And there's none better at Crossing than the Great Dwight McNeil 😍. King of Burnley. Soon to be General of Dortmund. Let's goo!!!! Hmmm i think that's all i need to cover before i start. 😅. Alright. Now the Community Participation 😏💪. Yeah, don't worry i have the most important task for you. I have 88 million left in the bank. Your Task, is to recommend me a leader. A WC player who plays in defense. Anywhere, LB RB CB doesn't matter. To lead this young team to Glory. Like a Robson and Cantona to Becks and co. 💪. 88 million, any recommendations? Any age 👍. But he must have 14+ leadership. Let's go!!!!!! So excited to start man 😂. Just need your suggestions 🙏.
  13. I have a new fav. Idk about his actual ability but I'm gonna be buying Romagnoli whenever i can just cause of this 👇 Man decided to become clutch on the most important game of the season 🤩💯
  14. Yeah know what? I'm still so mesmerised by this 👇 This is gonna be one mf hard score to beat 😆. Romagnoli is now my fav. Gonna go comment on the must buy forum 🤣🤣🤣.
  15. First of all, @Rich and @Ian you get to keep your leaderboard records. I give you my utmost respect. Idk how you got Jesus to score but 👍. Cause i Failed to get him firing. But i did reach the benchmark 😎. Alright without further ado. Oh hold up, how can i forget this, I bloody bought another UCL to Manchester United. Ok not me but the man, the myth, the legend- Mr Alessio Romagnoli! Seriously, Sevilla shut down Alberto and KDB, i thought oh no! But fear not for Mr Italian did the Italian Job 😎 Clutch Performance i say!! 😃🤣. Alright i also won the Carabao and EPL. However i couldn't beat City all 3 times i met them 😕 (one in fa cup hence no fa cup win). And in one match, i had to eat my own transfer decisions 🤣. Pogba showed up and demolished me. Look at that. Paul Pogba was waiting to drop some bodies when we visited them 🤣. Alright now to the serious stuff. The Benchmarks!! Gabriel Jesus He's terrible. The Worst Premium Striker in the game. Lol. Ok i admit that I really don't know how to use Strikers who can't play the Target Man or Complete Striker role. 😅😬. That being said, he also got injured 😕. Mid-way through the season. Hence, season over for him. He ended up with the following stats: Not great but he got injured so I can't say how he would have been. However that gave me time to make some tactical tweaks, like using Cavani Full time. My First Wise Men: Fernandes. Bruno was on such a damn roll. Like a roll so good I was sure he would achieve everything i was aiming for. But, on April 1st yes, on APRIL Fool's Day, he got injured. I thought it's a FMM prank but alas it was really an injury 😕. Bloody Game 🤣 He had these Stats: Excellent season despite being cut short. So once this happened i had to make tactical changes. So i changed my formation. I used this. With Alberto and KDB as CAM's. Kevin de Bruyne: What a player. This man's a cheat code I'm telling yah. I'll always buy him if i can for every challenge 🤣. Nuff talking I'll just show you. 48 goals and 42 Assist 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯. He won every individual Trophy. Man has all the Player of the Month's too 🤣. Now this is where it gets Crazy. Like bonkers carzy kinda Stats. The type where i started to wonder, why did i not do this from the first game?? My team scored a Staggering 198 goals 🤯 two away from a double century in one season 🤯. And even crazier is that out of those 198, my wise men combined to score 145 of those 198 goals 🤯. Luis Alberto: 50 goals. My top Scorer 💪👀💪. Also 28 assist. See? This boy's saved my challenge 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Badge 04: For this the benchmark was 100 with Jesus needing minimum 10 goals and and the wise men an assist of 10 each minimum. My total came to be: Gabriel Jesus - 12 Goals. Bruno Fernandes - 22 Assist. KDB - 42 Assist 🤯. Luis Alberto - 28 assist 🤧❤️. Which means my total is 104 points 😭🤣. Man that was close 🤣. Just 4 above the benchmark. All thanks to the King and in game Cheat Code Mr Kevin de Bruyne 😍😏🤘. Badge 05: For this i need a minimum of 25 goals and 15 assist from Bruno Fernandes😬. No worries i got the benchmark despite his injuries 😎. Bruno Fernandes had 47 Goals and 22 Assist. So the total is 47 + 22x2 (cause every assist is two points). Which is... 91. Yep, 91 points. I'll take that 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks a ton to @Rob and @Rich for making such fun challenges. Now time to attempt that Borussia Babes 👀😆. Haaland!!!?? Here i come baby 🤣.
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