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  1. a lot of em are too pricey
  2. Hi I've got a Cardiff save. Currently using Zaha as the INF but haven't got a good replacement for when he eventually leaves. Anyone know of any cheap young INFs that play on left side? Tried a search but keep finding natural wingers.
  3. Got me a copy of FMH14. So I'm back long time
  4. I reckon I still would have been able to do it. Ideye has the potential to score 130+ a season it's just for the first few months his status was unsettled so his fo began to fluctuate.
  5. Alright.. Sorry about the time I've taken to post this. So an introduction.. S.S.C. Napoli I decided to go with this club after browsing the forums and not seeing much careers based in Italy?! This is quite odd as Italy is one of the top 5 leagues.. Anywhoo.. I've always admired Napoli as it is one of the clubs at which Diego Maradona made his name, and grew to become one of the best players of all time. Now, this being a 1000 goal challenge, I want to make it a challenge.. Napoli already have quality players (2 standouts - Hamsik and Cavani) but I wanted to make my task more difficult, so as soon as I was appointed I transfer listed Cavani, Hamsik and some fringe players. The tactic I used for most of the season. I often alternated the DWG from the right to the left. The transfers made. Made loads of profits which kept the board happy. Brown Iyede He starts at Dynamo Kyiv and can be bought for around 7m. I chose him simply because no-one has ever used him, and frankly I can't see why! These are his stats after around a season of IT, however these were achieved after 2months of IT. He's young, fast, strong and is a great all-round striker. He had a cracking season for me and I can definitely see myself achieving 1000 goals with him. Poor lad missed out on World Player of the Year. Still though, a remarkable achievement considering he'd only been at the club for around 4 months at this point. He'll get it next year. He also won Young Player of the Year but I forgot to screenie. Trophies & Me By mid-season we had already won the league, took it quite easily.. Took the Euro Cup easily over Spurs.. and finally... Great season me thinks.. Lets see what Magpie can come up with
  6. Hmm fair enough. I can cope though. The Arsenal one will still continue
  7. Any of you feel up to doing a challenge vs me?
  8. Whenever Alex Ferguson gets fired..
  9. Not good enough for 1st team imo. Plus I've never liked Gervinho lol
  10. Season 1 - 12/13 So when I arrived at the Emirates, I was confronted with many issues. No wonder why Wenger wasn't able to do anything the team was cluttered with useless players! Before I even looked at tactics, I went straight to the transfers, flogging any players who were not going to fit into my new regime. Now I really don't wanna go off topic here but Briand + Gentner are "a set ah troublemaker deh". I really recommend them for any team that needs good playmakers either on the wing or in the middle. For me, the biggest disappointment was Vukcevic as he didn't manage to find his feet here at the Emirates and because of this he was sidelined alot. Moving on.. Tactics Now for tactics.. Right, I feel this was crucial to my success inall competitions this season. You see the problem with Arsenal was when I had arrived they had been using tactics established in the late 90s.. These tactics were worn out and could no longer compete with the modern 4231, so if you can't beat em' join em'. I however, wanted to make a few changes: One thing Arsenal has is alot of solid wingers, it's because of this that one of the roles played here is that. I needed to find an equilibirum between offensive plays and defensive plays, being risky or being complacent. To cover the forward pushes made by the WNG I made sure that a FBK tucked in behind - to clean up any messes. Otherwise everything else is pretty self explanatory, it worked well. Just the team instructions, pretty standard except I didn't use offside trap, too many mistakes were made. Results The league table is nothing special. We were fortunate to win as we had so many injuries throughout the season (At one point I was playing Ox as a FBK!) Most importantly, we won both our derby's. IN YOUR FACE SPURS. As you can see, I was knocked out of the Capital Cup, this did dishearten me as I was up against Madrid in my UCL draw FA Cup run not too shabby.. They gave me a trophy no idea why.. How on earth did Stoke make it to the final? I had to play Man City and Man Utd to get there! We've entered the big league lads.. Thats right, you can all cut out the 05 jokes. Arsenal took home the treble "bloodfireeee" Players First of all, we took home the major awards. Wilshere grabbed the Young Player of the Year over Bale?! THE WELSH BOLT? WILSHERE! Fair number of assists, well done lil man! "Walcott, the likkle badass deya". When I came to Arsenal.. Theo Walcott was the last player on my mind when I thought of goalscorer.. I tried to use Giroud.. He failed. I tried to use Podolski.. He failed.. So I stumbled on the young lad, and now we're here.. Thanks Drake 52 games played, 58 goals. Potential 1k challenge target? You decide. As for me.. Well let's take a wee look.. That's right.. I'm football's Obama.. I'm Jay-Z, Usain Bolt, Martin Luther King and Malcom X all put into one Jamaican Football Manager.. The names Shakur, Kojo Shakur. So a pretty solid season I'd of thought. Let me know if you want me to continue this, thanks
  11. Haha yes! I'm gonna post my tactic and transfers soon, gimme like an hour or so, maybe less.
  12. Thanks, adding pictures now to break down some of the text
  13. *sigh* The glory days.. Once, the Gunners call echoed through the streets of London, our competitors feared us and our supporters loved us. Gone are those days.. Not a single trophy since 2005, and no signs of receiving one any time soon. Its July 2011, Arsene Wenger is under much pressure to make the crucial signings in order to gain more opportunities at silverware. When asked about his feeling's towards Wenger, Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood replied "In Arsene we rust". It was evident, that Wenger had reached his expiry date. This is where my story begins.. My name is Kojo Shakur, I was born and raised in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. Growing up, Arsenal FC was all I knew and I swore that one day I would play for them. Since I was a promising football player I had two choices: Continue to play in the MLS or head over to the UK, where I could find a more competitive scene. The UK was far more attractive, and because of the sponsorships I received from friends and family I was able to go. England, was far different from Jamaica. I used to say to myself "Mi cyan keep up wid deh English deya, deh always inna hurry!". Things were looking good, I settled down in Camden and made some new friends, until.. One day my good friend Josh asked me out for a 'kick a bout', I went along and had a good time. As we were walking home we crossed eyes with a group of hooded youths hanging around. One of them called to us "Oi!". I looked back, but didn't think nothing of it and kept walking. Next minute, Josh and I were running, as if our lives depended on it. I tripped.. The next morning I woke up in Camden General. I had casts over my left knee and the pain was awful. The nurse came in and asked if I wanted anything, I told her I didn't what I really wanted to know is what happened. My knee had been fractured in 4 different places, I had stab wounds in my left thigh and abdomen. To put it short, Football was no longer an option for me. When I was released, Josh informed me of the prospect of managing a local youth team, I took them over. In that same season we went undefeated, even reaching the FA Youth Cup Final. I had become a local celebrity. In August 2012, I receive a phonecall. The voice was old, and worn. "Is this Kojo Shakur?" "Yes, who's asking" "You have been requested to come for an appointment on Saturday, 2'o clock" "*chuckles* I've been setup before bro.." "Emirates Stadium boardroom, Saturday 2'o clock, see you there" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was Saturday, I arrived at the stadium. After long talks with a man I only knew as Mr Hill-Wood I was invited to an induction day with the Arsenal 1st Team. 2 weeks later, I was appointed as the manager of Arsenal FC, after signing a 3 year deal. My expectations: European Qualification This made me laugh, I rang Mr Hill-Wood.. "Forget qualification" I said "Do you want a.." "I'll win everything" I interrupted and hung up. And so it begins.. stay tuned